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It's Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi's first date, and they want to spend it somewhere special. So, they go to the Canterlot deli and bar for their first date. But when she sees their waiter give Sunset a Whiskey Bon-Bon, she snatches it away and says she'll eat it herself, since she knows what happens when Sunset gets drunk. Their first date turns into one silly adventure for a confused Sunset Shimmer and a very drunk Twilight Sparkle.

(Just to Clarify, there are no sex scenes. That tab is there because of sexual gestures and a lot of swearing from Twilight.)

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I think Sunset's regretting it now.

There will be a sequel to this story depicting what happened after that night.

I read this expecting a Sunset freak-out like the picture. Will the sequel have her getting Twilight home or is it going to just be the next day?

Actually, She may be having a blast.

But if my OC did this, instant regret.

Reminds me of you-know-who.

I don't know what you mean by that.

Hint: another one TS voiced as.

Why's that and who's ya oc?

1. I would think if my OC takes anyone out which results them getting drunk, he would hold his head in shame.
2. Look on my profile pic and you see a Pegasus on the left and that's me.


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