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Inactivity Apology · 4:50am Nov 28th, 2011

The holidays are getting a little hectic, and i haven't really had time to write or even plan either of my stories further recently, but now everything is taken care of and i shall update 'A Rainy Encounter' every day or two starting from the next update, which should be tommorow! As always, big big thanks for reading, and sorry for the pause!!

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673022 Oh, I see! I guess I should read that right now.

658676 Oh shit! Well that was faster than expected! Apparently he uploaded a new story... I guess I'll start reading!

...I am confused. Can some explaining happen as to where your last story went, etc, etc, etc? Because it took me a really long time to remember who you were, and what the heck was going on with the characters in this new story.

658676 Indeed, my friend... indeed...

I guess we'll have to wait...
BTW, I have no idea why I'm adding YouTube videos...

657707 One can hope...

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