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Shining Shield, a battle scarred pegasus police officer get's transferred from the crime ridden streets of Manehattan to the small town of Ponyville, after meeting his new partner and the locals. A certain designer starts to take a fancy to him. Can he learn to forget the thing's he's wittnessed or will his past finally take it's toll?

Rarity X O.C.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 72 )

Black coat......red mane........how original....:trollestia:

and leather jacket...........thats just sick...

1836685 Yeah my creativity is having an off week

Is it cool if I do a reading of this and "Crazy about Apples" ?, I love OC romance by the way but even if Gear's design wasn't completely to my liking, I gotta say that Shield's is just too overdone, I'm sorry + thanks for watching me

1838644 Thanks for the feed back. :twilightsmile: I'll try and tone down Shields character a bit. I don't mind if you do a dramatic reading, just make sure to give credit where credit is due. :twilightsmile:

Brilliant chapter but I can only think that Comet Shooter is just a Female version of Gear...and after reading some horrible stories recently, this is a nice refreshment

1849516 I'll get deeper into Gear's and Comet's personal history soon, you'll find thath they do share asome qualities but not a lot. :moustache:

really good chapter cant wait to read more.

Shinning Shield, a battle scared...

Yeah, there's a lot more errors than those two but I really don't feel inclined towards helping you out.

Good luck.

1895826 Thanks for the 'help' I'll fix it.

Oh hoho, Rarity's showing some initiative

Any and all child abusers will be beaten to within a nanometer of their lives by this guy ( a nanometer because an inch is too good for them)

Rarity's frustrated, Shield's dark and clueless, Scootaloo is getting beaten...this is bloody great, just goes to show...Do NOT judge a story by it's first paragraph

1902507 Thank you! Finally some-pony gives this story a chance.:ajsmug:
1901961 Oh trust me I have a plan for Scootaloo.:pinkiecrazy:

Hey, some-bronies just don't give it a read before judging...I read through it despite that I didn't quite like Shield's design but I love your fics, mate

1903552 Yeah Shield isn't my best work, but I plan on making him a really deep character in future chapters.


I watch a shit load of Law and Order to love the fact that this guy's a bad ass cop that gets the child abuser...

1907944 Yup Law and Order SVU is Awesome!:pinkiehappy: I always watch it when I'm writing this story to get me in the mindset.

Oh my god, good sir....Silent, yoU brilliant person...YOU JUST DELIVERED ONE OF THE MOST COMPELLING CHAPTERS IVE READ EVER!!!

He and Batman has alot in commen,one they are both bad ass two both of their parents are dead three...

1918257 Granted they are similar but there is ONE major difference between them, which I will get into in future chapters.:twilightsmile:

1913896 Thank you! Just wait more surprises ahead.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Great story, my compliments to the author.
Wait a minute....
YOU AGAIN!:pinkiegasp: How come every time I find a great awesome story, I look up and see its you again?(got to start paying attention) Oh well keep up the good work.:raritywink:

“Great, you clean up well. But what’s with the bow tie?” Rose said witha giggle.

“Bow ties are cool.”


He's not crazy, he's not a green earthpony.:ajsmug:...Laughing wicked hard at the end :pinkiehappy:
Still loving your work Silent :raritywink:

The only reason I can think of this getting down-voted is this:
It seems a tad rushed, and could use some smoothing out (and a proof-reader, to catch the spelling/grammar mistakes)
Yea, mainly that's it. I think if you fleshed it out a lot more, it'd be received a bit better ^_^ Very intriguing idea though!

I vote thumbs up for potential! :moustache:

1928903 There was a spelling error in the desription that was up ther for a while, so that contributed to the down votes.:facehoof: Also I don't have a proof reader it's just me. :ajsleepy: The rushing I am trying to work on and I'm drawing this story out more than i had originally intended.

Thanks for the like, every little bit helps. :twilightsmile:

Why is there so much crime in Ponyville?:fluttershysad: From robbery, to assault, to child abuse, and now rape. So much for peace and quiet huh?
*sees authors note*:twilightblush: your welcome, just happy to help:twilightsmile:

Wow....She's gonna lay down the Beat...GETTIT!?! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Silentpegasus deleted Jan 9th, 2013

1930151Crime is everywhere even in the most peaceful of towns.:ajbemused:


>> Scarlet Brony I don't get it.

1932034 He's refering to my other fic with Vinyl. I think.:applejackunsure:

Speaking of which I was wondering, are any of the stories taking place in the same universe?

1932500 No different universe, I'm thinking about doing an interconnecting series eventually.

First of all, yeah first comment. Second of all O_o never would have guessed it. Third of all he seems just like batman except he's a pony. Lastly, nice catch man!.

1951773 Kind of but he has some huge differences with Batman which I'll explain in the next chapter.

And to think he goes through all this on his days off, talk about dedication. After reading this, I'm guessing the story is coming to a close?

My reaction to Shields life story.

Hopefully not too soon (although the sooner this is over the sooner I'll read your other stories(doing 1 story for limit now)), not sure how this story can keep going now that we all know what happened.

1957161 I havent even written the next chapter yet but I have a basic idea. :applejackunsure:
This fic is not the best and is currently the lowest ranked out of the ones I'm writting or written.:twilightoops:
They can't all be winners.

Only have read three so far (all winners in my book:pinkiesmile:) speaking of which whens the next chap of that Vinyl one?

1957196 The next chapter is about 50%-75% done. :applejackconfused: Plus I'm working on the Fluttershy fic, I'm also going to start another as soon asStealing a Heart of Gold is finished.

Who needs sleep?:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

1957250 True, but school is starting again on Tues. So I won't be on as much.:pinkiesad2: I'll still keep writing but they won't be posted as quickly as I've been doing. :applejackunsure:

Sweet. Mother. Of. Celestia..:pinkiegasp:..HOLY SHIT! That was intense,:rainbowdetermined2: sad:raritycry:, indulging, :rainbowhuh:exciting:pinkiehappy: bucking everything! I commend you good sir...:rainbowlaugh:

1957988 Thank you. (bows) Thank you.:twilightblush:
Theres still more to come. :ajsmug:

Hahahahah cloppity clop clop:raritywink::rainbowlaugh: looks like this dude is gonna be just:ajsmug: fine

1995255 I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

i beseech thee for a child to be born to rarity and shield.

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