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After the Doctor escapes with his life after fighting off a group of Sontarans, the Doctor's age starts to get to him, and his regeneration will soon begin. As The Doctor's Regeneration is complete, she is then found by a girl named Sunset Shimmer, who found her unconscious and sent her to the Canterlot High medical room. And when she looks in a mirror, she sees, to her horror, that she's...young and a little nerdy.

Now, The Doctor and her new friends must fight off an invasion fleet of Cybermen, who are hell-bent on terraforming Earth into Mondas.

These are the adventures of the Sci-Twi Doctor/The EQG 2nd Doctor.

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"My day can't get any weirder...can it," Wallflower thought to herself.

Want to bet?

Sunset at first was momentarily stunned because what she had just seen affects all normal scientific logic, a police box can't just appear out of nowhere, it goes against all normal logic.

There is your problem you are trying to apply normal and logic around high school.

I think Corporal is supposed to be Colonel. Corporal is one of the lowest ranks.

The TARDIS Interior that Sunset would see would be the StarSwirl Doctors aka The EQG 1st Doctor's TARDIS Console Room. It will change at the end of the first Adventure.

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