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It has been weeks since the defeat of the Dazzlings, and Sunset Shimmer's friendships have only gotten stronger. Whilst finally relaxing in the times of peace, Sunset discovers an old enemy: Sonata Dusk. Strangely alone and apparently homeless, Sonata's luck seems to be at its all time low.
Seeing a little of herself in the former siren, Sunset embarks on a mission to help Sonata find friendship.

(For anyone who liked the old cover art, here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and new: http://daniel-gleebits.deviantart.com/art/Go-Compare-Twiddles-moustache-581352606 )

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FIRST! And I love how this turned out. Sonata is best Siren in my opinion.

I really do like this idea and would love to see more of this. Poor little Sonata :pinkiesad2:.
Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Not bad. I will be watching.

Oh poor Sonata.

I'll definitely be watching this to see where it goes.

I smell potential. I'm hooked. :twilightsmile:

at first thought it would be a romance, but then i looked again and saw the slice of tag. Well i like that too, so i read it and yeah i like it.

I don´t know which she is calling with her phone, but i hope she isn´t doing something against her will. I mean like calling the police or something like that, not exactly the police but i think there would be people you could call.
I don´t think it would be the best idea if she is calling all of her friends at once to her home, she should maybe only call Fluttershy and Rarity, if she is feeling really thaat bad and the fear, then i would say it is not a good idea to get all her friends.

5235136 In fairness to you, it did begin in my head as a romance, but I decided that if I made this one a slice of life story with perhaps a getting-to-know-each-other theme instead, I could write this one and then the romance one later if was struck to do so.

I will say that she isn't calling the police, but you may have a point about calling all of her friends at once. We'll just have to wait and see what happens :yay:

Well, all of you will. I already know what's happened. I'm just proofreading the next part :rainbowlaugh:

5234620 Well fear not then, because the second part is done I'm just proof reading it at the moment

5234411 She is personally my favourite too. I just love her style and empty headed shenanigans :rainbowkiss:

5235286 I warn you, sir, my skull is quite capacious. It may not fit you :rainbowlaugh:

5235321 Thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

5235347 You just had to update right before I go to school, you're killing me

5235400 I know. Although I am sorry for updating it at such an inopportune time.

5235514 The Master crying in front of a computer. Kinda looks like him from Life on Mars.


“I... I wanted to jump.”

“What did you say?” Sunset tried to make her voice light and casual, but a deep pit of dread had opened in her stomach.

“Yesterday, on the roof,” Sonata’s voice echoed in the small bathroom. “If you hadn’t come yesterday-“

“Why would you do that?” Sunset snapped. Her heart and blood seemed to be acting weirdly inside her as she pressed against the door. She felt cold sweat bead all over. “Why would you ever do something like that?”

That was the moment i decided to put the story into my favourite for now. Don´t get it wrong, i really like Sonata but i think i like how...hmmmm....serious? this is at the moment, or how intense it looks because of that sentence.

I think it was a good decision, to make it not a romance story at the beginning, right now i would suggest a sequel should you plan a romance with it later or just a long story and the romance should only start if Sonata is getting a bit more comfortable with her situation.

aahhhh man, it is over already?:fluttercry:
Okay....then i want to really ask for a sequel, this time the romance maybe^^
Well i don´t know what you have planned as your next story, but i give it a chance, because it looks like i like the way you write the story. I would have a hard time to see something i really dislike.

Beautiful... so sad and funny at the same time... :pinkiehappy: I love it

5235588 I'm glad that you like it so much :)
If it helps, I am planning to continue the story.

5235634 It's over for now, yeah. As I say I wanted this to be the end of that particular section of the story, a closing point before opening it up to a different chapter

Nice story. it was really cute and sweet. Know Sonata is gonna have to play ALF whem ever the landlord comes around

5236541 That landlord has a sniffer like no one's business. He find her, and he make her pay XD

You know, everybody's always saying how much of a drama-queen Rarity is, but I think Pinkie might be even worse! (this relates because the scene in sugar cube corner got me thinking about it.) Also, Sonata is really the only likeable siren in my opinion. The others are just plain cruel, but sonata seems to have a heart, though she doesn't quite know how to listen to it.

5236597 Oh I know what you mean. Watching the film, whenever Aria and Adagio were being cruel, Sonata's input was always lighter, off topic, and usually more of an afterthought, like she was just copying them. For instance when they're tormenting Sunset Shimmer about her past.
She wasn't innocent in the whole thing, but she certainly was the hanger on rather than the instigator.

She's also just so damn adorable.

Bittersweet symphony by the verge and viva la vida by coldplay go really well with this story!

5235407 I at least I had something that I was looking forward to do when I came home.

5236809 Very true! XD

Hope it was worth the wait.

Would love to see more of this story. :pinkiesmile:

5236875 Well you're in luck. I'm currently writing the Morning Sonata

5236813 Gotta say, I'm jealous. I don't think I can write anything like this

5237352 Heh, thanks for saying that. Really :twilightblush:

But you know what they say. 1% talent, 99% hard work. None of this stuff just comes naturally to me, it is quite a bit of grinding the stuff out of the rusty conveyor belt powered by a wheel turned by a dead hamster that is my brain.

That's right. My brain is 100% eco-friendly. Powered by zombie hamsters.

A very nice little story I'd really like to see continued!

I was literally in tears by the end of this incredible story. Sonata had always been one of my favorites of the Dazzlings and Sunset Shimmer had recently become one of my faves as well. The two of them in a situation like this brought my heart to pain and warmth. I could go on for hours describing how this made me feel, but in the end, all feelings aside, the ending made me cry every time. Good work my friend.

10 out of 10

5 out of 5


However people usually rate it. Perfect score.

She just wondered around the markdown bins for a while

Wandered is the word you were looking for.

Also, shortly after that, you forgot to capitalize Rarity.

but every attempt was failing miserable

Adverbs modify verbs, not adjectives.

This was reasonably paced, the characterization was pretty good, and other than what I mentioned above, the mechanics were fairly solid. This is looking pretty good.

A couple additional notes, though:
1) I don't think you needed a separate description for the second part of the story. If you wanted to avoid spoilers, just leave that description out altogether. I'm not convinced it was needed for the story.
2) Your spacing is weird. I get that you're using it as a scene break, but if it's possible, I'd recommend a second space just to make it clearer.

5237958 I appreciate the criticism. I'll look into those points you raised. :twilightsmile:

The second description on the other hand is meant for an upcoming set of chapters devoted to what happens after the current two parts. It's not meant for the second chapter already up.

5237895 I'm very glad that I could write something that you enjoy so much. I do try to bring about da Feelz :ajsmug:

Quiet exactly why Sunset was not sure of


Rainbow too tactless, and Applejack reasonably suspicious.

You probably want the verbs.

This was pretty good. No real complaints here. Good stuff.

(Description for The Evening Sonata)

Those words aren't needed because we all know that the text displayed in that area is the description for the story.

5238006 I'm having trouble finding that first one. Could you give a larger contextual reference for it please so I can edit that? I'd appreciate it :)

5238009 I suppose you're right there. I just wanted to specify that it was separate from the second description below it. But thinking on it it is rather superfluous.

I swear to god, Fimfiction. One day, you will properly notify me of all comment replies. One day.

No, I knew it wasn't for the second chapter. But I still feel like it doesn't need to be there. The first description works just fine, even if the story shifts after that initial "arc" gets resolved.

Ctrl+F isn't enough? Weird.

As Sunset had anticipated, Sonata protested volubly against having clothes bought for her. Quiet exactly why Sunset was not sure of, since as Sonata had told her last night

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