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After Shining and Cadence's wedding in Canterlot, Princess Celestia gives Twilight and her friends the task of mapping the underground caverns beneath the castle. What they find in the deep will change their understanding of the origins of magic, what happened in the ancient past, and where their ancestors came from.

The Canterlot Royal Palace was built upon the ruins of an ancient castle.

Castle Grayskull.

This is a 1980's Masters of the Universe x MLP crossover.

This is set just after Season 2's season finale, before Season 3.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 50 )

I'm just going to hate on you for using Grayskull and not Greyskull when the latter is obviously the alpha male to the little butt-bitch former :rainbowlaugh:

Well, that was...

nicely written, yet, at the ending part it became reallu uncomfortable to read:pinkiesick:

Although, you did a good job:ajsmug:

I did think that they were going to have to answer the Jawbridge's riddle but, it seems with Orco as gate keeper, that isn't necessary.

I wonder if the Elements were forged from He-Man and She-Ra's swords?

1763828 You know what? Grayskull does look a lot better. I think I'll go change it.
1763953 :pinkiehappy:

Not bad so far. A new addition to my read later list.

What's this? The amazing deathtap has written another story? Well then, I dare say I must check it out!

1767855 Stahp! You'll inflate my already overly inflated ego...

Thanks, let me know what you think.

1768024 I like it! It's a very unique and different story from others. Therefore I shall watch this one. Keep up the good work. Plus, I've already taken a liking to Orko, you gave him a fun personality.

Great He-man crossover, can't wait for the next chapter.

1763828 Hey, Peppy. Fancy meeting you here!:pinkiehappy:

Shall we watch together as deathtap continues this awesome story with an awesome cover pic?:rainbowkiss:

1764209 Sweet Celestia, can you imagine a prank war between Pinkie Pie and Orko?:pinkiecrazy:


/me is not reading above story. Just wanted to hate on the use of gray in place of the much better grey.


The Canterlot Royal Palace was built upon the ruins of an ancient castle.
Castle Grayskull.

Still not a concept I'd read either way.

I recommend you give it a chance. I, not being at all familiar with He-Man, had trouble with the first chapter not making much sense to me, but I'm finding the story to be quite enjoyable. If only Deathtap would update it some more...


... but I'm finding the story to be quite enjoyable.

A truley great chapter.

This chapter...





And that's how the Changelings and pegasi were created!:pinkiegasp:

Why did seeing the pastel colored hair of the Sorceress get such a reaction from Twilight?:twilightoops:

1956393 Because she changes...INTO CELESTIA!!!

Oh god, a MotU crossover. This is being rocketed to the top of my read list.

Dolph is best He-Man.

Huh. A fantastic blending of the cosmologies, an excellent use of Orko's immortality, worldbuilding out the wazoo...

Excellent work! I look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

My word, i do love the background story as to how Equestria was founded as well as the elements of harmony, it is obvious how much time you have put into this great fic.

Okay, so if Princess Celestia was originally She-Ra...that means she and Orko are going to have an unexpected reunion!

I-I don't- I-I can't- This is just too epic! And I don't even watch He-Man... You have crafted a beautiful origin story. How did you ever come up with the idea? :ajsmug:

2218748 I dunno. Just came to me out of the blue.

Nice. Well, I like your sudden ideas.:twilightsmile: I can't wait until the next chapter.

2222066 Might take a little while. I'm working on another fic at the moment is why.

Mind. Blown.

So the Royal Pony Sisters are the descendants of She-Ra, the new Sorceress. And it looks like Swift managed to earn her love. Good for him.

Still, it looks like next chapter will be extra intense. Batten down the hatches and make sure your feels are secure and well-protected, because we're in for a truly massive storm!

I just saw this and my mind was blow all I heard in my head was. " BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL..... I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!! ....... HE-MAN. "

and so the journey continues.

I am simply stunned by how much thought you have put into the story of this fic.

Damn, I'm really glad the Elements of Harmony can only be used all at once. If Tender Heart was able to use the Element of Kindness on her own and weaponize it, the situation in the past would be extremely terrible.:twilightoops:

And it must have hurt Swift to be forced to give the command for the Element of Kindness to be retrieved and her and the whole population of the town to be banished to Tartarus. But as the Prince, he has no other choice then to do what's best for the majority of the population. In other words, The Chains of Commanding are forcing him to prioritize The Needs of the Many. He can't save everyone, but he can at least prevent the whole land from being corrupted.:fluttercry:

Great work yet again. Please keep them coming.

So the group that was sent into that Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy has been betrayed. Now, cut off from support, their only option is to fight until either help arrives or they are overwhelmed.

And Percheron said he was getting bored anyway. Sounds like for him, odds like this are something he's faced repeatedly.

I laughed harder than I should have at the story description.

I has the know Idea wai?

Such angst!!!!
I must admit that your background story about the changelings is just brilliant!

Fuck you, Swift. I am siding with Tender Heart.

So much prologue. Or is this the story in and of itself? A history lesson, and Orko goes to live with the ponies for eternity. Unless you are building towards something. We'll see. Great chapter.

It's alive and still wonderful

I waited 2 YEARS for an update and it was this?!? No, seriously. This is all we got for a two year wait? I'm done.

6660642 I broke it up because the next part is quite long.

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