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Whilst 'm not as big into my little pony as when I was younger, I do wish to get back into it. And to do that, I intend to reorganize my stories slowly. Give me time.



One very stormy night at midnight, Twilight gets an unexpected visitor with a dark past. She enrolls the filly into school and watches her, but the filly never tells her the past that she had severed till one day....

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke, and is from his amazing story, Past Sins.

Please note: I'm not going by Princess Twilight Sparkle's year thing for season 1, 2 and 3

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5616490 Seriously, look she's a pegasus with a odd talent. She isn't gonna change for little to no reason.

I just had a thought which is helped due to the fact that I've been watching the original series. Could she be decended from the Princess Ponies and that wand is one of the six?

5618687 No. Midnight descends from a family of unicorns that date back to the time when Starswirl existed.

And plus, despite Tirek appearing in season 4, I don't like to think that the generations are all links. There so different!

love this story hope more soon

5619398 I personally agree, I have her almost her entire backstory planned out now but I just need to get to the rid chapter to reveal it.

love this story keep up the great work :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

i am going to kill DT for that
*rips upp a time and space*
DT die
*kills DT*

5624435 *Giggle* I would kill her too, and I wrote it.

hmmm kinda similar to past sins...a lot similar

Diamond Tiara is such a cunt

I so hate DT and want her dead on another noat love the story and can not wait for more:twilightsmile:


5624970 ...Temper...I knew people would be mad but this is uncanny.

she is a princess so that is a crime. put DT in jail plz:pinkiehappy:

Heh... sorry... My temper usually goes unchecked, having a wild temper is not my best trait...

5625297 *Giggle* Maybe, maybe not. She's only a filly despite her evil.

5625313 Don't worry, I have a quick temper so you're not alone.

5625316 then put her under watch

Strike DT's head with a rock!:flutterrage:

Forget jail better idea is to have DT do community serves by having to clean up garbage, the streets of Ponieville, and to do work on the farms around town as well for a few months.

5625949 Nah, I have a better idea. Embarrassing her in front of all of Ponyville.

DIAMOND HAVE YOU LOST IT. THAT IS GOING TO FAR.:twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Diamond is going to get it now

Now what Diamond punishment going to be?

Okay. I'm gonna have to stop here and say my two cents.
Look, I'm no writer, but I have to say this about DT.

DT is a unpleasant character, yes, but you need to remember she, in this story, is only 10 years old.
I want you to think back when you were ten. Even if you were a rotten child, would you seriously have the guts to send someone to a place where they could die?
I know Past Sins did this (Taking away points for the 'creativity' btw.) but DT did learn her lesson. So would you think, as a ten year old, would she really try that stunt again? After having Twilight and her Father punish her for doing that, would she do it again?
There's no point of DT bullying Midnight anyway, the question Midnight asked did not take long to answer at all. DT is only here to just make Midnight feel be a victim for no absolute reason. (At this point I'm questioning Midnight but I'm not going to talk about her.)

Diamond Tiara is a spineless bully, not a monster.
And this goes for Silver spoon too. (Plus would they REALLY bully Midnight? just by looking at her they'd probably try be friends with her cause she looks 'Fabulous')

I'm INCREDIBLY disappointed in everyone in the comment section.

Also having her hit Midnight with a rock? OOC and unnecessary.

Seeing being humiliated in front of a crowd in a good punishment

Tierra got the worst punishment of all... THE MOTHER!!!

:applecry: Oh men that was deep for midnight to suffer her mother abused.

So all she has left is a sister.

5633047 Yep. A sister who loves her but got separated from Night during the storm.





5641103 Looks like someone's happy.

I like TwiLuna but I also like TwiDash I love the story hope more soon :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

please add TwiDash in this story

5641889 There'll be Twidash but in the backdrop at least till I figure out what I'm doing with this story, which is why there isn't a romance tag.

Midnight's mom reminds me of my frends cusin's mom. Just not scycopathic murderer...

1 thing bothers me... Did you mean to say cheese sandwich? Or is he an oc?

5651686 Huh, I said Cheese Sandwich, didn't I?

No you said cheese surprise

5654038 Oh, Pinkie was calling him 'Cheese' as a nickname and then she referred to Surprise, their daughter. There is a comma in between.

No in the beginning of the chapter you called cheese sandwich, cheese surprise

5654045 I would suggest a re-reading because I have checked through it and it says 'Cheese Sandwich'.

No it's when midnight says it

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