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With Crimson Storm and his friends stationed in Ponyville, the guild members must successfully balance their work and personal lives in order to survive. Family secrets will be revealed, friends become enemies, enemies will become friends and foces will clash as everything Crimson holds dear is threatened. Powers in the world are starting to move and all Crimson can do is wait for the oncoming storm.

Sequel to 'The Ranger's Journey'

Cover art done by Tridgeon.

Chapters (18)
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I'm glad that the sequel finally came:pinkiehappy. Good Job creating the Fairy Tail analogue of naming the guild. Is it weird that I find it more shocking that Crow is 41 rather than he's in a secret relationship with Celestia:rainbowderp:? Still, I wonder how the "forbidden" romance started. Anyway, i'm glad that Crimson's back.

4059860 Well, I did hint at it in the last story.

I very much approve of the Fairy Tail reference. :pinkiehappy:

4059874 I know, I was more curious about Crow's age considering how he's described as old by the younger students but is younger thanI thought he was.

4059945 He was about 25 when he took Crimson under his wing. +16 years and presto.

Off to a good start. I only played Fable 1 & 2.(Liked the first one better.)

So what do we call the races here since a Unicorn is a animal and not the people?:rainbowhuh:

Yay, racism.:pinkiehappy: Boo, you resolved it immediately.:ajbemused:

Want to see more Crolestia development in the future.:heart::trollestia:

I liked that Iron Man reference at the end.:rainbowdetermined2:

4059985 Makes sense, though the guy is amazing if he managed to "tame" Celestia considering the fact that she's old enough to be the goddess of cougars and probably experienced with other men.

Nice chapter, can't wait till shit hits the fan later on :rainbowwild:

I give this story two thumbs up, well done!

Yes yes yes yes yes! It's finally here!

The sequel to my favorite fic of all time!:pinkiehappy:

Ah I love it, Glad to have ol crimmy back <3

Looking good so far, I'll be following dis :pinkiehappy:

Beginning: Alright! Sequel! YEAH!

Middle: She got bribed.... with MONEY! hehehe

End:...... I don't know what to say,. This is going to be great....


Still awesome! Even if it's short and feels like a filler!:rainbowlaugh:

Where did the Microphone come from..... I could see if Pinkie gave it to Cobalt.... but she didnt

“Ladies, gentlemen and Cobalt.”
"screw you"

If something is happening and you don't understand it blame magic

Twilight finally got some love:heart:.

Well this... Took a different direction then expected:twilightsheepish:

Nicely done though mature-ish content whilst keeping the teen rating, nicely done!

i must be an immature jack ass too cause i also laughed at the 'pomf' situation

Funny. And what happens in the bedroom stays away from the table comes to mind.:eeyup:

Thunder got his ass kicked

Poor Georgia.:ajsleepy:

I don't see why you couldn't just put these two chapters together.(but whatever)

So, didn't take long for that to happen. Wonder what's next?

I must say, I was feeling a little uneasy at the end of your last story, only because you dared insult The Clone Wars animated series (which stands in my pantheon of great works of animation). And now I get three chapters to a series I was quite fond of. I really didn't get the overreactions until I thought

So let's make a list of the shit I found interesting.
1. Crolestia:

2. Fable: I never did finish reading Fairy Tail, so I wasn't too bothered by the reference, but I dig it!

3. The fight against Thunder: This is pretty much what I felt
But it was basically a filler episode, so no sweat.

4. *Sigh* The way you address sexuality:
This was my first thought:
This was the first time I've read a story that really delves into one of the most primal and yet most noble of events: Sexuality.
The one act that I have been taught to be the final step in a relationship, the ultimate expression of love, was finally being discussed in a light other than a shameless clopfic that seemes to plague this site. I'll admit, you got my attention. But what you wrote...
I'm sorry, but just, no! I'm not going to complain about how most of your OCs aren't virgins, since it does add to their personalities (a problem I had with your previous installment.)

My first problem was the reason why Twilight agreed to get laid n the first place: she was in heat. I'll say this once, that has got to be one of the most stupid reasons for a woman of logic such as Twilight (or any decent woman) to agree to such a primal instinct. Second, I never really understood Crimson's personality to perfection, but at least I understood he was both cautious and a gentleman. The way he succumbed too quickly seemed a little too out of character.

My second problem does stem lightly from my religion (I'm a proud catholic), and that thing is that they used a method of birth control. And no, my argument is not about the whole pro-life thing (even though I am) The problem is that birth control seems to be what cowards and other lowlives use to actively run away from the consequences produced by sex, people who just want to enjoy life without any form of backlash. And I'm sure that ins't what Crimson and Twilight had in mind.

I know that you wanted the scene to be a romantic piece, the moment in which both Twilight and Crimson cross the point of no return together with zero regrets. Instead, I feel as if your anime senses got the better of you. They trivialized what should have been a moment of intimacy and in the end made the whole thing seem gratuitous (kind of like the Mass Effect Trilogy).

So, tl;dr: I liked the start of the story, but the last chapter really made me uneasy. I know I always sound a little too critical, but I just want to see this come through. Either way, you still have y like and my favorite. Just remember to keep at it and let The Holy Emperor guide your keystrokes.

i felt like ivy the whole time i was reading this, could not stop laughing my ass off

still the best story i've read my friend

I still feel like it should have been Crimson and Ivy no him and Twi.

Just wondering how the next chapter is coming

Cobalt just asked for Murphy's Law to intervene :facehoof: and Crimson pretty much got whipped:rainbowlaugh:. Awesome chapter.

Why am I getting a Naruto vibe here that the C rank mission is going too turn into a A rank mission.:twilightoops:

“What’s the worse that could happen.”

You fool! Why would you say that!?


I'm only down with that if we get a bridge named after spike.

Daaamn son u can't let women rule you. Even if they use dat pussy

On the bright side, at least the CMC aren't coming along...yet... :trollestia:

Cant wait to see what i get into when i take the red pill

4082599 I agree no good ever comes for saying that.

They obviously don't know about Murphy's Law.

More secrets and more questions, I'm loving this. And it looks like Spike is going to have the chance to be a badass.(BELIEVE IT!:moustache:)

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