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Followers! Followers! Followers! · 2:28pm Sep 25th, 2021

To all my followers, again, thank you for following me. I am not dead, merely have been busy and I am working on the chapters bit by bit as and when I can. Thank you for all your support in every way and appreciating the writing that I do. That makes it worth it.

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Actually, there's a lot written for it that hasn't been published. I'm just not happy with the flow. I'm working on Semper Pie first (due to demand) and will hopefully finish soon. Just so damn busy.

I hope you'll continue Ponies On Earth once you get your spark back. Not trying to rush you, just wanna know.

I mean a late answer is better than no answer so :pinkiehappy: Thanks!

I am working on it!

  • Viewing 114 - 118 of 118
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