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the list · 2:57pm May 19th, 2015

Well now I can add sword art online to the list along side kill la kill of anime that I hear are really popular and are a great watch but for which I hate even after giving them a chance and watch three or more episodes of.

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2413761 no problem man after a few messes on the first chapter I was hooked

Thanks so much for the fav on Herding Instincts and remember that comments are greatly appreciated!

1988764 That is true.:twilightsmile: Now that you brought it up, I have something for Fluttershy in later chapters, but for now, she will not 'yet' make an appearance.:moustache: As the thing for Applejack, I know what you mean, but I see her to much of a family/working pony, not really considering 'pegasi' stallions as partners.:twilightsheepish:

Your thoughts are good, and I'll see what I can do with them, but I didn't want to make it that every character gets a crush on 'you', much.:scootangel:

BBBBBUUUUUTTTT, I have something planned during a special time in the year, specially for this.^

And it is going, TO. BE. AWKWARD. In probably more ways than one.:moustache:

1988759 at that star before we got to the school part I was thinking how perfect fluttershy or maybe applejack could be a good what if fit what with fluttershys caring and nurturing nature ro applejacks level headed famliy values would see something in sparks father material

1988708 I see.:moustache: Thank you for telling me. Indeed it is still early, but I'll try to work that into the story.:twilightsmile: More Lightning will come, don't worry.:moustache:

And Dust, well he is just 'that' weird long time friend.:twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 151 - 155 of 155
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