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Let me tell you a story... · 12:36am Aug 17th, 2013

And hello to all who see this, for after reading we might not say goodbye

For although we say we know one another, but we truly don't until we die

I read a book once, it was a wonderful story of things I never knew written in words I could never understand,

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2334029 it's a pleasure to call you a friend. Beware however, there are moderators that are bullies and thugs to those with quite an open means if thinking. Stay safe and be wary of them. Should you ever wish to speak. I'm always available

Well hello to you as well~

Personally, I don't have any enemies on this site. But if your enemies are the ones who I see as asshats, then yes; We both don't much care for those people.

But hey, I'm fine with calling you a friend. If they bother you, let them be asshats and once they post enough comments then you can have them banned. Seriously, DataBass played them like a fiddle by letting them go on for as long as they did. Banhammer had no choice but to act on those accordingly.

2332717 we share a common enemy. Call me spirit, castaway spoke of you and I grew interested. I hope you may consider me a friend

Anytime. I've had just about enough of those peoples shit. I really just couldn't sit back and watch the cycle continue on another user, besides, getting those assholes banned (even if it was just for a day) was totally worth it to me.

Comment posted by Evening Storm deleted Mar 7th, 2014
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