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Sixth in the Rainbow Series, sequel to The Rainbow Spiral
With Ponyville back up and running thanks to Filthy Rich everything seems to be returning back to normal. After a surprise visit from an unexpected pony Rainbow Dash finds her job as a cloud clearer in jeopardy. The Cutie Mark Crusaders set out to find a way to save her job but as events unfold it turns out to be far more than they expected.

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How?! How did this get uploaded before its prequel! How!

846526 I......don't know.....:twilightoops:

Before I read this: Coolness=100%, After I read this: Coolness=120% :rainbowderp:

Wasn't satisfied with chapter 8 so I changed a view things in it as well as chapter 9. Hopefully it works a bit better.

854962 By the way, I suggest making more, and soon. Or, I will turn you inside out and bury you in the Ever Green forest!~:heart::yay:

856818 Lol, im joking with you, you know? All dis death threats...........or am I? :pinkiecrazy:

For those of you actually reading this story, I'm finally getting some words down again! Hooray!

I have read your entire Rainbow Saga, our whatever you're calling it, in about three days. I just wanted to say that I'm loving this story and can't wait for more.

Shameless flattery completed, I feel like your story could be greatly improved with the addition of an editor, just to catch the small things like missing words and punctuation issues. These things make grammar Nazis, such as myself, cringe. I would go through and point out things, but that would take too much time out of my already busy schedule. Not saying it's absolutely necessary, just saying that it could improve things.

I'd also like to ask why, in the earlier stories, there was little to no interaction with the rest of the Mane 6. It seems like some of the issues could have been avoided, or reduced, with help from the rest of the group.

Again, I'm loving this and can't wait for more.

Don't stop writing these. I love these stories, they deserve more attention.:rainbowkiss:

Big thanks to Shadowsreached for all the help with editing!

.....:pinkiegasp:.....:pinkiecrazy:.....:facehoof:....Ok....Ok.....so......I forgot of this entire series, so I had to read it all over again, and to my pleasure and disappointing, we got a new chapter!
Mustache spike approves. :moustache:

By the way, I see some certain.......flaws....... rainbow despising Applejack goes against her basic fundamentals of being.....well....Rainbow Dash! Besides loving apple jack to hater her in a matter of minutes, it goes against her being the Element of loyalty. I don't think Rainbow Dash would just drop her like that. But, meh. :trixieshiftright:

You did READ chapter 9, right?
And chapter 8... and pretty much any chapter that mentions Shadow
Not trying to be rude..

915147 Yes, I have read chapter 8,9, i've practically been on this loooooooonnnggg fanfic arc journey with you and the rest of the fans. This is just like MLP FIM S1E2 Where rainbow dash is tempted to join the Dark version of the wonderbolts, but does not give up on her friends, no matter how personally rewarding things may be. She is not the one to lash out on her friends like this. Just saying that this is HIGHLY improbable, but I guess it's your fanfic, I particularly can't say much bout' it. Besides that, great chapter, a one where we where Patent enough to wait for, and as they say, the one who waits is rewarded dearly, this was a great reward. :applejackunsure:

Oh god the feels. :fluttercry: I need to stop reading these so late at night while listening to epic sad music :raritydespair:
Great chapter, keep up the brilliant work
Have a stache :moustache:

Amazing Chapter, but poor AJ.:fluttershysad:

I have hope that Rainbow will come back, so I am waiting eagerly for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

That was... wow. I did not see that coming. At all. Great writing as usual.

Glad I'm finally up to speed with the story so far.

It's dangerous to write.. :rainbowderp:
Egoboost start:
Rather well written story, so good it makes eyes wet with just looking at them titles.
Does deserve all the attention it can ever get!
Egoboost end:
Here take this! :pinkiecrazy:

YAY RD and AJ are back together :rainbowkiss:

Happpppy birthday toooo meeee! :pinkiecrazy:

It was fantastic, I nearly forgot about this series until I saw the notification in my favorites tab, well done sir. A Brohoof to you /)

A brohoof for my birthday!? :pinkiegasp:
This pleases me! :raritywink:


1083184 Tis your birthday??!! :pinkiegasp:
/) bro hoof
Love the new chapter, can't wait for more! :ajsmug:


Happy birthday to you good sir.

Another great chapter, as always.

1084533 1084393
Brohoofs! Brohoofs everywhere! :twilightsmile:

= /) (\ =
= = /) (\ = =
= = /)(\ = =



. . . . . . It is your Birthday? :pinkiecrazy:

Well good sir, First off


Second off,


And Thirdly, small question.
Even though this chapter explains all of my questions on your previous chapter, Why couldn't shadow scorn break the seal if she had much of her power left, you know, while she was in the pendant thingamerbob?

To keep it nice and simple, she was still trapped inside! :P It's like a really, really, really good prison. Only one way out! :P

This was awesome. :P
I would offer to be your editor, but i'm not much on grammar as I am on spelling.

Yeah, my old editor only edited chapter 10, by the time I did the new chapters, she was to busy... :(

Comment posted by goldenswirl deleted Dec 23rd, 2012

well this was good i read it all in one day :rainbowlaugh: man this just keeps going from bad to daww to bad again keep it up cant wait to read more :rainbowdetermined2:

Raven Flame is best pony

You took the words right out of my mouth

YOUR ALIVE...........welp better call off those thugs.....

Udate!?!?.......Cliffhanger!?!?............ seriously though good chapter. Cant wait to see what's happening to fluttershy

Comment posted by Cthulhu Likes Ponies deleted Jan 16th, 2013

Please don't tell me this is the end...

Started reading this series earlier today...

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