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I love MLP, and I love writing. Hoping to read some awesome stuff here. :)


Rainbow Dash is visiting relatives in the northern part of Equestria when she stumbles upon a block of ice frozen in a cavern in the mountains. Upon touching the ice, she awakens an ancient Pegasus, Fjord Runner. The ancient flier has been in his frozen prison since before the rule of Celestia, Luna, and even Discord! Now that he has revived, he has a lot to learn about the modern world. It's going to take everything Dash has to show him the ropes, and not be killed by this Nordic warrior.

...yeah, this won't end well.

Story based on an awesome fic by Aegis Shield called Twilight and the Spartan Stallion.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 62 )

At the start, you had my curiosity. "Surely, inspired by Twilight and the Spartan Stallion." Then, I read it.

I can say safely that you now have my attention.

I just read the spartan stallion yesterday. Another story like this shall please me. :pinkiehappy:

Thou shall not disappoint me, or Spartan Shield Shall smite thou were thy stands! :twilightangry2:

Sounds good ill read it.

You have our attention. Do not disappoint us...

We are... intrigued, by a story of this premise. Of course, we'd probably read the story with Twilight and the Spartan if it involved our favourite character, but whaddya gonna do?

Looks good mate, looking forward to possible future chapters.

You have caught my interest
Continue good sir :moustache:

Wow that was a fast update :rainbowderp:

well this is interesting

So Dash is one of Spectrum's desendants

Tried to kill her? Hmm. Let's see where this goes now

Cool can't wait till the next chapter:facehoof:

1867456 Don't forget trying to make out with her. lol. :rainbowderp:

1867988 It be coming, probably in an hour or 2. :rainbowdetermined2:

I need more. I can't wait for more to come out, and I love the concept, just like I loved the story this is based off of. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, I've seen enough. *Thumbs ups*

Wonder how the others'll react to him... and vice versa. Also, considering how much Dashie's gone through, that in itself is a testiment to the toughness (Couldn't think of a better word) of Fjords hide. I can see him training her, seems like something they'd both enjoy.

Also, straight Dashie.

ok... twilght gets a spartan, and dash get a viking

rarity gets a british gent, pinkie gets a ninja,AJ gets a pirate, and fluttershy gets an indian

seems legit


1916202 it's the most legit thing in the universe :trollestia:

I. Love it so much can't wait till the next chapter:raritystarry::yay::ajsmug:

Somewriter get on it, That's golden.
But I think a Knight of Chivalry would suit Rarity better.

1916202 Actually Fjord Runner is more Anglo-Saxon than anything, or Celtic.

1916142 Of course Dashie is straight! Least in my fics she is. Lol. :rainbowwild:

I like it! Pretty solid on the Nordic lore too. I just cant wait to see what happens when he meets spike since he's a dragon. I hope it shall be quite humorous! :twilightsmile:

1929814 Lol, I hope you're not expecting it to be like Skyrim. Though the Nordic Pegasi did consider dragons a worthy adversary. Ya never know. :rainbowdetermined2:

1929827 Ha! I absolutely HATE Skyrim for ripping off the Nordic culture. I'm an Asatruar which means I worship the Gods of old like Odin, Thor, Bragi, Tyr, ETC and the lore of my people Is something I take to heart. I think It's cool how well you integrated the lore . Skyrim is nothing more than a bastardization of the Nordic culture in my opinion. But I like what you're doing so keep it up!:pinkiehappy:


Greetings from Minnesota, the 6th Scandinavian country.

My OC is a Nordic pony.


Lutfisk and mead all 'round, then. Skal!

This was great and the picture of Rainbow dash as a viking is awesome :rainbowwild:

oooooohhhh shit.... shits about to go down....

I like fjord runners flying style. Sorin is a bit of a dick though.... CRUSH HIS SKULL!!

Finally another update. Fjord is awesome.

Awwww.... Why didn't Fjord just FUS RO DAH! Him? That would have been funny :rainbowlaugh:

2287954 Lol, he's not the Dragonborn, just a Viking-esque pony. :ajsmug:

My this has hasen't had an update in a while, hope this isn't dead. I've actually been really enjoying this.

2500818 Not dead! Just been really busy. :fluttercry:

Thankgoodness! Would have really sucked if such a story were too die so soon. Well than take you're time I suppose, knowing you haven't forgotten this is enough to keep this brony waiting!

1918495 1916202 Not to ruin peoples thoughts or anything, but in all technicality Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Norsemen are all Vikings. That is because a Viking is the act of going raiding. Vikings weren't Vikings, they were men who went "A Viking." Vikings were raiders, them being called Vikings is Euro-centrism at its worst.

Someone should make a group for stories like this. By that I mean stories where a pony from the past comes to the future and has to learn how it works and all that.

fucking spike, always killing the mood.

Viking, dragon, sword...seriously? I'm the one who has to say it? Okay, let's get this out of the way then.

2819810 No! It has nothing to do with Skyrim! You'll see in my next chapter. :rainbowdetermined2:

2562721 Oh I knew that, the ponies in the North I'm trying to maintain a more Celtic heritage.

wooow, it's a double chapter! IT'S SO B-E-A_UTIFUL!

Hey I am gonna love this one cause its based off of one of aegis shield's stories, he is a damn good writer! Also are you good with fixing windows laptops by any chance? My netbook broke for no reason I can figure out. It just won't friggin turn on! its like none of the battery power is reaching where it has to go to turn on. Any advice?

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