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Their pendants inactive, their magic gone, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata find themselves plonked undignified into a world of human beings who, despite their adulation for magic, fear it above all else. Yet despite their separation from their once world-dominating power, they retain the natural strengths of their species along with a mysterious longevity, and quickly learn that any hint of their extraordinary abilities can quickly land them in the deepest trouble.
Wishing to be left alone by these oat-brained primitives, the three agreed centuries ago that they should never remain in one place, and that they should keep their abilities a strict secret.
Well, most of the time.

After centuries of keeping their talents a secret from the world, the two great superpowers of their time are on the road to war, and the three sirens at risk of being caught between two of the ancient world's mightiest war machines.

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Looks like it's time for another feels trip.

Hey, it's what I do. Now buckle up :raritywink:

Glad to hear it. Hope you enjoy as we progress.

sigh there are not enough history fics around here. Well done.:twilightsmile:

Nice to see others who share the passion I enjoy :pinkiesmile:

Oh my god, more Gleebits. My hiatus of crazy shit is over and I find lots of chapters from my favorite siren author. And a historical story as well? Color me impressed, I was skeptical at first but I was sure you could pull it off. There is not enough human history with these girls lol. Considering they were banished from Equestria millenia ago.

I'm glad to be back and glad to see you're still going strong Daniel! I really need to get back to my reading of The Evening Sonata lol

Not so sure about going strong. Once I could get 100 upvotes easy, but now I think people have gone off me a bit.

But I can't help myself with a bit of alternative history fiction. :raritywink:

History~! I love my History~!:raritystarry:

I'll be happy to provide, I guess?

Wow, This, This is nice.

I wonder if they'll find themselves embroiled in the rest of the chaos that follows in the Classical world?
The Civil Wars? Social Wars?

I imagine them commenting on what the history books might've gotten wrong by the modern day.

I'd like to think that they would, but that won't really happen in this story. Except upon things that already happened before this point, such as the Macedonian conquest, the Greek-Persian war, etc.


Of that i'm sure, maybe they have some choice words to describe just how creepy Alexanders mom was.
Looking forward to what happens next. Fics relating to the Sirens meandering through history are nice.

You mean the snake woman? Oooh, I wish I'd put something in there about her now :rainbowlaugh:

First chapter down and im already enjoying this a good tad. predatory sirens, YES.

welp, thats a cliff hanger. im starting like to see the Captain strung up right proppa.. or be a "casualty of the war" somehow. it's amusing to see where this all can still go, and the setting is something i certainly don't see enough.

I do hope more is written!

There will be. I've been doing a comic recently to help reset my mind from writing. I was having real trouble putting finger to keyboard with how frustrated I was about certain real-life things. But I haven't forgotten this.


ahh. Take th' time you need, at times there's only so much one can make happen, and a natural flow is required. This Eye will keep watchin' for when the time comes.

Your story has been accepted into the Good Grammar Directory.
Congratulations! :twilightsmile:

P.S. I love your avatar picture

I had no idea how much I needed this story until now.

Even if it's been a few years, this is still good to hear. :)

I absolutely love stories that follow the sirens throughout history and there aren't nearly enough. The writing style is beautiful and has tons of awesome vocabulary words that create a wonderful atmosphere. The lore is fascinating and this world has so much potential. The interactions between the sirens are golden, as always. Really good stuff, with so many questions and so many places to go. Like Aria touched on in this chapter, what's their long-term plan? Do they still hope to return to Equestria? What will become of their pendants? Is Sonata ready for the trials of motherhood? Great piece of work that I thoroughly enjoyed, unfinished or not.

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