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Twilight Sparkle rules Equestria as the new sole monarch.
Three years have passed since her coronation and the kingdom had enjoyed a time of relative peace under her watchful eye, while she and the rest of her friends went on to live their own separate lives without losing contact or forgetting their friendship.

But even with everything running smoothly, in the world of light there will always be a shadow that lurks beneath. The ancient darkness of Equestria, which was believed to be a little more than a fairy tale and known only by those whose lifetime transcends the Two Sisters, is about to re-emerge and has found itself agents through whom to execute its will.

Will the power of friendship be enough to stop the darkness, when there is no light to take its place?

Art cover done by Sky.

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Managed to start reading this. Pretty interested.
Honestly wondering whats in store for Spike and Princess Luna in this?

Liked how Spike had a role in stopping the attack due to his fire being able to damage the elementals there.

Didn't like how in Twilight's dream, Spike wasn't included with the girls when they were about to fire the rainbow laser.
Since Spike was included in the final rainbow laser, shouldn't that mean he should be included with the girls now with the Elements stuff?
As for Twilight's nightmares, why didn't they think of consolting Luna too? She is the dream expert there.
In fact, it was a bad idea for Luna to stop dreamguarding, big time

With how this is taking place after the finale, I feel like there should be some issues for Luna there.
Given how she ended her rule on a pretty crappy note due to Discord's plan, she really takes it worse than Celestia due to losing a 1000 years makes her track record look worse.
Really.. it just bothers me on how the writers had Luna retire like that. They really screwed her over since she didn't rule for much long at all, she didn't even get to enjoy her DESTINY(cutie mark) for much long either.
She really shouldn't be fine about this but instead the show writers just brush off the issues there.
Had to vent that there, sorry..

Honestly the more Chrysalis rages on about Starlight, the more aggravating I feel about To Where And Back Again.
Spike got robbed big time there. HE was the one who befriended Thorax, not Starlight. And yet the writers had him get robbed for Starlight to take everything, the spotlight of the finale, the actual credit of reforming the changelings, other stuff about the changelings. Its just so frustrating..
Wonder how Chrysalis reacts when it turns out its ultimately because of Spike befriending Thorax is what caused her to lose her hive?


Very good points you bring up here, and I feel you for the treatment of Luna.
Hell, I myself got pushed into this because one of my fav characters got underused throughout the series and then got a very unfulfilling conclusion in Season 10 comics.
As for why Twilight didn't go consult Luna on this, I figured she thought Luna deserves some serious R&R and that she could handle this. Not to mention, that she'd 1st exhaust all other options before going to inspect dreamscape tactic. And I think Zecora's closer than wherever C&L are right now.


True, but I think that the prime reason is that Chrysalis wasn't there to know that Spike was the one responsible for Thorax becoming patient 0.
Thanks for reminding me though.

Honestly 3 years should be more than enough R&R, so it couldn't have hurt to ask Luna about that nightmare after its been that long.
Heck I see Luna being pissed at Twilight for not consulting her due to its like Luna has been forgotten the moment she retired.
But also the fact she be horrified that forsaking her destiny as dreamguarding ends up being a bad idea due to someone(Twilight) suffering from a terrible nightmare alot(that is seriously important too), it would surely make her regret retiring.

Which character got a unfulfilling conclusion in season 10 comics?

Regardless she needs to realize its ultimately Spike that foiled her honestly.
Hell, its annoying how Sombra didn't seem to realize its Spike who foiled him too.
Both Chrysalis and Sombra are just unaware they were ultimately foiled due to Spike and I hated how the writers screwed Spike like that in To Where And Back Again and Beginning Of The End there.



Which character got a unfulfilling conclusion in season 10 comics?

Zecora. The whole storyline and worldbuilding in general. Which is depressing considering the writer.
I'm putting it on the level of bad as "Good, Bad and, Ponies" and "Root of the Problem".

What do you think about other arcs such as Cosmos and Accord?

Hows my other comment?


Acord arc was fine for the 1st half, it sadly falls apart when the rest is set up to glorify Starlight.
And Cosmo arc: The tension fails when you revealed the bad guy too early, too many times. And as a "Spirit of Malice", she wasn't shown sowing it like how Discord sowed chaos amongst ponies by inverting their nature. But in general, it kinda ruins Discord's reputation and timeline.

Seems I replied to a wrong comment, but whatever. 🤷

I really hated seeing Luna being mind-controlled to by Accord and the issue of having Starlight being the one who saves the day.

As for the Cosmos arc, I despised the retcon they pulled with how Discord altered the sisters' memories.
Not only Luna is humiliated but also their greatest achievement of first using the elements turns out to be a big fat lie.
And the fact Luna's character is spat on with how she was easily possessed by Cosmos and absorbed(in the comic continuality, she was possessed by the Nightmare Forces. Having her easily be possessed something else makes her look pathetic).
While Spike saved the day by eating the gems, I despised this arc immensely and freaking want the comic to directly retcon said arc.

Any thoughts?


Well considering we're deep into Season 10 territory it's unlikely we'll ever see Cosmo again since she's been depowered and put on the moon.
This comic is basically non-canon, especially since it goes against the original timeline where Celestia is a few years over 1111 old, so the idea that this conflict happened 2000+ years ago goes out the window... not to mention that all other monarchs of Equestria seem to be immortal just like the princesses.

Problem is I rather that directly say something(in season 10) that contradicts the arc so Cosmos is freaking erased from canon.
Since that arc left a deep dark stain on the Royal Sisters there.

What are your thoughts on season 10 comic in general?


I'm fine with a slice of life episodes, but the overarching story just feels downright meh... and Zecora got character assassinated.

I certainly didn't like how there's multiple trees of harmony now.
It ruins the specialness of the tree and the Elements. Especially if apparently the sets are exactly the same of each other tree(laughter, loyalty, etc).
It messes with the theme of the Pillars representing the past, the Mane 6 the present, Student 6 the future.
And it screws Luna and Celestia over even further with how they can no longer use the Elements anymore(and thus become absolute FAILURES), more and more characters are going to get the Elements.

Any thoughts on that?


This is precisely why I decided to dig up the old skeleton I had left here all those years ago and decided to revive it... and make it better. I simply had too much frustration with the post-series narrative.

I see.
Another annoying thing in season 10 is how everyone is acting like Discord didn't pull that awful Grogar plan.
Like no one is having trust issues with him. He's facing no damn long-term consequences for what he had done.
His plan made Luna and Celestia look like absolutely failures on their last days as rulers and rubbed it in that the sisters are tossed aside due to no longer being connected to the Elements(such as how they weren't included in firing the Rainbow laser despite their cutie marks were on the damn tree and they used the Elements before).
There's so many damages his plan had done that I just want to list off..

Any thoughts?


It's what I'm aiming to rectify if there's any indication on how chapter 3 plays out.

I see.

What are your thoughts on the whole retirement thing?
For me.. I feel like the writers screwed Luna over because Twilight is the "chosen one".
And all the other stuff I mentioned in the previous comment about that bit.


Well, I just live with it, it's not a big deal for me.
It's not like they can't do anything else outside their previous occupations, especially in Celestia's case.
And even then, I doubt Twilight would be below asking for a big favour in times of crisis, like assuming a "temporary position".

For Luna, its seriously bad due to she barely got to rule.
Her chance of making up for the lost 1000 years of ruling is robbed from her.
And whats worse is apparently she has to give up her destiny of raising the moon. She barely got to enjoy her cutie mark while Celestia enjoyed her's for a 1000 years(hell, she was raising the moon longer than Luna, which isn't right). She just got her own throne in the movie but then has to dump it due to retiring.
She never got to have much impact on Equestria compared to Celestia there.
Even with the Two Sisters Festival, Celestia will be remember WAY WAY WAY more than Luna due to she got to rule for a 1000 years unlike Luna.
Luna didn't get to truly shine and any hope of truly being out of Celestia's shadow is robbed from her.

And Discord's plan causing Luna to end her rule on a crappy note made the retirement bs worse.

I really.. need to vent that out.. sorry..

Honestly wished the issue of Luna retiring gets addressed too..
She really got screwed due to the writers making that happen.
Especially since the issues that should be happening from that is being brushed off by the show.
There's no way Luna should be fine about retiring.
If they writers made her not wanting to rule anymore, it will spat on her character due to she worked hard in repairing her image and trying to connect with the ponies. She started off in the show as someone suffering due to being in her sister's shadow, ending her character with still being in her sister's shadow and getting robbed is just.. bad..

“Oh, power can be so fickle when it has to go through a filter, so I decided to a little “liberating”. And as thanks for my hard work I’ve not felt this complete since YOUR STUDENT CORRUPTED MY SWARM AND HIVE!” Changeling queen’s shrilling cry echoed through the cavern, before finally falling silent and her angry demeanor instantly changed back to mellow. “So now, I’m building myself a new hive to replace the one that betrayed me.”

When will Chrysalis know that its ultimately Spike that caused her to lose her hive? Since him befriending Thorax is what sown the seed that led all of this to happen

“How pathetic.” She smugly said. “You’re supposed to embody the power that surpasses even Princesses Celestia and Luna. The most powerful magic in the world! So where is it? Where is your magic of friendship now?”

That line pretty much reminded me on how the show badly shafted Luna and Celestia and made them look like failures(especially bad for Luna's case) for the sake of Twilight Sparkle the "chosen one".. Luna already has to deal with being inferior to Celestia, her being smacked with she is destined to be inferior to Twilight(apparently the chosen one to be the "real" ruler) would surely add salt to her wounds.
I just hated that apparently Luna and Celestia have to fail and fail due to no longer being connected to the Elements.
I feel like Luna would really feel worse about that issue there.

Why did I get a dislike from someone on my comment on the chapter here?
Did I say something wrong? That.. worries me a bunch honestly..

Was my comment ok anyway?
The first one on this chapter I mean.


I think you kinnda reiterated the points you already made previously regarding Luna and Chrysalis-Spike situation.

I know i kind of did for the top part of the comment but.. as for the bottom part, the whole "Twilight Sparkle is stronger than Luna and Celestia" bit haven't been brought up. Its actually a problem the writers made Luna and Celestia look weak for the sake of Twilight like that.

What are your thoughts on the Tree of Harmony being sentient and such?


Well, that bit comes from the fact that the "power of friendship grows".

As for the latter, you'll see soon enough.

And apparently Luna and Celestia must be failures no matter how hard they try..

Ok then.
What are your thoughts about the 2017 movie?


At worst is inoffensive. Though I think there are some things that could've been done better. Like the development of Storm King, horribly underutilized, religated to the comic instead.

For me, how the Royal Sisters were just stuck as statues for the whole movie(especially hurts for Luna's case) made me so mad at the movie.
The movie had such great animation though.

Wonder how the Royal Sisters will react to the fact the magic of friendship got countered pretty much?

In fact I wonder if the Mane 6 and Spike were aware about the spirit of harmony taking the form of Twilight like that?


You'll see Tia Sunbeam's reaction yet.


You'll get it eventually. Just hang on to that name. =)

I am guessing its related to Celestia there.

What about Luna's case?

Ok then.

What are your thoughts on Twilight's Kingdom?

The fight between Twilight and Tirek was sure good.

Though didn't like how Luna got screwed for the sake of Twilight "chosen one" Sparkle. Specifically due to that dumb plan Celestia came up with. Said plan is just full of holes there.

Wonder if Luna's link to darkness and such might help out later on? Or be touched on at all?
Wonder how the sisters react to how the tree of harmony's spirit took the form of Twilight there? Or about the fact its sentient, given how it essentially tossed the two aside after they lost connection to the Elements..

“Twilight, careful! Both Princesses Celestia and Luna gave up their crowns to make that one, you can’t risk getting it damaged!” Rarity grimaced.

Speaking of the crown, what bothers me is how its more like just Celestia's crown slightly tweaked than a fusion of the two crowns. Which made Luna even more in Celestia's shadow.
Really it just isn't fair that Luna didn't get to keep her crown for much long before destiny made her gave it up to Twilight. Just wished that issue got addressed..

Sandbar jumped in. “Yeah! Remember how all those years ago we defeated Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow? You just need the rest of us,” He extended his hooved at his fellow students. “as well as the Pillars. Then we can- “

Speaking of that, would they question why weren't Luna and Celestia included in firing the rainbow laser too? Even if they were no longer connected to the Elements, Luna and Celestia should have been included anyway due to being previous Bearers and their cutie marks were on the tree.
I wished that got touched on.
In fact I wonder if the whole thing with Spike being included in the rainbow laser gets touched on too?
Its absolute miracle the writers had Spike be part of the rainbow laser in the series finale, I wished they touched on why though. Like is he this 7th Element that will turn the tides?

Looking forward on what happens in the next chapter.
Wonder who the other 5 might become Pillars of a negative aspect like Chrysalis did?


I'd say it's because of symbolism, aka Pillars = past, Mane 6 = present, Student 6 = future.
And the reason, why princesses weren't included, was because they're immortal.
And Spike is because the writers acknowledged that he's no longer just "a sidekick" but part of the group.

Shouldn't Twilight be immortal or at least longer living too due to she's an alicorn?
In fact wouldn't it make more sense for Luna and Celestia be with Twilight there? Like Luna drawing in the rainbow from the Pillars due to she and the Pillars went through the same problem(1000 years stuff) while Celestia draws in the rainbow laser from the Student 6 due to like the rising sun represents a new day and future?


As far as I understand only born alicorns are immortal, not ones that are ascended, like Twilight and Cadance.

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