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Cross Hair, a grey unicorn stallion is badly injured in a Timber wolf encounter. He wakes up days later to find that he is being cared for by a yellow pegasus mare. What will happen when this hunter falls prey to his emotions? What is the secret he is keeping from his hostess and her friends and why does a certain purple dragon not trust him?

Fluttershy X O.C.

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What will happen when this hunter falls prey to his emotions?

What will happen when this hunter falls prey to his emotions?


Why is a pony hunting in the first place...?


Calling it now, he comes from a tribe of carnivorous ponies and is planning on eating Fluttershy.

1909029 He's a Ghoul Hunter! :pinkiecrazy:

brb, reading...

EDIT: Here's some pointers:
You should put commas around names in dialogue. Like this:

“Fluttershy, you need to sleep, I’ll be fine.

Also this:

“Of course I’m not mad why would I......Wait a how many days have I been here?”

It's 'course' not 'coarse'
'Coarse' is an antonym to 'fine'

I have to agree with Cross, Fluttershy can be cute 24/7:eeyup:

Looks interesting, I'll definitely have to read it later :pinkiehappy:

Looks great! Can't wait for more! :moustache:

1909035 LE GASP*:pinkiegasp:
I WOULD NEVER TO THAT TO FLUTTERSHY! Jut the thought of that makes me :pinkiesick:
You'll see in the next chapter!

Sweet, looking good so far! Well, it's only the first chapter; but nevertheless I am looking forward to future chapters!

Read Bio..first thing i said: SICK NAME!!

Hahahaha ahoy matey, second fave oc design aside from Beat

“Oh my, it sounds like rewarding job.”

And then, Fluttershy was Russian. :rainbowlaugh:
(No offense to Russians.)

I love this story.:twilightsmile:

Please MOAR!!!!:flutterrage:

A pet wold? Already on to the AWESOMENESS:rainbowkiss:

So...his best friend's a wolf?....Awesome!:pinkiehappy: and what competition? :rainbowhuh: still never get tired of your work, mate, practically your fics are the only ones i wanna spend my tim with :ajsmug: and Spike is just being a dick now, he hates Cross, he hates Shield WTB, Spike?!

Comment posted by Silentpegasus deleted Jan 8th, 2013

1926044 Shield is a cop with a sketchy past that Rarity has a crush on. :duck:
Cross is a badass hunter.:yay: (I'll explain why Spike is suspicious of him in future chapters)
Till then ::trollestia:

I wish I could hear Fluttershy's tummy rumbling.

I wonder what this competiton is? :trixieshiftright:

YEA DOVAHSHY:flutterrage: And Cross Hair (I call him another dragonborn) Tag team in dragon battling:rainbowdetermined2:

Another great chapter !

1940228 Oh, look. I'm walking down this path, there is NO WAY a dragon is just going to- *dragon swoops down* OMG RUN, RUN!!

Well, it's not doing anything yet. Maybe it's friendly. :scootangel:

Also, explain the dynamics of having a friendship with dragon society whilst having a pet that hates them with a passion and vice-versa. :duck:

Fluttershy...peeking.... :yay:
Oh and all the mares in heat? This is gonna be goooooood.

Ermahgerd, I love this and the possibilities it holds... Unfortunately, it's really rushed; if you developed and fleshed out the events more, it'd be even better! Keep up the good work! <3

1946004 Oh trust me theres still so much more to come.

Round two begins....:yay:

Pulling ponies into the ground. Naruto move?

Umm? How did fluttershy get there on par with them?:duck:

It keeps getting better! :rainbowkiss:

Let the Games Begin!!!!!

That was inFAMOUS 2 inspired, wasnt it?:raritywink: Ahhhh but hey, this fic got interesting fast, da buck is this game they keep chatting about?:rainbowhuh: and definitely best OC out of the other 3 :ajsmug:

1974501 You mean when he absorbed the sphere? :applejackunsure: Kind of, I've seen Infamouse 2 walkthroughs but never played.:twilightoops: I just figured it would be a cool way for him to absorb it. I'll explain what it was in the future. The explination is CRAZY!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Did he use an assassin's creed climbing abilities?

A doctor who reference AND a reference from the grey?!:pinkiegasp:
I :heart: U :pinkiehappy:

May the odds be ever in your favor, Cross! :pinkiehappy:

We need some good chase music for the next chapter I say:eeyup:

1978228wasn't trying to do that. I don't even like spiderman (OMG YEA ITS DA TRUTH)

1978372 I'm not talking about movie spiderman I mena classic comic book Spiderman. :ajsmug:
What eves not everyone likes him.:twilightoops:

Oh my Celestia I thought he'd do a Naruto but instead he put traps everywhere that is gonna be good.

Oh, Cross, you're funny :rainbowlaugh: you're just trolling everypony with Beat's cloning spell:duck: and having what seems to be a common breakfast in Equestria :ajsmug: youre scaling walls, killing monsters, you remind me of somepony I know :rainbowkiss:

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