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With the upcoming Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer has been understandably distracted. That is until she spots Aria pass her by in the street. Curious to know what happened to her and the other sirens after the Battle of the Bands, Sunset follows Aria to an unusual destination, and has an equally strange conversation.

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Wow. I expected the story to end when Sunset left the rooftop, but then it kept going at the cafe, and back to the roof... you took us the full mile here. I mean, I suspected Aria's true meaning of her words, especially given her state of health and thoughts about 'the little things in life', among other verbal clues, but at the same time, it could have been just words- especially given how you played with the reader in the beginning by leading us through Sunset's back and forth logic, destabilizing our sense of logical equilibrium- making us doubt what is obviously in front of us in the same way Sunset kept almost convincing herself Aria wasn't there. And that last scene was really final, in a tough, bittersweet way.

Great work as always.

(Also, that is some fascinatingly unsettling cover art! I somehow didn't notice it until after reading.)

I think this one warrants a moment of silence.

Straight from Rise of Roam to seeing this in my feed. Sometimes, life is awesome.

Now i'm sad. :raritydespair:

The story was great, but since it's written by Daniel-Glee, a sirens death should be expected. Even though the cover art kinda gave it away.


"Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back."

Masterfully done. Bravo.

Daniel You And Your feels story.:fluttercry:

This was really great. *siiiigh* :fluttercry:

You drew me in with the cover art, kept my attention with the story, but gained my praise for the near-flawless grammar. Well done!

I never thought I'd find myself this upset about them...:fluttercry:

6435390 what he said.

Jeez,I just can't with this story. It's crazy. Crazy good! But crazy. Such an emotional loop for me.

6436809 Thanks very much, I'm glad that I was able to succeed so well as that :pinkiesmile:

6436678 Thank you :twilightsmile:

6436562 My Geeks stories? :rainbowhuh:

6436521 Dem philosophers. I'm not one for those bumper-sticker sayings that no one has any use for, but I do appreciate the ones that apply to everyone.

6435495 I have a tendency to kill characters I favour. For some reason :rainbowderp:
I was concerned that the coverart might give away something of the contents I didn't want it to, but I thought I made it vague enough so that most wouldn't.

6435395 I do try to keep my readers regularly entertained :pinkiesmile:

6435390 Thanks for the note on the cover art. Whilst it's not my best, I was rather struck with the idea of it when it first came to me. The concept of it, you know.
I'm glad to hear that I managed to convey the sense of doubt in the reader I was going for. I wanted it to be obvious what Aria meant AFTER the reader discovered what had actually happened to her, but I knew some if not most would at the very least suspect what she was about.
Happy to entertain, as always :twilightsmile:

6437401 It's really meant to be. As I think many have noticed, I have something of a liking for sad, dark, or feelz-y stories. If I can evoke that in my readers, I consider it a job well done on my part. :moustache:

I totally get what you mean about being struck with the idea. It really works here, I think.

You certainly nailed that aspect of the story, without a doubt (ha!). As of this time, I pretty much consider you the master of foreshadowing. xD

Ok, I'm back, needed to sleep through the sadness that was this stories conclusion.....

Soooooo, this wasn't as violent as Fewer Monsters but just as much Siren death as that story (and probably just as philosophical).

I enjoyed this story yet I am beating myself up over the fact that I enjoyed a story with this much philosophical implication/depressive crawls to death. Now I am sensing a trend here with your resent stories, Daniel, and it urges the question of why write this mood set of "dark" (by site standards) themes in your stories?

Don't be confused on this question though, I truly respect any and all stories that can masterfully set a serious atmosphere without sounding like an emo. I am curious as to why this is the story trend you have selected to be the most prominent mood of your stories. I seem to find myself asking these types of question more often to an assortment of authors and am interested in your response, Mr. Gleebits.

6437414 Blasted cell phone auto correct, it was supposed to be "feels story". Fixed it.

6437517 To put it as simply as I can, I write these stories because I enjoy sad and/or deep, feelz-ridden stories. Even more long stories that are mostly happy or upbeat have some instances of the darkness.
I think that a lot of people simply have The Evening Sonata in their brains whenever they think of my writing. If you'll remember, that was initially a dark story, with attempted suicide and a later build up from depression to eventual romance.

There's also, as I mentioned in a prior comment, a tendency that I have towards killing or making suffer those characters that I favour. I don't know why I like that, but I do. I love tragedy.
I like to see them happy too, have happy endings and such, don't get me wrong.

That said, not all of my stories are or will be sad. It just comes down to the fact that I like sad stories as much as mushy romance ones.

6437562 Ahh. That makes more sense :pinkiehappy:

Hang on, you read this on a phone? :rainbowderp:

Congratulations good sir, another tragic but good story.
Im glad to have read it.

6437609 I'm glad that you're glad to have read it :pinkiehappy:
And thank you.

I thought it was alright, but the cover picture sure makes it look like what happened involved a lot more fetal alcohol syndrome than magic hate gems.

6437618 The cover art makes the story look like a mom was drinking whilst pregnant?

I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean.

Her face. It just has that broad, flat look people with FAS tend to have. I thought it was funny, anyway.

6437583 I do almost all of my reading on my phone. Why, is that unusual?

Oh, great.

You'd better hope now that the Sirens get some sort of cameo in the Friendship Games. Because if they don't, it means that this happened, and I will blame you for their untimely deaths.

Yeah, that kind of ending is possible. Though, I wasn't that sad when red it. Maybe I'm starting to leave siren obsession period? "Looks at my Adagio plush order" no, definialty not that. Maybe because this fic doesn't really expand our headcanon borders? I mean, It doesn't make your fic in any way worse, It's just I've seen rather simular story.

6437648 Oh. No, you can just put that down to my lackluster skill at drawing

6437653 I just never would have thought of it myself :twistnerd:

6437666 Darling, I'll consider it an honour to be responsible for most anything :rainbowlaugh:

6437722 Oh I dont doubt that this sort of story has been done, it was just a story that occurred to me and really took hold of my imagination. At best it's a take on the type unique to me.
I am a litle disappointed that I couldn't make you sad though.

6437747 That's okay :)
And the story still was sad.

Was Arias death due to the shattering of the Crystal then ? Without the ability to 'feed' on negative emotion they just withered away ?

Damn it Dan. You jerk. Making me feel stuff. Not that I am crying or anything but whatever. Good story. Jerk. :ajbemused:

6437580 Very interesting, you have the character of a great writer, cause you can create the utmost tragedy in any story and make the reader appreciate the ending (whether good or bad mind you) that much more.

I expect great stories, Mr. Gleebits, as you have peeked my interests and changed my mental image as to what to expect with each story. My mind set was improper before, expecting a happy or romanticized ending from each of your stories, but now I can take every
story you write with a serious attitude.

But just 'cause I'mma gonnna be taken' you seriuzly dont mean I gotta be all seriuz too

......That's one frighting picture you have for this story.....:pinkiecrazy:

What is it with people today and writing short, sad, amazing stories?

First I read The Regular, now this? Good god you people know how to tug at the heart strings.

And here I was expecting Aria to jump.
This did not happen.
How the spine tingles.
Very well done.
This is what I have been looking for all week.
Compliments to the author for sharing this salty, bittersweet piece.

For a VERY sad theme.................................:raritycry:

Aria hand

Aria's hand

ghost of a smile

Smile of a ghost?

Other than that, this was an amazingly touching, sad story with really great show of feelings and a wonderful ending. Great job

What a terrible day for rain.
I mean, I'm in my living room, but it's totally rain.

Death by starvation? Can't say she didn't have it coming. Nothing lasts forever. Not sure whether to feel pity or satisfaction at the justice served. Perhaps I'll go with both.

That's really sad. :(

6439322 "Ghost of a smile" is an expression. It means the hint of a smile, as though the person had smiled, and it hasn't quite faded from their face.
But you're right about Aria's hand :rainbowlaugh:

6438709 You're very welcome. Glad to provide to my wonderful readers :pinkiesmile:

6438576 It's a skill :raritywink:

6438329 Why thank you! :pinkiehappy:
The cover is a metaphor, but, you know, skeletons. Am I right?

6438102 I have converted one more to the way of sorrow and despair. Welcome, brother :yay:
And thanks for saying that, it makes me feel the love. :heart:

6438065 Haha! I apologise for imparting the feelz upon you :rainbowlaugh:

6437775 In truth, Aria's and the other siren's deaths are meant to be left up to the imaginations of the reader, but in my own head I had the idea that their lives were unnaturally sustained by the stones, and that their destruction meant that their bodies were slowly giving way to the effects of their confiscated longevity.
Kind of like Dorian Grey, but slower.

This story was a emotional kick to the balls but in a good way. Great job man, not many stories can kick me in the balls like that.

Mental Image of getting kicked in the balls:

6440478 how that pos your made of the hardest metal there is

6440478 Thanks... I think? :twilightsheepish:
Never been congratulated for kicking someone in the balls before :rainbowlaugh:

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