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Maaaaaaaybe. I can't confirm that I am the Krazy the fox, but I am definitely a Krazy the fox.

Edit: This sure aged well! 🙃

whoa, did i just get followed by THE krazy the fox??.??

With the site posts now, you should get them in your feed (unless you've turned those off, which I think you can do?), but otherwise the best way is, indeed, the group (it'll be a forum post, which you should also be able to receive notifications for). I can try to remember to message you when the time comes for another contest, but I can't make any promises!

So it's best just to keep checking the AppleDash group for announcements? Honestly, most contests I find learn about after the fact. And Jinglemas too. I really want to hit a contest, particularly an AppleDash contest, when it comes open.


Thanks! It's from Twilight's Kingdom (Part 2, I think) when they're at the Castle of the Two Sisters.

There'll definitely be more contests, but the next one won't be for at least a few months, probably. Covid kinda stuck a wrench in any plans I had. :(
I don't generally announce them on my blog anymore, but I do get site posts for them and post to the AppleDash group forums.

  • Viewing 54 - 58 of 58
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