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new story! · 4:55pm Dec 28th, 2013

hello there, i decided to scrap my other story to make a newer, better one. this story is about vinyl and octavia on a cold winters night, octavia asks vinyl about her middle name, as earlier that day she saw vinyl sign her name as "Vinyl M. Scratch" what octavia gets from vinyl is a laugh and the words " my dear octavia that is a long and interesting tale" octavia is understandably confused, as vinyl never was one for stories. vinyl then says, while looking out the window which is half

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Don't worry; an update for Polarity is in the works, especially now with KHC being complete. This blog post explains the delay on Polarity.

877141 could you please update polarity: a tale of two sisters i love what you have so far, but i just cant wait until you update it again, it is awesome but you just need to update it, it is so awesome, there are not enough stories about derpy around, (good ones i mean) and its sad

Thanks for the watch! :yay:

Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favorite for A Sacreligious Hearth's Warming!

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