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Welcome to... Here.

Heyo everyone! Beowulf567 and my OC, Ryan, is here!

Ryan:Help me

Ah, ignore his pleas of help. He's just a drama king.

Ryan:What the heck, man?

Nothing! Anyways, more about me! So much personal info kept private so here's what I am willing to show you.
I live in America.
I love guns.
And I love ponies.
Note: I can't watch the show but I love reading about these ponies
Ryan? Got anything to share?

Ryan:Here's what I can tell you. In a story Beo is trying to write, I am the protagonist. One that can die VERY VERY easily.

He's right!

Ryan:I am a contract killer, for the CIA none the less, but being a soldier was NOT one of the requirements! Anyways, wielding a *bleep* ton of weapons is a part of the story, too. Don't worry, blood, both mine and the enemy's, will be spilled

Ignore the censoring. He can cuss a lot so I placed a censoring device in his voice box so any words that it detects is a curse, it will bleep.

Ryan:*BLEEP*-ING *BLEEP*!!! Do you know how much I hate you right now?

Yes, and I love every second of it. Don't worry, that censor box will NOT be included in the story.

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1102148 :yay: Yeah. It's a habit because of my over imaginative-ness. (Yay, I created a new word).

1102130 Well, I wasn't able to spot them but you release a new story or two every so often so... Why not?

Thanks for the watch! Did I fix those mistakes you pointed out? And what made you decide I was worthy of a follow?

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