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Silent Bob

For the winds of kovator beeya!

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is it bad that when i think of captain black, the doctor and captain jack media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m30i68UpLY1qkosk8.gif and if we add river into the equation celestia help the doctor


was that intentional?

Hmm... that was better than expected.
Although I wish Black(Jack) would stop hitting on Luna.:twilightangry2:

"Oh man, that was too rich," Black said, wiping a tear from his eye. "What are we doing next? Please tell me it involves an orgy!"

Oh, Black, you sure are a horn dog, ain't ya?

Nightmare Moon: Totally a Ten. Nice flank... could see some dominatrix stuff going on. Primary target acquired.

couldn't breathe for a few minutes there.

not bad, my good man, not bad.

But that line! 'I somehow feel that I've already said that, but GO HOME DOCTOR, YOU'RE DRUNK!'

Tell me this glorious line won't be forever lost to history!

Captain jackass, had to stop reading for a 30 minute break do too major rofl.

Wait, they have to go back an fix it now?!
But everything got better!!!

2998318 still a paradox that big could very likely cause the universe to explode

Changing a fixed point in time causes time to... for lack of a better term... break.

Ehh I liked the original better, but I guess this is good too.

Hehe, capt black. Nuff said

Captain Black/Jack and a Dalek? *ponders what their potential offspring would be for a moment* The libido of Captain Jack and the body of a Dalek... Mother of Celestia...so THAT'S where tentacle monsters came from!


If any of you are wodnering what happened to Bob, see here for specifics.

The music fit too well! I thought it was over right then. Somehow, I can't see him actually succesfully fixing time while drunk.

On a side note, were you drunk while writing this? This style of writing seems similar to the True Colors sequel to the White Box, and my own writing. Both of those things involved copious amounts of alcohol.

Oh god... This is the besdt and funniest fanfic I've ever read.

On my god... That could have been one of the most funniest things I have read in my entire life...:pinkiehappy:


Seriously, this was hilarious. You..... you are a good writer. I really can't say anything more. Anything more would be insulting. I'll ruin the moment if I keep talking, I can feel it.

This one wishes to bear your offspring.:raritywink:

.....Or Am_Z will do it for me.........:facehoof:

Comment posted by Brad the Browncoat Brony deleted Feb 6th, 2015

I was litterally laughing the hole bucking time! :rainbowlaugh: i wonder who the pony was at the end :moustache:

So funny. I can't use my Polek voice.

River Song, obviously. She only said 'Sweeties' because she was already drunk, and was therefore seeing multiple Doctors!

I got almost all references, Borg, Back to the future,
Possible reference to windwaker (Skaroo island)
Scooby Doo, Pokemon, and CSI

She began dragging the Doctor towards the door by his tie, giggling slightly

The reason the Doctor wears bowties:rainbowlaugh:

Please continue this, it was so funny:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Not likely, Author 'asnt been on since 2014


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