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Just another struggle writer. I am totally responsible for pictures of Sweetie Belle dressed as Mare-Do-Well.

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Requesting some help · 7:29am Dec 1st, 2017

So, it has been roughly three months since I last uploaded a chapter to my most recent story, and that is due to the fact that I screwed up a simple story premise by over thinking the ending. Now, months later, I'm still stuck, and I need help getting out of the hole I've dug for myself.

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I require more Sweetie-Do-Well content in my life.

Someday yes. I really want to write more, it just doesn't come all that easy anymore. But yes, I'll force something out hopefully soon.

any new stories coming soon?


I did not, in any way, question your ability to like something. I tried to encapsulate a review of quality, not content. This is not about my feelings toward Fall stories. It's about writing quality. Even if I bite my tongue and grind my teeth I admit good writers work on Fall content like Schorl and O. But the story in question just wasn't good, as someone other than me also noted, about the Exposition dumps and poor characterization that made them look kind of dumb, very out of proper character. I tried to make it clear that was all. No content issues at all. Just that I thought you gave a pass to an unevenly crafted story because it was Fall-attached.

Also, I never said anything about NC being bad. It was a reference to his Casper review wherein he and Casper sing the Exposition dump song. "Exposition! Exposition! Shove it out ASAP!" I was noting they could rightly sing it through the whole story because it is nothing but badly rendered expodump talk.

I'm sorry those things were not clear. I try to craft tight and proper comments but I think I failed to properly narrowly define my terms and focus. It was quality issues alone that made me question the high praise. That is all. Nothing to do with content. You do you, I have agitprop to cook up.

That is borderline rude. What I like is what I like - we've been over this. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone but me, nor does it need anyone else's approval but my own. What you and I like or find enjoyable is on two ends of the spectrum, and it's pretty clear that the middle ground we have is fairly narrow. I do not give the story a pass because it's part of FoE - there's a few FoE stories I don't even read because I'm not interested in all of them. I simply like what I read, and explained why. If you don't happen to agree with the why, that's solely on you. You already know my stance on these matters, so there should be little to no surprises at this point.

And I do in fact happen to enjoy watching NC. And I have never seen Citizen Kane (there are A LOT of classics I never got to watch growing up).

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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