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We are the Bronies. Lower your expectations and surrender your incredulity. We shall add your fandoms and characters to our own. Your culture will adapt to enjoy ponies. Friendship is Magic.


What do you do when you know terrible things are coming? Lie, and tell yourself it will be okay.
What do you do when those around you will shortly disappear, smiles on their faces as mortality bears down on their unsuspecting necks? Smile back, and tell them it will be okay.
What do you do when the day has come for you to die? Say a cheerful farewell to everyone, and tell them it will be okay.

What do you do when the end is here, when the universal illusion melts away, and the mere thought of you winks out of time and space forever?

You ask "Who?"

Image can be found here http://www.animalhi.com/Mammals/ponies/cartoons_sunset_reading_unicorns_books_my_little_pony_twilight_sparkle_my_little_pony_friendship_is_17499

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That last line turned this from nihilistic sad-sack to black comedy worthy of Invader Zim or some of the bleaker Discworld moments.

7689187 I'm glad that someone appreciates that part. It's the twist :raritywink:


I read this to Radiohead's Daydreaming.

It was perfect.


7697593 Damn. That was surreal. I think I see what you mean; it was rather a fitting song.

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