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Adagio Dazzle's childhood has been anything but great. She used to have a happy life as a friendly and energetic girl. But all of this changed after witnessing her mother die from kidney failure and as a result, her father, out of grief, had killed himself by locking himself in his bedroom and shooting himself in the head. After her parent's tragic deaths, Adagio stopped smiling, in fact, she stopped feeling any kind of emotion and only felt...empty and broken. Ever since then, she has spent most of her life on the streets with no money or food and only having the clothes on her back. Adagio thought that her life was now over, but she then has an unexpected surprise when a student from canterlot high named Joseph Smith notices her and feeling pity for her and seeing that she is severely malnourished, he gives her what was supposed to be his lunch. Joseph Osborn then asks her if she wants to stay at his place so she could get out of the cold rain. Adagio reluctantly agrees, at least she'll have decent food and a roof over her head. Little does she know that the longer she stays with him, the more she begins to bond with him, and before she knew it, a friendship started to form between the two.

(Just so no one gets mad at me, This would be about the human version of Adagio, and in this story, she is an only child.)

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Poor Dagi. Age 11 and both her parents are dead. What about Sonata though. Is she going to be in the story? Good way to start a story; with depressing news.

Yes, Sonata will come later on in the story.

This is very great for a sad story. Keep it up!

Wow, I never expected there would be so many likes for this story. Thank you, my Dalek brethren.

This might be interesting.

Great story, can't wait for the next one.:twilightsmile:

Thank you, I bet I just tore into your heartstrings with this story.

Prologue got me sheddin' a few tears.

Nice to know you’ll continue the story.

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