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Wait... Am I seeing that tag correctly? Before any other category tag... what?!

btw, I'll read this later, and then probably track it

There's a sex tag now?! Wtf?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

5120054 First I'd seen it too. I was wondering where the 'Sex - Gore' tags went. Also, they moved the incomplete/etc thing back to where it used to be. They keep tweaking shit and...

I don't get putting the sex tag in the category tags, though. It should be up by the rating tag, because that's what it's PART OF. :rainbowhuh:

Well, my interest has been piqued, Moth. I've never played the Persona games but this looks like a fun ride.

the Golden Oak Dorm burned down

You horrible monster. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not terribly familiar with the Persona series, certainly less than I am with other SMT games. As such, i view this as an opportunity to learn. I'm looking forward to more.

Sex tag. Wow.

Anyway! Time to sit down with my Teddie inflatable and read this!! YEAH!

5120150 It's bear-y exciting. :moustache:


I see what you did there :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright:

You must be getting the obligatory Flash haters downvotes out of the way early :pinkiesick: As you know, I rather enjoyed all that you've written so far :pinkiesmile:

5120241 Yeah, I knew when I saw the downvote bar going the way it is that the FlashLight haters are out in force. :facehoof:

Not to conpare to the original but I'm going to conpare to the original.

Where as the first one was a good mix of Persona 3 & 4 this one is an interesting story on it's own

I rather you had kept Discord and Derpy as the residents of the Velvet Room but it doesn't brake the story for me.

I also I feel that Zecora will be acting more like Margaret as opposed to Derpy who would be like Elizabath or Marie.

Can't wait to read more:pinkiehappy:

5120327 Yeah, I didn't like the idea of taking Igor out of the Velvet Room. Discord is a bad fit for his role.

Also, Derpy...just...no. She'll be at the school, she may even be an S. Link. But I just can't picture her as holding the Compendium.

I think you'll enjoy where I take this story. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

5120350 Yeah, maybe have Luna, or perhaps Sombra as Igor.

I lack knowledge avbout the Persona Series except the thing about the arcanas and the Velvet Room (only the name of it). Seems like an interesting story, though. I'm betting that that Igor is not a trustworthy fella.

Looking forward the next part.

5120465 Igor's...just part of the game mechanics, honestly. He explains the Fool, the zero Arcana, to the player, as well as the power of Persona and Social Links and Persona Fusion. Past that, he's just there to fuse Personas for you for the most part. He's a standard part of the Persona franchise since Persona 3.

5120435 How about Igor as Igor? Sheesh. :ajbemused:

Well, I upvoted the story just to offset the Flash hate.

I haven't played the Persona series. If I win the lottery, I might buy a Vita, so I can play 4.

My point exactly! IDK jack about these games, so I guess it's a matter of learning through this.

5120479 Oh right, for a second I forgot this takes place in the EQG verse, well, Igor is pretty awesome, but, what exactly is he? He appears human, but he only appears in dreams, or in some alternate reality. Is he some kind of elderitch abomination?

5120486 If you've got a PS3, just get P4 off PSN. If you've got a PSP, try Persona 3 Portable. If you've got a PS2, you can find P3 FES and Persona 4 fairly easily. There's a lot of ways to experience Persona 3 and/or 4. :twilightsmile:

5120550 I'm trying my hardest to make it so the Persona elements are explained well enough so newcomers can follow what's happening. I can say this much: you're in for a hell of a ride, because Persona is a DEEP rabbit hole.

As to that bit about the improvement in quality: On the one hand, I'm always striving to improve as a writer. On the other, I'm not entirely sure how to take that... :rainbowderp:

5120556 Igor is the concierge of the Velvet Room. That's all that one needs to know about Igor.

you know what the housing situation is like after the Golden Oak Dorm burned down.

Oh you sonuvabitch

I know practically zilch about the Persona games, but this story seems somewhat intriguing so far.

I might have to try and find a cheap copy of P4 for the PS2 now...

Is Igor's role going to be just explaining the various things of Persona that are not obvious? And possibly tying the theme of the game together a bit better, punctuating the character growth of the overall arc, like he does in the game at the end?

This being a written story, and not a mechanical game, a lot of trappings of the Persona games can go away without harming the story, like the necessity for the main character to have the Wild Card skill since playing with one ability set wouldn't be strategic enough for a game (and with it the need to incentivize socializing via social links, since a character is naturally motivated to live his life and meet new people.)

I... sorta wind up trying to find all the MLP persona fics (and as such, think a bit about what is strictly necessary and what is interesting fluff to remind the readers of the games).

I was reading the previous version of this and excited for it. Still excited!

5121166 Igor is effectively going to serve exactly the same purpose here as in the games. I am going to be incorporating as many aspects of the Persona games as possible into this without outright breaking the narrative with game mechanics. I wrote a blog post detailing much of this.

Things like Social Links and so forth are still very much going to be part of this story. I want it to feel as much like playing a Persona game as realistically possible in a prose narrative. I think you'll enjoy what's still to come. :twilightsmile:

5120580 I've actually never owned a Sony console before. I'm really considering a PS3 or PS4 for Kingdom Hearts.
The closest I'm gotten to Persona is SMTIV, which I have yet to beat.

5121621 With a PS3, you can play every Persona game except P4 Golden. I think. Well, and P3 Portable. But you'd want P3 FES anyway, and the original P4. Also, P5 is coming out next year on PS3. (P1 and P2IS/EP are only for really hardcore fans...the games that are "true Persona games" are P3 and P4.)

5121644 I thought P5 was announced for the PS4 also.

Is there any major reasons the original games are better then the remakes?

5121652 Yeah, my bad, P5's gonna be on both consoles.

It's not so much the originals are better--in fact, far from it. It's simply a matter of availability and different features.

Persona 3, original version: Not worth it. Get the first remake, FES. It has fixes to some problems, alternate costumes, more Personas, and an extra quest.

Persona 3 Portable is FES minus the bonus "The Answer" quest, plus an extra dungeon, plus some extra sidequests, plus some game-breaking new features...minus the anime cutscenes, and with every cutscene in the game (which are normally acted out by overworld character models) reduced to static visual novel images, and exploration of the town, school, etc reduced to a point-and-click interface (dungeon exploration is the same as P3/FES). Additionally, in P3P, you can choose a female protagonist, and choosing her changes some of the Social Links and has an effect on certain story events.

I don't have a Vita so I know very little about how Golden differs from the original P4, except that it adds a few of the kinds of things FES added to P3.

The main reason I recommend certain versions is because at least one version of every Persona game is available for PS3. P3 FES and P4 are available via PSN, as are P1 and the two P2s (I think those play on PS3, I'm not 100% sure, I've got them on PSP), and P5 is coming out for P3 and P4. The only thing you can't play on PS3 is P3P and P4G, which require a PSP and Vita respectively, but...

So yeah, the reason I recommend that is pure economics. :twilightsmile:

Hmm...I'm liking this..
Go on.



Is that a word????

That horoscope... Is incredibly interesting.

...Interesting. Still, I've never put much stock in horoscopes.

That's pretty much my sentiment, as well. I don't put much stock in them, but it does indeed seem interesting for this story.

Aside from Flash (and myself, incidentally) being a Virgo, the only one I'm going to guess at is Shining Armor being a Cancer...

5125935 Horoscopes are extremely important in this game story. For now, all I'll say is that if it's in colored text, it's important...and the horoscopes wouldn't be appearing underneath the first date header of each day if they were trivial. :trollestia:

If you've played Persona 3 or 4...you can probably figure out what their significance is.

Unfortunately, I have not yet experienced P3 or P4, so their significance will more than likely elude me for at least a while...

5126059 You'll probably figure it out on Monday. :coolphoto:

It going to be pretty slow in the beginning but like most jRPGs it's support to be.

I have to advent, Horoscopes are a pretty cool concept in a Persona game. Like a second arcana

5127018 The Persona games have very slow beginnings, and it's the same here. The real plot will start to kick in at chapter five, which will be posted Monday.

>Sex tag

Oh hey, that's new.

5127397 Yeah and it really needs to go back where it belongs. Content tags shouldn't be mixed in with category tags, it's misleading. :facehoof:

So what's the sex tag for?

5127462 You know how Teen/Mature rated stories are tagged "Sex" and "Gore" if there's sexual or graphic content? It's that, they've just put it in a weird place. And as of chapter 3, the first instance of content that needs it pops up.

Question, probably a stupid one, but is Kuma gonna appear? I really want Teddie!

5127587 Nope, sorry. No game-specific Persona characters will be in this. Just Igor and certain common Personas.

I'm curious, but intrigued.

I'm willing to bet that Spike will be like Koromaru. Hit him with an Evoker an a dragon will come out

5127800 No, Spike will NOT be a party member. He's just a dog. :derpytongue2:

5127805 can't blame a guy for giving Spike a bit more respect the he gets

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