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Well I'm a high school student and a brony. I spend alot of time here, why not become a member maybe I'll write some thing too, I have to wait till I get a laptop.

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more about me.

- I'm in high school.
- Like to make friends:pinkiehappy:
- I have some childish hobbies, though it is stuff that I loved from childhood.

such include......
- Transformers(though not enough any more, about 1%.)
- Beyblade (loved since the beginning, my favorite combo being a Galaxy FireBlaze GB145 CS, a made up combo I use a lot.)

I tend to read a lot, I mean A LOT!!!

Favorite Background character shipping: Derpy X Doctor Hooves.

Favorite Main 6 shipping: SpikeX Rarity (when he is suscesful)

Favorite Main 6: Pinkie and Fluttershy

Favorite background Pony: Derpy

Favorite Villain: Discord

OC's I like (from fanfics I read)

Favorite OCs from stories I read

-Clay- Wings for a Pony
Species: Earth Pony
-Dusk- The Opportuntiy of a Life time
Species: Pegasus
-Forest Fire- The Problem With Magic
Species: Human, now Earth Pony
-Brian- My Little Dashie 1, 2, 3 and 4
Species: Human
-Paradox-Discords Heir and Stone Cold (different man and stories)
Species: Human
-Jack- A Changelings Perspective
Species: Human, now Changeling
- Nyx- Past Sins
(Nightmare Moon, untainted and a filly)
- Henry- Mute Octave
- Maya and Zaria- Our Inner Ponies 1, 2 and 3 ( there awesome)
- Pico and Pica- A Christmas with Myself and A Wedding with Myself
- Dane- The Last Brony Gets His Wish
- Golden Apple, Candy Cloud, and Aurora Blast- My Little Mommies
- Sin- A Changling Named Sin

Hated OCs from stories I read
Sky Blazer- Wings for a Pony
Reasons: He is an asshole and sound like a child molester and the pony version of team plasma,but solo.
Golden Angis- A Changling Perspective
Reason: Hes a d***, to sum it up


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444514 no need to sorry, it's not like of me to be pissed at a shitty joke, i laugh at then

i'm like a real life Pinkie Pie, but as a male and is mexican an Alicorn

444514 in real life, yes i'm quite Lucky.

443888 I can be quite Creepy as well :pinkiecrazy:

but since you are 'Lucky' Blitz you are lucky :pinkiehappy:

I know... bad pun :facehoof:, Sorry :twilightblush:

441518 i followed you because you sound like a nice person. (unlike that DaemoN67 guy) his swastika and his pure creepy stalking on random Ponies.:twilightoops:

the Bug pics on his page creep me the buck out:fluttershbad:

Hey, thanks for the follow :pinkiehappy:

I don't know why you are following me, but I WON'T complain obviously :twilightsmile:

Thank ya very much :raritywink:

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