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About Dashed Thoughts... · 10:42am Mar 28th, 2013

I just want to say, my dear followers, that I have no idea when I'll write the next chapter of Dashed Thoughts. I have a very, very, very important Matura exam that starts on 7th May, and lasts until 11th May + additionally I have an oral English exam on 16th May, but I don't give a damn about it :) These exams strongly influence my future life as a Student, since it's an exam in the end of High School.

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Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :pinkiecrazy:

Random follow day, now is everyday (WOW!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)

Comment posted by Jatix deleted Nov 2nd, 2013

Guess who? It's Jairon!:rainbowkiss:

Your story, "Dashed Thoughts" is really awesome. Make more chapters of that story... :twilightsmile:

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