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Sunset has heard in the news that a series of robberies has been occurring in her neighbourhood recently, but never did she believe that she of all people would be a target.
Upon discovering the thieves invading her apartment however, Sunset finds herself thrust into a cavalcade of awkward situations over who she suspects the robbers to be, as she feels that she can neither ignore the situation, nor entrust it to the proper authorities.

Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks

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Well, this is interesting. Has Rainbow Rocks already happened or no? Either option has interesting connotations. Either way, I'll watch to find out.

5626733 It's after Rainbow Rocks. Forgot to put that in the description, so thanks for reminding me :raritywink:

“All I know is that when I come into a room, a big, moustachioed man with a gun ain’t exactly what I’d call a friendly welcome.”

That's how my family meetings used to be like when I was a kid.

and this is interesting... I'm tracking it.

5626910 That is a terrifying yet hilarious image in my head of it actually happening :rainbowlaugh:

I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds. It's something I came up with when I was writing the Evening Sonata, but didn't have much time to flesh out until now.

The picture is confusing me, are the Sirens supposed to be aged down?

5627014 The story will answer your question *stares meaningfully into the distance*

... if... if it doesn't, I can explain if you like...

5627041 Normally I'd act like a bitch and just make you tell me if the Sirens were aged down instead of reading the story, but you have already proven to me that you can write an awesome story.

I'm not a huge fan to be honest, aged down Sirens that is; thanks to your stories I am now a SunsetXSonata shipper so this story kinda would make it pedophilia which is wrong in every sense of the word.

I will continue to read, but do not expect a Favorite just yet, I wanna see where you're going with this.

5627089 Fair enough. They are aged down (for all intents and purposes), but there's not going to be any paedophilia. I guarantee you that.

Oooh, very interesting. Anticipating the next chappy :twilightsmile:

5627488 Wasn't there going to be another Sequel to The Evening Sonata?

5627958 This isn't that if that's what you're wondering. There is going to be one though, yes.

Love your stories so far finished evening sonata yesterday and the unfortunate nightmare sonata as well ill..... Never think of my waifu the same way again

5629199 Haha! Yeah, the Nightmare Sonata was a dark moment in my brain. There are many, but few make it onto pen and paper.
Err, pixel and word document, I suppose.

5634279 Only available here :pinkiehappy:
Glad you like it

Interesting development! I am really curious to see where this goes next.

Also, I am just waiting for someone to say the phrase "It's all Greek to me." in reference to the different language. xD

A power rangers refrence ? Really? Lol gotta say so far I'm liking the new season of power rangers so far anyway had a idea for fic a non canon fic taking place after evening sonata when sunset and sonata try to go to equestria a mishap sends sonata and sunset to our world and are taken in by a kind but depressed brony who has read evening sonata only for the three to soon forge a friendship that may end up something more only to have adagio and aria show up with the brony named John and adagio trying not to kill each other in a love you but I hate you kinda you and aria deciding to sit back and watch everyone make fools of themselves only to realize that more and more ponies are showing up from equestria and the united states are happy to shelter them only to have other parts of equestria that are on other parts of earth whose governments are not to keen to parts of a fictional universe taking permanent refuge on their soil leading John sunset the dazzlings and the other ponies and the u.s. and their allies to protect them and try to find a peacefull solution as war rages around them

Just a idea you don't have to do it just an idea

all I'm wondering is this:
how is Sonata going to explain she has to go to the bathroom, and how cute will it be?

Formatting is really weird. ALL of the indents are missing.

Sunset had sat there thinking whilst Sonata flipped the channels, eventually fixing on some cartoon about a purple dragon with a pet unicorn trying to save the world from the Moon Lizard.

In an alternate universe Spike is useful. :moustache:

Sunset didn’t mind it, and didn’t try to push the boundary. She knew, or guessed at least, that Sonata was feeling vulnerable, and wanted reassurance. Sunset wasn’t the type to take advantage of something like that.
Well, not anymore, anyway


Old Sunset confirmed for pedophile. :pinkiegasp:


Old Sunset confirmed for pedophile.

Oh Vesta damnit, I honestly didn't read it that way when I wrote it :rainbowlaugh:

flipping the channel to nickelodeon. She personally didn’t much like what was on,

Should have been the Hub network. I'd have laughed.

This piece makes me want to see an AU story where, when the sirens were banished by Starswirl, nopony knew they were just sea pony fillies who stumbled upon dark magic that turned them into sirens. Being young and somewhat bratty they abused there powers. Upon banishment, they were not only sent to the human world, but into the future as well, having them pop out in canon time. As children, they attempt to take over the human world, and do battle with the CMC.

Anyway, good story so far.

5638344 Young sirens doing battle with the... CMC...:rainbowderp:

Glad that you're enjoying the story so far :twilightsmile:

Would you prefer they simply appear and the HuMane6 end up with the responsibility of watching over three mysterious magical hellions? That would be funny; I'd imagine Twilight would have a lot more trouble figuring out who three kids with magic powers were in relationship to Equestrian history.
"Well, I found a book about beings called sirens, but they weren't children, they were beautiful sea mares."

One small complaint: You need to work on your paragraph formatting. It's hard to read it with all the paragraphs crammed right next to each other.

5638768 It's how they format books
Not trying to be argumentative, but it is how books are done, and I don't hear too many complaints about books. Except for anyone beneath the age of 15 anyway.

5638981 Three day update intervals, sometimes early, sometimes late. But moar *ahem* more will come :pinkiesmile:

... Is that the good kind of stop, like, "Don't distract me because that sounds like a good idea and I already have too many stories to write!" or the bad kind of stop, like, "That's a horrible idea! Never bring it up again!" because I kind of want to read that story now. I feel like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon would form an uneasy alliance with the CMC to take down the sirens who they perceive as threats to their positions as alpha-bitches of the middle-school.
Well, either way, at least I'll get this story here for sure. I'm looking forward to finding out what's up with the Dazzlings. Maybe these are the human versions?

5639071 First of all, Derpy with Freaky Fred face. You are currently my most favourite person in the world. Please open your arms to receive phantom hug.

Secondly it was an "That is too epic and terrifying of a concept for my mere mortal hands to type out or my feeble mortal brain to concoct. A battle between the sirens and the CMC? I can only imagine the levels of cartoon annihilation that would be the inevitable result" kind of stop.

I have no opinion as to whether it's a good idea or not, since it really depends on how the writer makes it out to be. But if you like, it is a good idea in that it is an interesting notion along with not being overtly constrictive on the overall prospective storyline. You could have many setups leading to a clash between the sirens and the CMC.

I'm glad that you're finding the story intriguing so far :twilightsmile:

I have to wonder why is it still power ponies in this world and not power people...

5639160 Well if you think about it, Power People isn't really that good a name. And wasn't there something about the Power Ponies being a thing in EQ because someone spotted a video game with the Mane-iac on the front cover?

5639168 It was a human Mane-iac on that cover, actually. Also in the IDW Power Ponies comic they had a little short side story that indicated that in the human world, those characters were humans (the side story was about the Mane-iac coming to the human world and meeting her human counterpart, and the last panel was human RD reading this comic and saying something to the effect of "Mane-iac with four legs? This comic is weird!").
Not that's it important, mind you. I just thought that having a superhero team called "Power people" would be hilarious. If you think about it, that's how the original name should sound to ponies.

On a side note, really looking forward to where the story goes. I'm guessing the sirens reverted to whoever they were before something made them into the actual sirens, and have no memory of their siren lives. Can't wait for Sunset & co to find the other two.

5639217 I really should read more of the comics. I wonder whether they retained the name "Power Ponies" in their human variant, because you're right, the Mane-iac on the cover was human. But "Power People" does sound delightfully absurd. Like a parody super hero team from Drawn Together or something.

You'll have to wait and see. I give away no plot details :trollestia:

5639237 Whether they retained the "power ponies" name would probably depend on whether the whole human world is obsessed with equines or it's just the high school with their mascot animal. If horses/ponies in general were sort of a symbol for strength, or character, or something, I could see the human team still being called power ponies...

5637641 Season 4 Episode 6 of FIM titled Power Ponies where the Main 6 and Spike got sucked into Spike's magical comic book and the heroes with Spike being their sidekick

5638170 Never underestimate the dirty imagination of fanfiction readers. :trollestia:

This was awfully sweet. And I happen to have a weakpoint for sweet and cute things.

I can't get the story out of my head! I am looking forward to the next update too much!:pinkiesmile:

5641278 I know you do. I know :pinkiehappy:

5641657 I update every three days. I hope you can wait that long :scootangel:

Please, sir. Can I have some more? she thought

Dat Oliver Twist reference.

Sonata flipped the channels, eventually fixing on some cartoon about a purple dragon with a pet unicorn trying to save the world from the Moon Lizard.

I see what you did there. :trollestia:

5644414 You're a fairly preeminent writer here. Tell me, what do you think of the direction this story is going so far?
If you don't mind me asking :fluttershysad:

5644471 oh i wouldn't say im preeminent. Really, a lot of people just seem to like my writing. I'm not all that great. :twilightblush: To be honest, I'd say you're a better writer than me. I mean, you wrote The Evening Sonata. (Which, by the way, is top on Stories I Gotta Sit Down And Read list,)

But if you want my honest opinion, I'd say you're doing just fine, mate. Maybe space your paragraphs a bit though. (I don't really mind because there's another favorite author of mine who posts stories in that format, but if there's anything I've learned about writing on here its that if multiple people complain just fix it) The characterization is spot on, especially for Sunset, a character who's really hard to write because she really doesn't have a solid backstory out of being a former student of Celestia turned baddie turned good.

(Also I love the way you stressed AJ's pronunciation of RD as "Aree Dee" that was really funny to me for some reason) But yeah, as the severely under appreciated Flash Sentry says, "Keep on rockin' it!" Because you've got a gem of a story here and I honestly cannot wait for the next chapter! (P.S. Sonata discovering technology again reminds me of the girl from The Fifth Element.) :twilightsmile:

5644503 I'm going to give credit where it's due; people like your stories if the frequent appearance of them in the featured section has any bearing on popularity :raritywink:

Ahh, the Fifth Element. Yet another reminder of just how old I am. Hi 90's, remember me? I was that guy. You know, that guy in front of the TV? You were there, I was there.
Good times. Good times.

Thanks for the input. There have been people kind enough to tell me what they think, but now, what we might call "criticism" just yet. I'm eager to get some before the story develops too much.

Update tomorrow. It's every third day on average.

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