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Yuki Harima

I write, jam to music, play games, blog, and do some other things as well.

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I'm a little tired of walking,
I'm a little tired of walking
Forgive the trite expression,
But I'm tired on life's long road

I want to take a little break
I want to take a little break, but...
Time cruelly goes, hour by hour,
And so... drags me right along...

It seems like things are going well,
But in the end, they never really are,
So in my carelessness, I'm brought to tears;
It's shameful, it's true...

These feelings of misery,
I've tasted more than I'd like to admit
And yet, I should've long ago Left behind all my regret...

It's not quite so bad
As to bring me to despair,
But the things I want
Are always just out of reach...

Really, it's silly, isn't it?
But I just keep foolishly hoping...

In that case, just get it over with -
Just drop me into the depths already...

You say to ask for an answer,
But it would depend on the person
So I could never, no, never,
Believe in anyone... right?

Everyone has hardships -
Yes, of course I understand that...
But is it right to just laugh them off?
I don't know anymore... Stupid!

Even though I'm told so harshly,
I still don't have everything together
Thinking simply on even the easy things,
I keep overthinking

Everything's getting more troublesome,
So should I casually put an end to it?
"Are you sick?" Well, I'm sick of hearing it;
Can't I just have things end in peace?

My dreams, my aspirations,
My reasons for living...?
It's not like there's any real need
To have such things...

If it were tangible, it'd be easy to tell...
Give me an opportunity...

While looking for a place to cry,
I'd already gotten tired of crying...

I hate to just gloss over things;
I keep hoping, but nothing takes form
"The stars watch over us," you say,
But aren't they only at night? Hey...

You show such kindness,
But I demand it in every failure
My heart is too frail;
Don't touch it... No more!

Just back off...
Just leave me be...
This dirty road I walk
Isn't going to change - ah...

I'm worn out, I've turned timid,
And running away would be futile...
So I block up my ears;
"This is awful," I cry...

What is life, anyway?
Not even knowing, I just keep living
But can I call that happiness?
I don't know anymore... Stupid!


Ponis react WTF · 10:54pm Mar 3rd, 2014

Okay...Seriously...how am I getting people to read Ponies react. I never updated it in a year and I have almost 30 favorites with 28 likes. HOW?!?!?! I have 666 views on this as of right now...wait...666 number of the beast? Oh god my story might summon Satan or whomever devil that people worship.

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mostly non pony things cause I am not a fan of pony art

my works of fiction

Songs/bands/artist you should listen to....if you want to.

some favorites i enjoyed.

MLP:FIM show
Cannon Character: Spike
Fan based: Lyra
Villian: Can not be determind
Princess: Candance
Fanfiction favorites:
Original Character: DJ Hikaru Martinez from All-American Girl
Universes: Chess Game of the Gods
Human Origins: Ascend's, Discord turn Earth Ponies into humans
HIE story: My second Life
saddest moment: Into a New World (Before the rewrite) Tavi's miscarriage
Top couples in Fan fictions:
Soarin' and Braeburn from Entangled Pathways
Tavi and Vinyl from Two's company
Saddest story: Background Pony
Best references: Three way tie:
Griffin the Griffin
Lez Ponies
Another Chance at Life
Original stories: All-American Girl
Crossovers: Naurto by Dragon LS
Best use of music: Two's company
Best Cast of characters: Tie
All-American Girl
My Second Life

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I like your Ed, Edd, and Eddy profile picture!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Wow Ed Edd and Eddy as teens! That's awesome!

Happy birthday, dude! I... did get the date right, didn't I?

Even if I didn't, have a happy birthday anyway, pal!




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