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I've caught it · 10:50pm June 21st

Sorry for the horribly late update, guys.
But I've been under the weather. My parents went on vacation with a bus and unfortunately, my dad caught covid. We isolated him in a room, but a day after mom turned up positive, so now she's also isolated. And today I started to feel my limbs going heavy. Hence the huge delay.
In case it happens that things do not improve within the following weeks, just so you know there will be more delays.

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Oh hey, I just noticed you pulled a "write in 2014 and then come back 7 years later to write in 2021" gamer move. I've been meaning to do that myself. Here's hoping I actually follow through lol.

JFT #11 · March 27th · · ·

I came back 1 year into the pandemic. Reason? Mostly determination fueled by anger from seeing the lack of effort put into stories by writers for the "official material".

You mentioned on your first story's page that you left the fandom. When and why did you come back?

I will enjoy the read

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