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Sunset Shimmer, after being relentlessly bullied by her peers at school because of the Anon-A-Miss incident, comes to her apartment, drunk out of her mind. In her stupor she accidentally drops a lit match and set's her entire room on fire, dying in the process.

However, instead of passing on to the other side, her soul became trapped in the inferial plain known as the ghost zone.

Here, Sunset will meet and befriend some of the ghosts that lurk inside and she will to keep the ecto-energy inside the ghost zone from corrupting her mind.

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The whole ghost with new names for no reason is odd.
It would have been better I think if the 2nd ghost thing had called for twilight, and Sunset reacted to a ghost the moved like a windigo was coming at her.

Maybe then have them use nick names based on how they act or died. Maybe Sunset does it 1st for Twilight because of know the other Twilight.

Ohh, Danny Phantom Cross-Over? Adding it to the reading list, I'll be sure to check it out later

Will flame fright encounter Danny phantom? Is flamefright be a vengeful ghost?

probably ruin the apple farm ruin dash's sports career all easy and perfectly petty things to do

So any chance that a certain 'Master of Time' might show up to help Sunset and Sci-Twi get a chance at not dying in the first place?

"Hah, you think I care about what that Princess thinks," Apple-Jack said. "About her belief that Sunshit could be reformed. Well news-flash, she was more of an idiot than she actually realized. People like her can't be reformed, it's just not possible, my belief is this, once a villain, always a villain. Sunset Shimmer is no more, and there's no point in mourning someone who doesn't deserve mourning, all I can say is...Good-Bye and Good Riddance."

I know you won't do it but if you could, I have one very small request. See that a huge tidal wave of comeuppance strikes Ms. Stubborn Sally here.

I'm in the same boat on the names. Why would he find calling her "sunset" annoying? Then give her three longer options? It feels weird. I imagine the names to be ones given to them by humans who deal with them/run into them, ect. Instead of just "You're dead! Here's your new name!"

He's a phantom
Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14,
When his parents built, a very strange machine.
It was designed to view, a world unseen.
He's gonna catch em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom!!!

Applejack is getting a huge ammount of Karma coming after her, her pride, and her family's name.

Comment posted by neogamer deleted Aug 25th, 2022

Ouch applejack that cold but nice to see that she does have a heel her pride and let not forget apple bloom yes aj threw the other two under the bus but she could have step up and take responsibility since it was her idea.

“Well, as I have seen, it seems that you have put a Curse upon Applejack,” Wendigo said.

“What does that mean,” Sunset asked.

“Well, a curse is afflicted upon anyone that you feel extreme rage towards,” Wendigo said. “And even better about all of this is that only Applejack can see the curse, so the rest of her family will think that she’s two seeds short of an apple-pie.”

“Oh, will it ever wear off,” Sunset asked.

“Only when the target of the curse accepts its sins and pleads for forgiveness,” Wendigo said. “And judging what I see from Applejack, I doubt that will ever happen.”

Then it won't take long until we see Applejack in a straightjacket at a mental asylum's solidary confinement.

I can see the headline in amity park newspaper:

Apples admitted?!

Canterlot local and up and come music star Applini Jackquline (Applejack) Smith admitted to canterlot mental Heath clinic. Our report was at the scene where she was taken into the clinic charge. She kept saying evil apple a green goo.

Unfortunately we see having a missing apple. Apple bloom. Applejack is also under the investigation as a prime suspect to the death of Rana Dailhia dash, Pinkamina Pie and Sunset Shimmer.

I also do wonder if Rarity and Fluttershy are going to be ghost as well. And if they are I might have an idea on what their powers are. But I think you have a better idea for what are their powers.

Congrats, AJ. You just ended up becoming public enemy number 1 in Sunset's quadrant of the Ghost Zone.

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