• Published 15th Oct 2020
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Doctor Who: The Sci-Twi Doctor Adventures: 1st Season: Infiltration of the Cybermen - Grand-Galvatron

Sunset was just a normal everyday school-kid, until a Strange Clock, a Time Traveling Alien, and many strange alien races would change her life forever.

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Infiltration of the Cybermen: Part 3 of 7: The Infiltration Begins: Part 1 of 2: The Weakness of Human Emotion

(Meanwhile, in a faraway military base)

"So, is the weapon fully operational?" Colonel Neighsay said

"Yes, sir, all plans for the device are ahead of schedule," one of the engineering operators said.

"Excellent, I do not want any more delays on the device's construction; have the computer pull up the blueprints," Neighsay instructed, as the computer pulled up the blueprints to not only cryogenic chambers but to some kind of ice cannon. "Soon, men, we will be able to use polar temperatures as a weapon to help defend our country."

"Colonel," one of the operators said. "Our instruments are picking up some kind of spacecraft landing near our vicinity."

"On-screen," Neigh-say said, revealing the mysterious spacecraft. "Have our instruments detected any lifeforms in the craft?"

"Not yet, Colonel," the operator said.

"Alright, send a search team to go inside the craft and report anything that you find," Neigh-say commanded.

"Sir, yes, sir," the search team said.

"Alright men, activate the speakers on their vests so that we can hear what they find," Neighsay said.

"Yes, sir, activating the communication link," the operator said. As the speakers then activated "Contact established,"

Neighsay then saw the search team start to enter the mysterious spacecraft.

"Search Team, what have you found so far?" Neighsay said.

"Wow, it's amazing," the lieutenant said. "These mechanisms are more advanced than anything we have ever built."

"Yeah, but it's so cold in here," the Sargent said. "It feels like we're in some kind of giant refrigeration port."

"Activating scanners," The Lieutenant said. "

Suddenly, the lieutenant heard something from afar.

"Hold on, Colonel; I think I hear something," the Lieutenant said.

"What is it?" Neigh-say said.

"It sounds like footsteps heading towards our location," the lieutenant said.

"Colonel, our scanners are detecting six lifeforms on the ship," the operator said.

"One of the doors is opening," the lieutenant said. "It's...oh my god."

"What, what is it?" Neigh-say said.

"It's...six metal men, with wires all over them," the lieutenant said. "I'll try to communicate with them."

"Hello, I am..." The lieutenant tried to say something before being interrupted.

"Lieutenant Magnus of the Earth Military Defense Force," the Cyber-Leader said. "Yes, we know who you are."

"Who or what are you?" The Lieutenant said this before Neighsay heard what sounded like the sound of laser fire, followed by the Lieutenant's screams of agony as he then died.

"We are the Cybermen," the CyberLeader stated."Kill the rest of them; their bodies will be perfect for cyber-conversion."

"YES, Leader," the other Cybermen said before they opened fire on the rest of the search team.

"LIEUTENANT, WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE? Please respond," Neighsay commanded before the doors to the base exploded.


"Who or what are you?" Neighsay said. "Who among you is in charge?"

"I am the leader," the cyber-leader said.

"Well, let me tell you something, Leader: I am not going to answer any of your questions," Neighsay said.

"There are many ways that we can make you tell us about anything we please," the cyberleader says. "It is a simple matter of handling organic life forms like yourself; the definition and usage of pain, physical as well as emotional pain, will suffice."

"If you think I'm going to let you walk out of here with information regarding this base, then you are sadly..." Neighsay said this before the Cyber-Leader put his hands up against Neighsay's skull and then proceeded to crush it.

"Remain silent unless we deem it fit for you to speak, or we will kill you," the cyber-leader said in an emotionless voice.

The cyberleader then let go.

"Alright, what do you want from me?" Neighsay said, gripping his head.

"We want to know about everything that you have about Project Kronos," the Cyber-Leader said.

"Kronos," Neighsay said, confused. "What is that?"

"HE ATTEMPTS TO DECEIVE," one of the cybermen said.

"Clearly," the cyberleader said. "We will find out about Project Kronos because we know of humanity's weakness."

"Weakness, and what would that be exactly?" Neigh-say asked.

"The weakness of the human mind, the weakness of emotion, the weakness of love," the cyberleader said.

"Those are strengths where we humans come from; it's how we can tell between right and wrong. It's what is going to give me the strength to knock that metal mask off your face," Neighsay said.

"Your human beliefs are irrelevant to the matter at hand," the cyberleader said.

"Bring his family in," The Cyber-Leader said as his wife and son are brought in.

"NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY FAMILY?" Neighsay roared as two cybermen pointed their weapons at him.

"This is but a test to prove our point that human emotion is a weakness," the cyberleader said.

"You are a war veteran, and the only way to win in a war is by using logic and having no regard for the lives of the enemy," the Cyber-Leader said. "And especially no regard for what other's believe; only victory matters in the art of war."

"What does my family's lives have anything to do with what we are doing right now?" Neighsay said.

"If what you say is true, victory and keeping your blue-prints secret are all that matter," the cyber-leader said. "Then you will have no qualms about whether your family dies in the process," the cyberleader said.

"You two, kill them," the Cyber-Leader commanded.

"Yes, Leader," the two cybermen said as they pointed their weapons at Neighsay's wife and child.

"NOO, PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU," Neighsay pleaded. "I'll tell you anything that you want to know; just don't bring any harm to my family!"

The Cyber-Leader then brought his hand up, signaling the Cyber-men to lower their weapons.

"You see, it is your feeble human emotions that made you act in such a way," the cyberleader said methodically.

"Now you see that emotion is a weakness; it made you avoid doing what would be the logical step to keep your plans secret," the cyberleader said.

"Fine, I'll tell you anything you want to know," Neighsay said in defeat.

"We do not need the information spewed out from your lips," the cyberleader said.

The cyberleader then turned towards the other cybermen. "Take him to our mothership, to cyber-control," the cyber-leader said.

"Once he is converted into our new Cyber-Time-Controller, The Cyber-Planner will have all the information about Project Kronos that we need," The Cyber-Leader said.

"Also, leave his family at the base and set the facility to self-destruct," the cyberleader said.

The Cybermen all replied, "Yes, Leader."

"NOOOO!" Neighsay shouted as he thrashed around in the Cyber-Men's grip while he was escorted into the Cyber-Men's spacecraft.

When Neighsay was on board the Cybermen's spacecraft, all he could do was watch as the military base exploded before him.

"Take him to the Cyber-Conversion Chamber to be converted into our newest Cyber-Leader; the Cyber-Controller demands it," the Cyber-Leader demands. "We will have complete and total control over the timelines. The Cybermen will be the masters of all time eras."

(Will continue in Conquest of the Cybermen: Part 3 of 7: The Conquest Begins: Part 2 of 2: 20 questions.)