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Um, yeah. My name is Francis n stuff. Imma Canadian, cuz Canadians are cool. Rainbow Dash is best pony.

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Hey Ghost121, think you could send me the link to the story image of The Colour of My World? I would like to make it my wallpaper, it is so good. :twilightsmile: Beautiful story BTW. :pinkiesmile:

41 weeks, 41 short weeks. It seems like forever ago, but I still remember it just as yesterday. Your story ended up in my hall of fame along with Yours Truly, My Second Life, Shine, MLD, Honesty Lost, Forever is Forever and more. I Hope you feel good about making one amazing story for it somewhat resembles life, If your gonna go through it, make it a good one.

no prob thank you for the great storie. :rainbowdetermined2:


Well, considering I lurked this site and read nearly 3,000,000 words before I got the balls to actually write, I'd say you had some influence there. "The Color of My World" is one of my favorite romance stories out there, so yes, you do have quite a bit of influence there. I have a sequel planned at some point for Devil's Due that I hope has better romance in it but I feel as though I capture anger, sorrow, and action better. Maybe it is because I was an angsty teenager...

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