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(This story is a non-canon derivation of The Evening Sonata arc, The Sunrise Sonata. There are some minor spoilers.)

Lying in Hospital with multiple stab wounds and broken legs, Aria Blaze is cursing her misfortune and the continuation of the miserable course her life is taking.
Unexpectedly, she receives a visit from her sister, Sonata Dusk. But something is wrong...

This is a nightmare style story, and contains scenes some may find disturbing... if you can picture them in your head, I mean.

Coverart by thegreatcat14

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Welp this is reason I don't like hospitals!

Ho-oh-oh-ly shit. That was DARK! That wasn't everyday dark, that right there was advanced darkness. If only I could give you a medal with a black hole on it. You deserve it.

5450911 Haha! I would wear it proudly. I have a bit of a thing for advanced darkness

dear sweet Celestia... I thought I had a vivid imagination. Well written though!

As someone who has had stitches in my wrists, the part about Aria's abdominal stitches ripping so graphically REALLY made me cringe :applejackunsure:

I'd say that means you did well writing this.

5451086 Well I'm sorry to hear that I might have dug up old wounds, but on the other hand as you say, perhaps that means I'm adequate with descriptions.

5451124 Oh, no worries :twilightsmile: I didn't mean that in an "Oh God horrible memories" sort of way. I meant that you established the realism really well!

5451175 Oh. Well then that's even better :pinkiehappy:

Inception everywhere.
And this fic is dark as the pure universe void. Freakin' awesome, imho, it gave me the chills.
Still, great job.

5451348 Funny thing, I never watched Inception. I do know of the dream within a dream concept the movie possesses though, so I get what you mean.

Glad I could bestow the magicks on you though :coolphoto: :pinkiehappy:


No, but really, this was a worthy addition to the story. But you'd better not say whether it's canon or not. And 5451124 made me laugh my hell-bound ass off.

I can't think of a fate worse than waking up from another nightmare, only to delve deep into another. Just when you believe you have escaped, all you've done is jump into another pit of fire. You burn, and then you are resurrected only to become burned again. The only solace you can ever obtain is through the cessation of your own existence. There is no hope, and there can never be for the likes of the damned.

A rather chilling story to have read.

Dude... that was so deep... even I thought I was delusional. :rainbowderp:

5451943 It gave the warm-fuzzies.

5451943 wrong Story! This one gave me the chills.

5451943 I have inspired a level of reflection in a reader.

5452297 And I have caused someone to doubt their own sanity.

Mission accomplished :pinkiecrazy:

5452336 Yup, considering I already have visions... I see 1989 on the stats.

Sad that Sonata dies in this version but the revenge is sooooooooooooooo sweet I might have a cavity now.

After reading both this and the Threesome, though they are both horrifying in their own ways, I can safely say that these sequels have made me all the more grateful that things turn out the way they do in the main story.

5455195 Could you elaborate as to what you mean, please? I'm having a little trouble following.

I think I know what he means, 'cause I think i feel the same.

The Evening Sonata has dark things in it. like suicide. twice.
But luckily, things don't got to hell soo gloriously like they do on these "sequels".
which is something to be grateful for.

Also, damn!
I knew it was a matter of time until she finally woke up on reality. I was kind of expecting something like, she doesn't fall of the window, but instead keeps seeing Sonata, even when they take the medications off. being taken to an asylum or something like that.

a part of me wonders and dreads what would happen if you made a sequel with Adagio in it. I happen to like Adagio. I think a lot of people do. And I just know you're going to use that knowledge against us.

so do your worst, you sadistic god!

5455373 Basically what you said.

In this universe, Sonata did jump off the building and committed suicide, therefore her and Sunset's relationship didn't happen in the respective universe. This also led to Aria dying as well. In the Threesome, Fleur is a vampire and everything pretty much falls apart for Sunset and Sonata.

So in the universe which the main Evening Sonata takes place, Sunset stopped Sonata from jumping, and for all we know, Fleur isn't a vampire. So even though every possible thing happens, just in different universes, the Evening Sonata is the universe where no one dies and nothing too unsettling happens, at least not yet. So I suppose I'm just very happy for the characters in that universe; so far none of them have died. :rainbowderp:

5455884 5455373
Aah, I see. Your concern was for the "alternative" and altogether much less favourable fates of the characters in these non-canon derivative stories.
Tis a justified anxiety. I can be a little capricious with the lives of my characters.

That was... Huh.


5461535 Um... different? Dark? Unexpected? Cliche? A story you're aware of my writing that's not tainted by romance?

Any of these?

I'm gonna go with the first three. And also that last one :P

This was... something. I definitely didn't expect the "Sonata jumped off the roof in this timeline" part.

5461591 Well if I can surprise people, that's a victory in my book.

And it doesn't have any romance either. That can only be a plus, right? I know how much you detest that sort of thing.

Except in one story... about the Cakes :duck:


Except in one story... about the Cakes

Someone's been looking at my user page :trixieshiftleft:

But in all seriousness, Descy is the greatest.

This was scary, yet confusing.

5471888 I thought that it might be a little confusing for people. Stories where one "wakes up" or changes scene suddenly can be a little disorientating.


Did you read my comment on the threesome story?

5474426 Yeah. Replied to it too.

Yeah cause fimfiction sometimes forgets to send the notifications to people and then they're like wtf...

Anyway, like I said. The dark ending really has more potential for an extension.
Trust me on this, there are people calling for it. Acknowledge them! :) specially me cause im a loyal reader. :D

Almost has a Lovecraftian feel to it, What is right what is wrong, plot twist everything was in your head, plot twist again you are being manipulated into feelings you don't expect. :pinkiegasp: I love it. Psychological horror done well is some of the best horror and with an active imagination this story works perfectly.

5485668 I'm glad that I have readers who actually like this genre of writing, it warms the cockles of my shriveled heart :twilightsmile:

Reviewed and approved for Nonpareil Fiction! Well done.

I really enjoyed this, dude.

5492901 Glad you enjoyed reading it :pinkiesmile:

You know, there is a very dark and cruel part of me that makes me want to see this story take place AFTER Sunset found out she was in love with Sonata. Have Aria's violent rejection of her and Sunset's explosion and assault on Aria reawaken Sonata's not quite dead depression and prompt her to kill herself again, have Sunset in an absolutely horrific mess as she tries and fails to connect with the unstable bitch who basically killed her lover, and have Aria realize too late what she had done. It adds a unique twist to story, in that there is a question of whether Sunset awakened some of her old magic to make Aria pay for killing Sonata.

Also, holy balls I love the imagery in this story. Inception is one of my favorite movies ever and you captures the nightmare side of the dreamscape so perfectly.

She shoved Aria back against the bed, the sheets spread over with a growing red stain as Aria began to choke on the blood surging up her trachea.

Not sure how stomach wounds are causing internal lung bleeding. More like her stomach would bleed since it was punctured. Blood and bile would then come up her esophagus.

This was fun. I wonder if Adagio will be haunted by her two dead sisters now. As three they were complete, but two broke one. The one fractured the second. Now it is the third's time to fall.

5512782 I left it intentionally vague as to where Aria had been stabbed. The lungs are actually quite large things within the chest. It's very easy to hit them if one just goes on a stabbing spree.

But yes. What will become of Adagio now? We might never know.

You did say stomach and abdomen which usually refers to things below the rib cage. The diaphragm is basically at the bottom of the rib cage and the lungs sit above it.

I don't know why, but I like tragic stories of characters going insane. Killing themselves in the end to escape their self induced nightmares. Or maybe not self induced, Sonata wanted to have her sisters with her.

5512833 That, I definitely left vague. Maybe it was lingering, festering guilt. Maybe it was drugs. Maybe it was Sonata's ghost. Who knows?

Me, of course. But I'm not going to tell anyone.

Not tell anyone? Really? Can you keep that knowledge locked up inside you? Do you not want to surprise a reader with the revelation; dash their suppositions and inferences with the true details?

5512912 Nope. I want one of two things to happen:

1/ They are provoked to think for themselves and actually come up with an idea of their own
2/ Get frustrated as I refuse to tell them, laughing at their dismay and rage

Even better if both happen?

I personally like the idea that the Dazzles are tied together in some metaphysical way. Maybe even possibly being separate parts of a once whole entity.

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5517125 They don't accept gory stories, do they?

5520101 ... Huh. That's a fair point. If they accepted Cupcakes, they can accept this, right?

Dude. That. Was. Awesome! For a moment there I thought that this kind of tied into the chapter where sonata and sunset first visit her. This is one of the very few fics that left me like whuuuuuut.

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