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Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's top student until she betrayed her. Now she has escaped to the world through the mirror. However, instead of her becoming the tyrant queen of Canterlot High, an accident happens on the first day there, causing her to lose her memories. Now an amnesic Sunset Shimmer is alive in the human world, not knowing what her goal in life is or where's she from. The question is: Is this a good thing or will she still become a demon anyways?

First featured on Fimfiction's main page on 8/18/2015!

Cover image by the awesome: MixMassBasher

Note: There will be spoilers in the comments! You have been warned!!!

Also, this story is old. The early chapters are very low quality! You have been warned!!!

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YES! She can start over for realsies! Make new friends! YAY! :rainbowkiss:

6140894 Thank you. I wanted to try a story where Sunset would have to do things very differently but without Twilight.

Really interesting idea, can't wait for the next chapter of this fantastic little story

And so, Sunset began her journey to the human world a clean slate.... I like that.

...Keep writing...

Make a princess!

I think you meant to say "Make me a Princess"

Yay, a new Sunset redemption story! I eat these up. Anyway, for criticism, I noticed that you have some grammatical errors and misspellings in the story, though not enough to make it unreadable. The dialogue seemed a tad stilted and forced. You probably shouldn't have used the word "school" to actually describe the school until Sunset actually realized that it was a school (hope that made sense). It seemed odd that Sunset's first thought upon discovering the building was a school was essentially, "Time to take it over" (though I can see how it'd be in character, given her recent dispute with Celestia over schooling). When transitioning from accident to hospital, put a break to show the change in scenery and time. Also, don't put "Two weeks later" like that; insert it into the story somehow (perhaps the nurse exclaims that Sunset has been unconscious for two weeks after Sunset wakes up. Finally, I had a hard time believing that Sunset, who's only been a human for all of about ten minutes, can suddenly put up a fight against another girl who seemed about twice Sunset's musculature (and who's been a human her entire life, and a bully for at least a few years now).

At any rate, I'm gonna be tracking this story. Hope to see more soon! :twilightsmile:

i love this! can't wait too see more! :rainbowkiss:

hey man can you start following me


start whatching me!

Whoa! Well how about that? Sunset goes to the EG World where instead of becoming top-dog, she loses her memory! Insane!!! This has definitely piqued my interest! Update soon! I'd like to know what Sunset's fate will be!

6173425 Thanks for the compliment! I hope you enjoy the story!

The idea behind it is interesting, but it's still too son to tell much about the story.

Wow. Talk about a dramatic chapter! I really enjoyed it! It's also kinda ironic too don't ya think? Leaving the Equestria Celestia's care while going into the EG Celestia's own? Oh irony at its finest.

So, anyway, good job! I enjoyed this quite a bit. You said too that this isn't really a Sunset Redemption fic. Nonetheless, I wonder how this'll play out? Like, how do you plan on doing all of this with her pony attitude and human attitude? Either way, I look forward to the next chapter!

See ya then.

6195387 Thank you for the compliment. As for your question, I plan to use a fusion of the first movie version and the Rainbow Rocks version of Sunset Shimmer due to her not being 'harmonized' by Rainbow power. My main point is that she doesn't remember she was a pony.

6195400 Hmm! I see! Either way, I look forward to how this'll go! Update soon a'ight?

Wow! I like this chapter! Update soon!

6196763 I usually have a big plan for my stories but this one...I have several ideas where I want to go, at least for the next few chapters. I enjoy improvising though, my longest story: 'The Rainboom Thieves', was originally all improvised though I plan ahead a lot more for that story now. I will make a plan for it though and the wait for the next chapter won't be nearly as long. I promise.

love this chapter! can't wait for more and in the wise words of Montey Burns.... this chapter was 'Excellent"

Living with Principal Celestia, didn't see that one coming!
This will prove a very interesting setting in the future, good work.

You, my friend, have piqued my interest. :pinkiesmile:

Amnesiac Sunset? Now, if this was set in an RPG, then this would be overused. But this kinda reminds me of shoujo manga, so keep it up. Also, I can't wait for more of Bacon Head's shenanigans.

I think i know were we are going with the story and with the journal

This can only end in confusion...

6199590 I hope you enjoy the story!

6199777 I'm glad you enjoy the story!

6199856 Where do you think I'm going?

6199857 Not exactly, I think the next chapter will explain things a bit better.

Huh if she writes there as her diary pony Celestia will be able to read it

OMG!! Such a quick update!! Yayzies! Great work! I loved this. I wonder...when Sunset writes in her journal, what'll happen? Lol! And Luna! So silly! Keep it up!

6200585 Thanks. I'm not sure if I can write Luna but I'm gonna try...

6200684 Nonetheless. Good luck!

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