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Free from the Crystal Empire's cursed clutches, Crystal Gaze sets up shop in modern Manehatten in order to make use of her special talent in this new age. That talent, of course, is being a psychic who can tell vague futures, predict possible love interests, and even better, not see ghosts. That's what she intended to do anyway. But, when the malicious spirit of misfortune and karma decides that her home is now his new playground, she'll have to work even harder to make an honest living in a world where the concept of non-unicorn psychics is less than reputable.

Story inspired by Voltaire's When You're Evil
Cover Art still in progress.

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Barrett Biggs, also known as "Bad Luck Biggs" wanted nothing more than to escape his reclusive life. When he discovered a chance to fulfill his wildest dream, he believed that his bad luck had finally ended. However, when he ends up in the exact opposite of the world he expected, he realizes that life just isn't that generous. Now, surrounded by six effeminate stallions and no way home, Barrett must attempt to make the most of his new life. May Solaris have mercy on his soul. Which of course, he won’t.

Satire on harem anime, complete with fun tropes and nonsensical torture of the main character for everyone's enjoyment.

Collab with An Empty Shell, Vewpoint Robin and The Great Lord Inquisitor

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Note: This story takes place before Father's Day.

Mother's Day has finally rolled around this year and Dinky couldn't be more excited if she tried. However, it seems that Derpy can't exactly say the same. In an effort to arrange a free day to spend with her filly, she accidentally overworks herself without finishing her last job. Dinky, seeing how hard she's worked for her, vows to finish what her mother had started, even if it means becoming her mother in the process.

Edited by Lightning Sword and The Fan Without a Face

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Ever since her return, Luna's been hesitant to return to the Dreamscape, believing that ponies don't need her entering their dreams anymore. Finally deciding to take a chance, Luna comes across what appears to be a nightmare. Within lies a boastful mare, completely astounding the audience with her performance. However, things change when the act is over when Luna catches a glimpse of the pony within.

Can Luna reach past this mare's boastful exterior? Can she find the truth behind the act?

Contest entry for the EFNW Pre-Con Writing Contest 2015
Edited by Lightning Sword and Ersmiller
Proofread by The Fan Without a Face

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After returning from a rather paradoxical adventure with Twilight Sparkle, the 11th Doctor begins to question his ability to keep her safe. However, before he can find an answer, he's called back to Equestria. Summoned by the Princesses, The Doctor arrives just in time to witness both past and future events repeat themselves in the present. Faced with a terrifyingly familiar enemy, The Doctor must team up with a few unlikely allies to stop them. But even with their help, will he be able to stop the one pony that hates him the most?

Note: Inspired by the actual DoTD special, and the Discorded Doctor Tumblr
Secondary note: This Doctor has always been a pony. (This is important)

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This story is a sequel to Mutual Interests

After finally coming to accept others into her life, Sunset's outlook takes a turn for the better. It's not perfect, though. Now she has a whole new set of problems: Others still walk on eggshells when she's around, the teachers still eye her with caution every chance they get, and she still has to get used to the intricate nuances of friendship. But with her friends by her side, and even the occasional help from unlikely sources, can Sunset help her fellow students see the new her? Or will the consequences of her past consume her future?

And who is this new teacher and why does he seem so interested in her?

Thankfully still edited by Ersmiller
And now Proofread by The Fan Without a Face
Images by Uotapo

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This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts F.I.M: Rise of The Elements

Can be read independently of that story, however.

Spike is an orphan who's hated and ostracized for being different. Fed up with the people of his home, Spike decides to leave in order to find a place where he's accepted. However, the day before he's set to leave, Spike comes across a certain lonely girl who will change his destiny forever.

Travel back 10 years from the start of Rise of the Elements and experience the very beginning of Spike's adventures with Twilight and the others. Discover the truth of Spike's origins as he struggles to understand what having a family really means.

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Due to a recent string of ponynappings in Manehatten, some of the ponies in Ponyville are considering the cancellation of Nightmare Night for safety. However, this saddens Twilight because she finally came up with a scare tactic for this year's Nightmare Scare that doesn't include Luna. Using her influence, she convinces the town to hold Nightmare Night and allow her to continue her plan.

However things don't go as expected. When Twilight comes back from Whitetail Woods with the foals, Twilight is hyperventilating and scared out of her mind while the foals are mentally broken. The next day, Twilight seems to be the only one to remember anything. Just what in Equestria did she see?

My first Dark Fic. My only regret was that for once I couldn't come up with an interesting name.
Big Thanks to Lightning Sword and Ersmiller for their help with looking over this mess.

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Warning: Full of Gamer Luna goodness.

Princess Luna’s growing bored of powning the same newbs over and over. So, in an effort to rekindle her passion, she sends out an invite to several ponies, requesting them to join in a very particular game. When they accept the invite, all of the participants are pulled into their viewing systems and fall into a strange world. Luna appears on a screen telling them that they've been recruited into a real life video game by her and several other mysterious ponies.

With their gamer pride on the line, can the players figure out the identities of the other ponies running the show, and worse... beat them at their own games?

Inspired by the anime of the same name.
Edited by, Stellar Song
Proofread by the always helpful, Lightning Sword

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Come read about the comedic misadventures of two colts and their insane, hyper curious, fun loving, danger seeking friend. Join Spirit Shift, Bionic Force, and Blazing Notes on their adventures throughout Equestria to document, research, and most likely fight, new and completely undiscovered creatures.

Facehoof as they struggle to survive when Spirit blows all their money on custom action figures. Laugh as Notes somehow manages to strike out on literally every mare on Equestria. Cower behind a lead wall when Bionic Force attempts to mix Dark Magic and Napalm. And sit on the edge of your seat when they take up jobs as Monster Hunters on a whim, tasked with taking down a rampaging octopus beast.

Main Character descriptions
Cover Art Drawn by YoursTruly
Collab with Bionic Force
Pre/Beta/Proof Read by: Lunaisthebest and Lightning Sword

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