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Apologies · 8:28am Sep 21st, 2018

So, my time is evaporated and I've been really busy traversing across the globe. The past two weeks have been hell for me and before that, the preparations for these two weeks were equally as awful. Things seem to be winding down for me though, so I will try to get some writing done if possible.

I'll try to have a new chapter of Semper Pie up.

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Don't lose hope. I'm struggling with following up that chapter. I'm tempted to just end it, but I've actually got a decent plot for it. Just... it's a tough act to follow.

Thank you for adding A Glimmer in her Eye and Care from the Heart to your library! I'm glad you liked them. :twilightsmile:

For anyone who likes this story, you may not know me. I'm not the public face, but I've been editing the last few chapters that have been published. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am leaving the fandom. However, I don't want deathtap to suddenly be without an editor, so, while I do not speak for him, if anyone is interested, I'm sure that he would be more than happy for the help.

Thank you all.

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

  • Viewing 108 - 112 of 112
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