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Mercenaries. Sellswords. Rōnin. The Siren Sisters are considered many things. Honourable samurai to some, and lawless scoundrels to others.

Adagio Dazzle doesn't much care what you call them, so long as she's paid for the blood she spills.

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God damn it, Hoovy

Long as they go ninja at least once I'm cool with this.

Define "go ninja"

Well typically speaking Ninja's were another breed of samurai but mainly were assassin's or thieves. Typical ninja clothes are optional.

Also won't lie kinda iffy on Gilda being a corrupt Samurai. I'm not angry or anything but just more used to recent stories having to do more about her being good.

I understand the concept of ninja, I just wasn't certain what you meant.

I don’t think ninja stuff would really fit. I'm going for a Samurai Champloo kinda thing here.

Oh.... that show....... well good luck then.

Where did you get the cover art?

Interesting. violent, Japanese, should be neat to see how they interact with other characters of the era. Though I'm a little surprised a few eyebrows aren't raised from them having clearly English names in a Japanese Setting.

I get you are going for a Samurai Champloo thing and there were charges with English names, but they usually came from English speaking countries. Not trying to nitpick, just pointing out.

A friend of mine linked it to me in my "fanclub" Discord server.

Here's the Derpi link

I half considered switching all their names to Japanese equivalents, but it would be really ugly and cumbersome, not to mention cringey. My goal is to sprinkle just enough Japanese weebery in the story to remind you that this is supposed to be vaguely Japanese without making it a straight-up anime. It's kinda like how Attack on Titan clearly takes place in Germany and most characters have European names, but everyone speaks perfect Japanese. We're just gonna have to suspend a bit of disbelief.

Hope you enjoyed, and continue to do so.


So are they like Mercenary Samurai? Cause frankly, while I can buy Aria as a Samurai, Adagio strikes me more as a Kunoichi since she'd use seduction techniques as that's pretty much her thing. Sonata meanwhile......I guess a louder version of a ninja, like maybe Naruto I guess.

Also did you do the artwork for your story yourself or have someone else do it?

They're not ninjas. No kunoichi. They're not even really samurai, technically. They're just three chicks with swords (and, in Sonata's case, a bow). I'm gonna be playing around with the rules and definition of a "samurai" in this fic. I suppose the most accurate name for them would be "sellswords", but that's not as cool.

If you wish to get maximum enjoyment from this fic, I'm gonna suggest you don't try to compare it to real life anything (and definitely not Naruto, Jesus H. Jones).

I absolutely did not do this art myself (dear lord, I wish I was that talented). I added the source for the pic, you should be able to find it ez pz

I like this one.

That makes me glad to hear

This sounds really good. I like where this is going.

Mucho gracias, amigo.

Wait, that's not the right language...

Uh... Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto?

That's fine. Either one sounds good to me.

You won’t really need to play around much, since “samurai” is a social caste and not a profession. If they carry katana (or any sword, really) and conduct themselves in an appropriately samurai fashion, peasants will assume they’re samurai.

This really isn’t even all that weeby. No, if you want to really see someone going all out, check out A Chronicle from a Time of Darkness.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver


Would the term Onna-bugeisha fit to some degree?

You have my interest. I look forward to seeing more of this. Well done Darling.

Yakuza (early format)

I'm not actually sure what this comment is supposed to mean, but sure.

I could've sworn I responded to this, sorry.

Yes, Onna-bugeisha would fit pretty well, actually. These three would be considered a bit strange among other Onna-bugeisha on account of their weapon choice and, seeing as they travel without a male accompanying them, they'd be breaking the rules and would probably face dire consequences. But, when you're dealing with a cast consisting almost entirely of female characters, those sorts of gender roles get weird anyway.

Loveing the way the girls are played here. I'd like to add a weapon or two to their list of gear if you have opening for it in later chapters.

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