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Hiatus · 3:23am Feb 22nd, 2013

"The Life of Vinyl Scratch & Octavia." Is going to be on hiatus. I am going to redo the first chapters and sort of layout where I want the story to go. The second chapter was rushed. And I feel if I wrote another one like the first two then it wouldn't be to the best of my abilities. And I don't want to write something that I'm not happy with.

Sorry if this disapoints you but I don't want my story to be like this.

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Aww, that's cute!:rainbowkiss:
Ruffles your hair.
Why didn't you say so earlier?

335716 For...Trash...Watching...Fine I was stalking you:ajsleepy:

Why do you need binoculars to throw away a fruit peel?:trixieshiftleft:

:twilightoops::twilightblush:Ummmm...I was just throwing away an orange peel...with binoculars.

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