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This story is a sequel to So...What Now?

Scootaloo. Everypony in Ponyville thinks she's an orphan. All she does is ride her scooter around town, get in trouble with her friends, and then disappear whenever nothing's going on.

Scootaloo. Everypony in Ponyville thinks she's an orphan.

But she's not.

And now, her secrets will be revealed...

(A sidestory to "So...What Now?".)

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Trading one meme for another? I suppose I haven't seen that much stories where one is secretly absurdly rich. I do agree that there's a lot of potential here. Oh and I only saw a lil' typo:

Scootaloo gave her friends a pleading gaze. "Are...are you made at me?"

What's FPC by the way?

3591415 It's not necessarily "trading one meme for another", since there IS no "Scootaloo is rich" meme. Though the concept of a character concealing their actual wealth and status for personal reasons is far from original (hell, DISNEY'S done it.)

Thanks for the typo catch. Fixed.

FPC is Family Planning Center.

Come on! Get featured dammit!:flutterrage:

There like and dislike buttun but still great story


and there are actually (though not many) quite a few stories like this where scootaloo is actually an important pony.

3591463 ....I'm a bit confused by your comment, but thanks? :rainbowhuh:

3591524 Huh, really? I've never seen one where she even actually has a family, other than "Many Secret Origins".

Glad I'm not the only one who's thought of this before :twilightsmile: I mean we don't know anything about her family at all, why do we assume she doesn't have one or they're not doing well? Scootaloo hates the two rich fillies in school, it's perfectly reasonable that if she were rich she'd hide it, so this is just as likely as the orphan Scootaloo stories.

Definite shift from the standard 'Scootaloo as Child Protective Services' themes. Could use a little development but Grimdark is indeed not required.

April Showers

Now all we need is May Flowers and we're set.

I like the idea behind this. Will be watching. Although if you'd like to read a Scootaloo family story, I'd suggest this one, Scootaloo's Family. Good for a laugh. And not all the orphan Scootaloo stories are bad. A Taste of the Good Life is a good example imo. But until they introduce her family, there's going to be more and more. Especially after three seasons to do so.

This is one of the best stories:moustache::twilightsmile::moustache::twilightsmile::moustache::twilightsmile:I have read and I have a question

However, this story is VERY low-priority, so don't expect to see a second chapter anytime soon...unless someone offers to contribute.

has anyone asked yet?:unsuresweetie:

(sorry if I am being to nosy)

3591677 It's been up about 3 hours. So no, not yet.

Congrats on your feature!:rainbowdetermined2:

Uh, just one teensy problem: Scootaloo said she'd LIKE to be like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon; shouldn't it be WOULDN'T like?

I agree with you I hate orphan stories the only other Scoots story like this is a odd cross,
They believe she's a orphan, or just a runaway, and she is for the most part until she starts getting taken care of by someone who found her in his newly bought property during a storm.

ok because I was thinking about asking but I am not so sure.

3591651 I agree, Taste of the good life was really good. More than Id expect from scootaloo being an orphan stories.

3591738 You misread something somewhere:

"But...I just wanna be a normal filly," she said. "With normal friends and doing normal things. But I could never have a normal life here in Cloudsdale. I'm the daughter of Summer Storm. It's..." She frowned. "I'd be like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. You know...somepony you only hang out with because they're important."

There was no "like to" there.

3591539 um scootamom, the seven tribes, she finds her family (but only because they gave her away) and a few others ill look for the titles. though im writing one where she is an orphan im taking it a different way, im a bit bored of her living in that clubhouse... :scootangel:

Well it certainly beats the Orphanloo and Scootabuse fics that are so damn popular, though I was half expecting "Sunrise" being her mother alias...

So far you seem to be doing just fine, of course this might explain why she gets so annoyed with Diamond and Silvy. She might be rich but she knows how to act

3591816Scootamom is a good one:pinkiecrazy: and you can NOT get any more important parent and family then in that one:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy: I've always loved that first intro to her aunt:pinkiecrazy: dive bombed from above:rainbowlaugh:


3. It was a nice touch to include Princess Twilight, it added a good counter-balance to the revelation. It goes to show that as wealthy & powerful Scootaloo's family is, that they can still be out-ranked and flustered at who Scootaloo knows in "ordinary" Ponyville. So whether intentional or not, good job with that bit.

yeah that was a good laugh at the spit and sputter of Scoot's mom:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

nice story! so like, fave and follow

i do like the orphan scootaloo storys but i don't thank shes an orphan in the show but uhh good job

Well, 9 outta 10 for originality. I don't mind Orphan Scootaloo stories, but they are getting very repetitive and cliche. This is a nice...and promising...change of pace. I look forward to more.

3591704 Thanks! Wow, it must've hit the nonclop box a lot faster than it hit the regular box. :derpyderp1:

Well, in my tale, Scootaloo was an orphan, but is soon adopted into the family of a certain pony we all know and love. But I like this idea: it's a very clever subversion of the usual trope.

Not the first time I've seen the the orphan Scoot meme subverted and it won't be the last. Still a good story, even if updates are not likely.

Well, as the unofficial expert of Scootaloo origins, I have to say you did a really good job with this. The plot is very interesting, you did well to keep it from going into gloom and doom territory (so easy to make her rich but her parents ignore her) and I personally think you were smart to deal with the reveal as fast as possible, so that you could build on this more, should you choose, and go in interesting directions. Some minor structure hiccups (mainly a few sentences where you could have combined two to get one nicely flowing single sentence) but nothing major.

Comment posted by SCP Pinkamena deleted Dec 7th, 2013

Well. This is a great story. Love it. Hope to see the next chapter soon.


1. I agree that this is a good alternative take on the fan-popular pegasus filly's origins. Though to be fair, there are also a number of really good Scootaloo-orphan/-adopt stories out there too.

2. I think it was overdone to have Scootaloo's family being the owners of The Wonderbolts in addition to everything else. Being incredibly wealthy, near-royalty, and Commandant of Pegasus Guard Academy, throwing in ownership of The Wonderbolts (with what it means between Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo) is seriously pushing against the reader-acceptance borders with loud cracking noises.

You could tone it back some, and use for later in-story, such as The Wonderbolts being on friendly & respectful terms with Scootaloo's family (through said Pegasus Guard Academy or other). This would provide even more dramatic tension scenes between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash (example scene: tensions mount between the "sisters" when Captain Spitfire bows before "Lady Sunrise" in deference, right in front of Flight Cadet Rainbow Dash...).

3. It was a nice touch to include Princess Twilight, it added a good counter-balance to the revelation. It goes to show that as wealthy & powerful Scootaloo's family is, that they can still be out-ranked and flustered at who Scootaloo knows in "ordinary" Ponyville. So whether intentional or not, good job with that bit.

I want pony ville to find out in later chapters and thank you this is just the story I have always wanted.

Thank you. I mean really, thank you. I'm so worried abou the next Scootaloo episode and how they're going to address her flight that... this was something I really needed to cheer me up. :twilightsmile:

I disagree, actually, considering the number of corporate CEOs who own sports teams.


Ok, you got my interest.

Yeesh, Mythril, what's with all the stories lately? Get fired or something? :trollestia:

3592264 Just easing back into writing after a little recharge. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by lord scoro deleted Dec 7th, 2013

3591539 Somepony already mentioned Scootaloo's Family, where her family is utterly ordinary, and I also subverted the trope with Scootaloo's Secret, where her life is secretly awesome. There's a few more examples out there, but I'm always up for more happy Scootaloo stories. :scootangel:

3592362 I happen to be in the middle of reading Scootaloo's Family right now, and I like it. :)

...I see it as it was intended. Yes, it has possible continuation ability, but it fits better as a one-shot right now. If you do continue it, I'll be pleasantly surprised, but it probably won't be as good as this by itself.

3592373 Yep, that's about the size of it.

This is way better then any orphan stories. I'm bringing my own fanfic in the future but I haven't thought of a non-orphan idea for Scootaloo yet. But if you managed to find one, i'm sure I can find one too. This story goes straight to faves!

Too bad for you that Rich Scootaloo is the second-most popular Scootaorigin after Orphanloo and other related tales. :trollestia:

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