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I might already have an account on this site, and this might be the place where I post clop.

Expect lots of AppleDash, though other pairings and threesomes aren't out of the question, and probably some kinky (BDSM) stuff.

If you figure out who I am that's fine, just don't mention it publicly. If you really want to know where to find my non-clop stories, PM me and I'll probably let you know. Thanks!


To Those Who Favorited The Riding Pony · 12:47am Nov 11th, 2014

If you don't follow me, and you're seeing this, it's probably because you favorited The Riding Pony. Maybe a while ago, the story is over two years old now. It's over on the side of this page, if that jogs your memory.

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So-o, I notice you've started poking your head back in periodically...

Would it make things awkward if I asked for a continuation to Though Hell Should Bar The Way or for you to give us some updates pertaining to your interests in writing as of late?

>still have no idea who that is

Damn dude, I love your username!

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