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How to fix a broken heart - Grand-Galvatron

After her parents death, little Adagio thought her life was over, but one day, her life will change for the better.

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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Friendship

(BTW, If you don't see quotation marks, it's because this chapter is told through Joseph's perspective)

Hi, my name is Joseph Smith, and on the date of October 11th, 2010, I had a day that would change my life forever. But first, let's talk about my life first. I am a Jock from Canterlot High School, I guess no one knows this, but I'm pretty famous through the school grounds. Not only was I very successful at my classes, since I was born with an abnormal IQ of 202, but I was known by many students as the schools football hero, because not a single time did my team lose when I was one of the players.

The girls at school loved me, and the guys would kill to be me for a day, I guess all the other guys at school were jealous of my success.

No one knows this, but I was born with a case of Gigantism, which is an accelerated growth process during childhood from the production of excess growth hormones. When I was about 2 years old I was already 3 ft tall. And in Canterlot High, I was about 8 feet tall, making me the tallest person in school. But even though I may look like a bare knuckled Brawler, as the old saying goes, looks can deceive. I'm actually a gentle giant and one of the nicest people in the school. As I'm always looking to help people in need. For example, every Saturday, I always go to either alleyways or homeless shelters, and I give the homeless either food or spare change. My Mom, Dad, and little sister were always proud of my accomplishments and they always were saying that I was a giant gift, brought to this world by God himself.

Alright enough about me, let's talk about what happened on that one fateful day.

I was outside in the park near Canterlot High, having my lunch break. And when I looked around I always saw the same things. Lot's of cars stuck in traffic, Spoiled Rich screaming at her husband at the top of her lungs, and this Black cat that hangs around the park, always swiping and hissing at me. I always thought there was something mentally wrong with that cat, either that or it just hates people.

However, there was something...or someone that I've never seen before, there was this little girl that was sitting near the edge of the Canterlot Bank. This was the first time I've seen that little girl. And I could tell she was one of the many homeless people that show up everywhere. I saw that her hair was in a complete mess, her clothes were all worn and tattered, and she was bone thin, so I could tell she was starving.

So, I, being the friendly person that I am, decided that I was going to give her ten dollars and a box of Cheez Its. But before I could do anything, I saw a business man, wearing a grey suit and carrying a suitcase, marching straight for the girl.

The little girl turned her head up to face the man and said, "Could you spare some change?"

However, the business man responded by saying, "We don't want your filthy and disgusting kind around here anymore, so you better move aside before I smack you with this here suitcase!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, not only was this man yelling at a homeless beggar that wasn't even doing anything wrong, but threatening violence to an actual child, it just made my blood boil hearing the man's cruel remarks.

"Please sir, I haven't done anything wrong, I just wanted som..." The Girl's thoughts were interrupted when the Business man smacked her in the face and proceeded to pummel her with his suitcase.

I don't know if what I did next was just basic instinct, but the next thing I did was that I jumped off my bench and ran straight towards the man, as I grabbed his Suitcase before he could hit her again, and one I tightened my grip, the suitcase shattered to pieces.

"You strike at that girls arm again, and I'll break yours," I said, even though I really didn't mean it, I just wanted to scare him.

The attacker quickly surrendered, probably because he was frightened by my 8 ft tall body and didn't want himself to get hurt.

"Ok, I'll quit it, I don't want any trouble," The man said as he took off running.

After that, I walked up to the girl and said, "Sorry about that, are you ok?"

"I'm fine," The little girl said in an emotionless voice. "Could you spare some change?"

"Sure," I said, as I took ten dollars out of my wallet. " It may not be much, but it's better than nothing at all."

"Why did you do that," The girl said. "Why didn't you just let that man beat me to death?"

"Now why would I want that to happen," I replied.

"So I can be reunited with Mom and Dad," The Girl said without any emotion.

What the girl aid made my stomach turn, as I realized something. She was the same girl I saw at the cemetery a year ago, when I was there to mourn the death of my Cousin Andy, who had passed away from a brain tumor.

"Wait a minute...I remember you, oh you poor poor girl," I said as I bent over to comfort her as she stared off into space with dead eyes.

"I miss my mommy, I miss my daddy. Why did they have to die and I survive," The girl murmured.

"I don't really know the answer to that, I guess that sometimes life can have a lot of unfortunate turns," I said. "Say, what's your name?"

"Adagio...Adagio Dazzle," Adagio replied.

"Well Adagio Dazzle, I was thinking about if you could stay over at my place, there will be plenty of food and you'll have a roof over your head," I said with a compassionate look on my face. "I bet your parents wouldn't want to see you wasting away out here in the cold cruel streets."

Adagio looked at me and saw that my face looked similar to her father's. Upon seeing this, she couldn't hold in her emotions anymore and finally broke down into tears.

"Shh, it's ok, just let it all out, I'll be here for you every step of the way," I said as she continued crying in my arms.

"Oh, you sweet sweet man, looking after a poor innocent child," An elderly lady said as she gave Adagio an addition fifteen dollars. "You just might be the sweetest person I've ever seen.

"Oh, it was just the right thing for me to do, I couldn't allow her to just starve herself to death out here," I said as the Elderly lady gave me a smile

I think that after this moment, a friendship started to form between the two of us, and let me just say, this may have been the best moment of my life.

Will Continue in Chapter 2: A Fresh Start.

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Thank you, I bet I just tore into your heartstrings with this story.

Prologue got me sheddin' a few tears.

Nice to know you’ll continue the story.

I'm writing Chapter 2 right now.

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