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That one guy who writes twenty stories, and doesn't update any of them.

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I can't remember the name · 11:08pm Feb 5th, 2019

I recently reshelved a number of fan-fics that I had read, and I found that there was one story that I was missing, and for the life of me I can't remember what it's called.

It's a Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle story where they accidentally drink a modified version of the love poison potion from Hearts and Hooves Day. The two fillies start realizing that they've become a couple, meanwhile Apple Bloom is running all over town trying to tell them they drank a faulty potion.

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Thanks for the comment on Story Shuffle :pinkiesmile: I'm enjoying myself with it, but it's nice to know other people like it too.

have you any try mlp eqg/Hot Wheels Battle Force 5?

I am aware of that. My writing is a very on again/off again affair. Of a story of mine is marked incomplete, then I do plan on continuing it.

Most of your stories aren't finish like your chaotic one.

From what you already have written, I believe I will. :twilightsmile:

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