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We are the Bronies. Lower your expectations and surrender your incredulity. We shall add your fandoms and characters to our own. Your culture will adapt to enjoy ponies. Friendship is Magic.


Their pendants inactive, their magic gone, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata find themselves plonked undignified into a world of human beings who, despite their adulation for magic, fear it above all else. Yet despite their separation from their once world-dominating power, they retain the natural strengths of their species along with a mysterious longevity, and quickly learn that any hint of their extraordinary abilities can quickly land them in the deepest trouble.
Wishing to be left alone by these oat-brained primitives, the three agreed centuries ago that they should never remain in one place, and that they should keep their abilities a strict secret.
Well, most of the time.

After centuries of keeping their talents a secret from the world, the two great superpowers of their time are on the road to war, and the three sirens at risk of being caught between two of the ancient world's mightiest war machines.

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What do you do when you know terrible things are coming? Lie, and tell yourself it will be okay.
What do you do when those around you will shortly disappear, smiles on their faces as mortality bears down on their unsuspecting necks? Smile back, and tell them it will be okay.
What do you do when the day has come for you to die? Say a cheerful farewell to everyone, and tell them it will be okay.

What do you do when the end is here, when the universal illusion melts away, and the mere thought of you winks out of time and space forever?

You ask "Who?"

Image can be found here http://www.animalhi.com/Mammals/ponies/cartoons_sunset_reading_unicorns_books_my_little_pony_twilight_sparkle_my_little_pony_friendship_is_17499

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Life is a story without beginning, or end. Some might say that a beginning is merely the end of a previous story, and an end, the beginning of another. The truth is that life is a never ending story, and everything, is middle.

This is the story of two people trying and failing to find peace alone, and instead find solace in friendship.

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Fluttershy has always considered it a joy and a duty to care for animals in life, and saw no reason not to care for them in death. Having established a small resting place under an old tree in the local cemetery, none have ever disturbed her or her beloved animals. Until now.
Finding an irregularity at the grave site after the death of the local badger matriarch, Mrs. Nizbit, Fluttershy endeavours to discover whether the change is malevolent or benign, and accidentally stumbles upon a centuries old secret.

(Teen for mild language)

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After a pleasant day spent at an Equestrian food festival, Sunset Shimmer and her girlfriend, Sonata Dusk, return home to the human world, only to be quickly followed by an out of breath Twilight Sparkle. Once handed a mysterious crate by the flustered princess, Sunset and Sonata find that all of their deepest inner feelings are put on display.
For better or for worse.

Takes place in The Evening Sonata Universe

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With the upcoming Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer has been understandably distracted. That is until she spots Aria pass her by in the street. Curious to know what happened to her and the other sirens after the Battle of the Bands, Sunset follows Aria to an unusual destination, and has an equally strange conversation.

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This story is a sequel to The Evening Sonata

Sunset and Sonata have overcome every obstacle together in their long months of love. Sonata's talent for painting has led to a huge career break, and the promise of stability and happiness for the foreseeable future. But what happens when, during this important time, the most unexpected person possible should show up to ruin everything?

Discord, Equestria's resident spirit of chaos, has appeared seemingly only to give the young lovers an ominous message coinciding with a mysterious journal entry from Twilight Sparkle. Sensing trouble, Sunset Shimmer is determined to help her friend no matter the cost. At an urging from Discord, she and Sonata have decided to return to Equestria, but find a world that neither of them recognise.

(Cover Art by Daniel Gleebits)

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Sunset has heard in the news that a series of robberies has been occurring in her neighbourhood recently, but never did she believe that she of all people would be a target.
Upon discovering the thieves invading her apartment however, Sunset finds herself thrust into a cavalcade of awkward situations over who she suspects the robbers to be, as she feels that she can neither ignore the situation, nor entrust it to the proper authorities.

Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks

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When Sonata Dusk is found murdered in a backalley, the other sirens find themselves alone and friendless, except for perhaps one person. Sunset Shimmer, attempting to befriend them at school, feels for their loss, and tries to console them. Meanwhile, a murderer with an apparent grudge against the Dazzlings is still on the loose.

Don't feel like reading? Now with a reading by the magnanimous Wubcake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDRKMtNdKaQ&t=1s

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(This story is a non-canon derivation of The Evening Sonata arc, The Sunrise Sonata. There are some minor spoilers.)

Lying in Hospital with multiple stab wounds and broken legs, Aria Blaze is cursing her misfortune and the continuation of the miserable course her life is taking.
Unexpectedly, she receives a visit from her sister, Sonata Dusk. But something is wrong...

This is a nightmare style story, and contains scenes some may find disturbing... if you can picture them in your head, I mean.

Coverart by thegreatcat14

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