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Semper Pie is one of Equestria's most honored and decorated soldiers. Protector of the innocent, hero of countless battles, champion of all ponykind. Even Shining Armor, ex-Captain of the Royal Guard, and Prince Consort to the Crystal Princess, looks up to this great stallion. Truly one of the best and greatest ponies to have ever served under the Royal Sister's banner.

Still, where did he come from? Where was he born? What has he done? Does he have any family? Why would he suddenly want to come to Ponyville?

And why, for the love of Celestia, does he specifically want to meet with the Element of Laughter herself?

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I like the sound of this already...

Even though it's early, I highly recommend you include the negative aspects of always being loyal somewhere. :raritywink: And i'm to assume you know Semper Fidelis and its meaning?


Interesting... Please, Continue.


*Sitting at a bar next to unicorn*
"Did ya hear about the earth pony guard who took down an ursa major all by himself?" Said sniper
The unicorn shifted in her seat and mumbled "I took down a Ursa Major before" before looking down.
I raised my eyebrow "what was that?"
"Nothing, nothing at all" she said before gulping down her cider.


Some of this chapter brought back memories. Keeping an eye on this.


My head canon for semper is Sam Worthington.

Needs moore!

And that ship's sailed. Well, gotta admit though she was small when Semper Pie left the house so it is understandable that she doesn't remember him.

I feel that you are overpaying Semper into just another OP OC that all the main cast faun all over. I think this is where I call it quits.

2286098 If you think that, then you don't know me at all.


Mother of Celestia... this has gotten VERY good VERY quickly. :rainbowderp: :pinkiehappy:

Wow i love this already. I love stoies with earth ponies showing their true awesomeness. It seems like either he's got the pinkie sense like his sister or he's really observant like her. Maybe the pies all have pinkies abilities and that's why they are always so stoic to control the awesomeness that is the pie. Please I must have more :pinkiehappy:

I am liking these chapters WAY too much for my own good.

Please write faster so I can throw more praise at you.

Just a castaway
An island lost at sea
Another lonely day
With no one here but me
More loneliness
Than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair

I'll send an SOS to the world
I'll send an SOS to the world
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle
(Message in a bottle)

A year has passed since I wrote my note
But I should have known this right from the start
Only hope can keep me together
Love can mend your life
But love can break your heart

I'll send an SOS to the world
I'll send an SOS to the world
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle
(Message in a bottle
Oh, message in a bottle
Message in a bottle)

Walked out this morning
Don't believe what I saw
A hundred billion bottles
Washed up on the shore
Seems I'm not alone at being alone
A hundred billion castaways
Looking for a home

I'll send an SOS to the world
I'll send an SOS to the world
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I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle
(Message in a bottle
Message in a bottle
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Sending out an SOS...


And in a few years he will earn the nickname the fuck-shitupinator.

Comon, we need more of this story!

Now my expectation are going to the roof, hopefully, or maybe not, it won't be just a mistaken identity or something...meh

Just a small thing, here semper is called her instead of he:

"So, what we know is that Pinkie and Semper share the same name, and that her wants to meet Pinkie personally, but they are not related. Right?" Twilight looked to Shining, then to Pinkie, then back to Shining again. "Am I missing anything?"

all we need now is Clyde Pie and Pac Pony! Author thought he was slick... Im onto you

I noticed how you made the Glory Reference during the Crossbow Segment. Nice job.

For some reason I see Semper loading those magic required to reload crossbows on his own and possibly carrying those air ship artillery pieces into battle. Think an earth pony can't compete? Wait to you see what they can carry into battle.

Stating the obvious here, this is a really good story!:pinkiehappy: (the occasional grammatical error notwithstanding)

Static just gave Static a look

thought I'd point that out brony

nice work I like it

That's so cool that semper is thinking about pinkie when he was in that costume

Big Ass Crossbow= BAC Similar to the MAC Cannon from Halo, both are Big Ass Weapons= BAW :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Anything else you need help expressing?:pinkiecrazy:

Fuck da world with my BAC Cannon!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


keep going I love this :twilightsmile:

and that's so sweet what he's doing for pinkie :pinkiesad2:

2358816 Father's name is Clyde, btw (read prologue).

2380830 Glory and The Last Samurai. But the one from Glory was indeed much better.

Was it really from the Last Samurai Too? I didn't know that honestly.

2413188 Yeah. Tried looking for a clip, couldn't find. Found this instead...

2411388 wow i didnt pay attention... i suck


Shining the ineffective drawer, pinkie the Picasso of logos.

Pinkie you can remember him, You're brother went through hell and he needs you when he comes to see you.

It would be even crazier if it was not her brother but something more obscure such as being her betrothed from way long time ago (arranged marriage or similar). Brother is much more likely but that would be more out of left field and think of the crazy conversations that would make?

They say that princess Celestia didn't banish Nightmare Moon to the moon to protect Equestria, but to protect Nightmare Moon from the coming of Semper Pie. :trollestia:

Before Tirek sleeps, he checks under his bed for Semper Pie.

2424446 Are you a mind-reader?

No, but I am a wizard. :moustache:

Interesting... Now i need more chapters! This is pretty awesome! :pinkiecrazy:


Awesome chapter as always. Can't wait for the next one :pinkiehappy:

*Incoming Transmission*
Semper Pie: Top Notch Badass
*End Transmission*


Wait wasn't the sixth element of magic forgotten by this time?

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