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I love MLP, and I love writing. Hoping to read some awesome stuff here. :)


I Swear... · 5:09am Sep 6th, 2013

Do some people honestly just read the short description of a story, immediately click dislike, and then laugh triumphantly as they click away to another copy/paste lesmare shipfic/clopfic/adoptascoot/crossover parody type deal?

I try to make something halfway original, and people hate it for some reason...


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Moar man, moar:ajbemused:

Rainbow Dash and the Nordic Pegasus <---is there an update planned for this? :D

Comment posted by Garnet Shield deleted Feb 13th, 2015

Do you plan to update "Equestrian Aviation" and "To Write Love On Her Hooves"? :fluttershysad:

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