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After being cured by Twilight's spell and creating the bat sanctuary in the apple orchard, Fluttershy learns that she still has some bat blood inside her. And that the bat side of her is thirsty. So thirsty...

[A/N: Rated teen for mild language, blood, mild violence and sexual references. (If this ends up rated mature, there will be no clop in it. Sorry, but this isn't one of those stories. Go read Triage for that). I guess this could be considered AU since it takes place shortly after "Bats!" But at the same time it isn't since Fluttershy did still have the fang at the end of the episode, and I'm just expanding on that in my own special way. Hope you enjoy!]

Cover art by Follow Focus

(Spoilers in the comments so be warned.)

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Well, the first chapter looks promising. Have an upvote and I'm waiting for the next chapter :ajsmug:

This is really interesting so far. :twilightsmile: I'm gonna wait for an update cause I'm really liking this.

Yes yes yes yes love love love love it;-);-):-D:-D:-D:-D:heart::heart::heart:::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Appreciate the enthusiasm and chapter 2 is about halfway done.

You realize the bats in the episode didn't drink blood...right?

4532733 shhhhhh!!! That'll be explained.

I thought you were going to post it on the 27th?Yay you early!

4547627 meant to explain that in the authors note... I think imma do that...

I'm liking this story so far. It took me a while to realize it was up though. I'm quite happy there is some AppleDash in it, but I still would have liked this story if there wasn't any in it.

4567522 It's me... there's gonna be AppleDash...

You should consider increasing the space between differnt scenes or putting up some kind of divider. Great story though! More vampires!
What happens when a earth pony/unicorn is bit? How do they change? Do they gain wings, or does something uniquely theirs (musculature/horn) change instead?

4598245 next chapter. Why do you think RD bit AJ?

Short term: something something AJ cuddly time!
Long term: something something something.

4598380 lol there was no need for that. It's kind of obvious in the long run.

4598389 it took me a second so see, and if people don't figure it out (or see it in the comments) then it will be a pleasant surprise.

I have the image of the main six trying to pull a vampire RD off of AJ while RD Is screaming "NO! STOP IT! I WANNA CUDDLE HER! LET ME GOOOOOO!!!!!!" stuck in my head.

4598416 thank you for that wonderfully adorable image. Can't stop smiling now.

Poor AJ... And poor Rainbow, forced to 'kill' her own partner D:

4602059 lol that's what you think

actually in the original Dracula novel vampires could move about in sunlight unharmed the only ill effect was they could not use their powers so he could not transform, climb walls or use super strength. so it would be a very bad idea to steal blood during the day because they couldn't make a quick escape.

4633258 well I meant compared to other "normal" vampires that have ruled the genre for so long (up until Stephanie came along that is...)

Wait. Sharpie? Night? Who are the other two vampire ponies? :rainbowhuh:

4633494 Sharp and Night, and they're not vampires... They're my (in)famous OC duo that've been in most of my stories.

4598277 guess you didn't notice or just didn't comment, but chapter 5 is up.

Holy hay :derpyderp1: That's mean, Flutterbat :flutterrage: Please don't kill Rarity :raritydespair: If anything, vampirise her, like Dashie did for Applejack :ajsleepy::heart::rainbowkiss: How is Twilight going to react? I bet she's gonna freak out

4703984 I'm juggling ideas of which to do in my head. I want to kill her tbh.

4704082 Really? :rainbowderp: I mean, I have my days of disliking Rarity, myself, but that seems a little cruel. At least let her confess before she goes. Maybe that'll start making Flutterbat struggle with what she's become. Knowing she's killed an admirer. It'd be a good internal conflict, I think. Especially if that kiss was Fluttershy trying to get through to talk to Rarity

4704139 well... I said I don't know. I have two weeks to decide (thank GOD) so whichever happens in that week will be what happens.

When faced with a vampire undoubtably about to kill you, abstain from using magic, maybe it'll kiss you instead. (Or kiss you then kill you, but hey, at least you got the kiss.)

4704195 :rainbowlaugh: well she was going to talk to her, not attack her. No need to use violence if you weren't intending to in the first place. (That and I'm an idiot who forgot about the pointy thing on her forehead...)

Woohoo! Dis story is best story.

Leaving for Bronycon AND new Flutterbat BOTH on the 30th? I'll have fun, oh yes.

So, fluttershy can return to normal. RD and AJ can't but wasn't Rainbow losing herself to her vampire side and her last memory was about AJ? then you show us RD and AJ being romantic and horny (couldn't find another word to say it, sorry), but being vampires and. Also, Flutterbat can not being understand by the others, it's the same for AJ and RD? they have their own language?

4787841 seeing AJ brought Rainbow's memory back since she was still fighting it at the time, albeit very weakly. And yes they have their own language thing.

Sorry to say, but I'm actually glad she lived. If this fiction IS going in the way I hope it is, maybe Fluttershy turns all of the Mane Six into Vamponies, but Rarity brings her back just enough to realise what she's doing, and become as sentient as RD and AJ. Either way, I look forward to future updates

4788774 this is honestly just an ongoing fanfic with no definite ending yet. I just started it with the idea of AJ and RD becoming vampires in the exact way it happened here and didn't know what else to do. After that happened, I knew I had to continue it in some way. So I am. It might end around the 15 chapter mark or so, but I'm not sure. I'll put up a blog post once I know an ending is approaching.

4787841 So, RD and AJ had full concious/control over their predator instics, because love? if that so, that's cute!
I'm ok with Rarity, I don't hate het, but I don't love her either!

4789435 umm... Sure. Let's go with that.

4789448 Now I want to know, are you going to tell? eventually?

4789454 well for Rainbow that's what it was, as she said, but for AJ and now Rarity it's because Rainbow only transformed her appearance and nothing else.

4789472 they can do that? so they don't need to eat blood? I mean RD and AJ, Rarity obviusly she do.

sorry about the questions, the vampire genre is the one I got less information about (you can understand why I don't like it).

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