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I might already have an account on this site, and this might be the place where I post clop.

Expect lots of AppleDash, though other pairings and threesomes aren't out of the question, and probably some kinky (BDSM) stuff.

If you figure out who I am that's fine, just don't mention it publicly. If you really want to know where to find my non-clop stories, PM me and I'll probably let you know. Thanks!


To Those Who Favorited The Riding Pony · 12:47am Nov 11th, 2014

If you don't follow me, and you're seeing this, it's probably because you favorited The Riding Pony. Maybe a while ago, the story is over two years old now. It's over on the side of this page, if that jogs your memory.

Well, I wrote a sequel to it. But while the original was BDSM clop, the sequel, Strong, Proud, Earth Pony Mare is about how fetishes are seen by others and by the participants, especially when they're related to things people might see as wrong outside of fantasy.

And there's no clop in it. Sorry!

It's written to stand on its own, so there's no need to re-read The Riding Pony if you can't remember it. I hope a few of you decide to check it out!

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>still have no idea who that is

Damn dude, I love your username!

Thou hast earned thyself another follower

Your Zero now, accept it..........*Boops with magic wand*
Hello Zero!

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