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  • Wednesday
    Update on Star Trek Equestria Reformatted

    So for those of you that read Star Trek Equestria: Reformatted, you're probably wondering where it's been.

    Well, the truth is I've been having a difficult time trying to figure out how to finish the plot of Harmony's first Survey Mission as a trainee for Starfleet.

    Well, fear not, because I think I got it. Though it will likely require some changes to Episode 9 of Wild Access.

    With that in mind, I'm unpublishing Episode 9. Hopefully this will serve to better the story.

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  • 31 weeks
    Taking a Break from Sparkling Harmony

    Recently I posted a rant blog about dislike trolls and how I think they're despicable human beings that don't deserve to be on the internet at all. That blog had some good feedback and one suggestion that I have decided to take to heart.

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  • 32 weeks
    Just out of Curiosity

    Reposted due to an error in the form

    Been thinking about my writing and how to stwp it up a notch. One way I thought of was longer chapters and fewer chapters in each story.

    But I want your guys' opinion on the matter since I want to deliver the best stories I can for guys, including what you guys would rather me focus on.

    Longer Chapters, or More Chapters.

    Please take the time to fill this out, your input matters to me as my audience.

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  • 32 weeks
    I'm done with the Rating Bar

    So recently I've been thinking about the dislikes my stories have gotten. And how AT LEAST some of them are likely to be just trolls with nothing better to do than to dislike stories for no reason at all. Why do I think this? Because a few of my stories lately have gotten Dislikes even before ANYONE has had a chance to read the darn thing. Like, I would click on a story of mine the minute it was on the front page of new stories and there would already be a dislike. It's SO annoying. And what's

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  • 38 weeks

    Anyone out there looking to RP on Discord or somewhere else?

    https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211325/clocktower-society-all-consensual-kinks/thread/273142/official-roleplay-request-thread-no-other-rp-threads-allowed Here is the Ad I put up.

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