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Being the smart one in a group of pony-hating creatures was a tough task for a little filly such as herself, but Cozy Glow was certain she had it handled. She just needed to sweet-talk them into seeing how much they needed her wits, and then make them like her enough to want to protect her from harm. That would be super easy.

The hard part was doing that while avoiding being singled out as a potential threat by Grogar, their clearly unhinged leader.

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Smart Cozy Glow is Best Cozy Glow.

Oh boy, I'm here for this.

Teehee. This sounds fun.

I love Cozy Glow in full Chessmaster mode. I don't think that's where canon S9 is going with her, but Grogar's circle is a very fertile opportunity for fanfic to do it right. I'm keen to see how this goes :twilightsmile:

I am SOOO ready for this! Congrats on the feature, have a like and follow.

This is great. Can't wait for the next chapter.


Cozy's intelligence is her greatest strength, isn't it? Nothing can trip her up as long as she thinks things through. Right?

It would be a shame if...


Thank you! :D


You're welcome to take a seat.


Cozy Glow's genius and how it shapes her relationships is a very interesting trait which I feel wasn't properly explored in the show yet. I mean, yes, she outsmarted literally everyone and was on the edge of succeeding when the Tree of Harmony kicked her in the sheens, but the focus of her arc in season 8 was less on that and more on her distorted view of friendship.

I'm going for a more introspective take on her character, which might steer this fic in many different directions. Considering who she's working with, here's a lot of room for hubris to kick in, and... well, at the end of the day she is "just a kid". We'll all see how that goes.


Wait, it was featured?! Aw man, I wish I'd seen it.

Thank you!


Aww, thanks! I have chapter two outlined, it's just a matter of sitting down and writing it.

The easiest thing to do is to leave a few clues and give Twilight some hints that the bell might be a danger to Equestria, have her and her friends look for it, trail them and then take the bell when they find it.

Another option is manipulating Stygian to help track it down, because he's pretty scholarly and good at tracking dark magic.

It's like if Lex Luthor didn't have any cool technology to keep the upper hand in the Legion of Doom, so he has to constantly remind the other members of his usefulness by improving their plans.


I've been considering integrating the Pillars into this story somehow, if only because Star Swirl used to be friends with Tirek's brother (a plot point I've been meaning to explore), but for some reason I hadn't thought about Stygian! I'm still thinking about how I should approach Chrysalis's mission, since this is a Cozy-centric fic, but if I ever get to write it, former Pony of Shadows might just be the perfect sidekick.


Y'all are too kind!! I'm the one who should be grateful for all the positive reception <3


And Lex is somehow a 10 year-old in this continuity. A messed up situation, if a little hilarious.

This is some of the best characterization of Cozy I've seen on the site so far. Really like you explaining her reasoning for seemingly mundane actions. Hope you continue this soon.

If I might make a suggestion, maybe you could have a chapt er r where Cozy runs through the entire plan with Chrissy step by step, Cozy follows her progress through Grogar's looking glass, and (if it were to go wrong) describe her reaction to that? Maybe have her playing damage control with Grogar if things don't go perfectly, just as they're unfolding.

9630402 and 9630406

Thank you! you're too kind. A lot of her character in this fic is derived from personal headcanons, most of which based on what little we know of her motivations. I'm giving myself the freedom to change things up just a tiiiiny bit because, while I don't want to stray too far from the source material, I wish the show would develop her a little more than they're currently doing (don't get me wrong: "evil genius who is also a literal child" is a great premise, which is the reason I'm writing the fic in the first place, but I like my villains as more than just gimmicks).

On the subject of Chrysalis' mission, I'm debating with myself on whether or not I have the time and energy to write it as a separate fic, especially because of some character development that happens while she's out; I just don't want it to take too much "space" here because, again, this is a very Cozy-centric fic. I will say this: for sure we'll at the very least see the aftermath of some of it later on.

Looks like shit just got real. Good job on making Grogar feel intimidating.

Great chapter, seriously cannot wait for the next.

I love what you've done with Cozy. I look forward to her sudden but inevitable betrayal of the goat. Excellent work!

Cozy Glow needs an adult. Preferably a therapist. Dr. Wolf would have a field day with her.

Hm. What was Grogar's game here? I understand intimidating her, keeps her in line, but what was with the praise of her abilities? Is he like, negging her? He's obviously trying to manipulate her, but the praise of her abilities on top of that is throwing me off. Though she's smart, he is correct in that Cozy is still a child, and thus far more susceptible to emotional manipulation. Is that why he waited until Chrysalis was gone before he started, because she'd recognize it near immediately?

9634323 and 9634408

Thank you! Grogar in the show is pretty great, but I feel like a being who's been alive longer than the Sisters (and spent most of that time waiting in a lair for his time) could use a pinch of the extra creeps.

Thanks a lot! My love for Cozy grows with every chapter, even though I know I'm not being 100% faithful to her characterization in the show (then again, this fic became canon-divergent the moment Frenemies aired, why not have some fun with it since we're here?). I think I said it before, but my vision for Cozy in this fic is based on some headcanons extrapolated from canon, some of which might be hinted at soon.

Somebody please save this filly

To understand his logic, you need to think with the mind of a semi-eldritch being who has unleashed coundless horrors upon the Realm only to be defeated by a single pony, and then waited alone thousands of years for the right time to return.

No, yeah, there's an explanation for that. It'll come up eventually. Stay tuned.

Create an OC? Now we know she's truly evil! :raritydespair:

agreed xD
oh hello there name buddy ^^

Twilight Sparkle: Oh? Who are you, fellow seeker of knowledge?

Chyrsalis *Disguised as colt*: Hi! My name is Donut Steel!

You gonna add the AU Tag anytime soon? Cause the last thing I want is for the Grogar Twist to be canon in this fic.

I'm glad this story is still on going.

I loved the bits of Cozy's backstory you sprinkled into the chapter and her scene with Tirek was pretty cute.

I hope to see more!

I'am so glad this is still going. I love this dynamic between cozy and tirek.
Excited for the next chapter!

You know, DarthSonic66 is right. Why isn't there an AU tag? The twist did turn a lot of people off, after all... Just look at RainbowDoubleDash.

Poor Cozy. I love these two together. Can't wait to see what comes next.

very good chapter, keep going :) that thing with cozy and Tirek is adorable ^^

Tirek is a dad, and that's beautiful. I look forward to future awkward attempts at parenting Cozy. There's just something about Cozy crying herself to sleep, Tirek seeing her in such a state and consciously deciding to make her a sandwich for when she wakes up that makes my heart light up like a unicorn's horn casting magic. Also thank you for explaining where the weight lifting set came from. Part of me wondered if Grogar conjured some stuff for the villains to keep them out of his horns, like the painting of Tirek in his powerful form or the food so Cozy didn't starve.

Aside from the Grogar cop-out and the Legion of Doom's ultimate punishment, I enjoyed the two-parter. My ideal punishment for the trio would've been to put them under house arrest in Grogar's lair so that while they were imprisoned, they could still be together as a family. As for "The Last Problem", there were multiple points about it that I had issue with that I outlined in one of my blog posts.

Please write more. I'm very interested in where this take on a more serious (and hopefully real) Grogar and this villainous family is going to go.

Hee. This continues to be excellent. I love Tirek freely admitting he's not remotely skilled at comforting. And I love Cozy's justification to herself for eating the sandwich that had clearly been left for her:

"You know what? This is my sandwich now." Cozy said, finally giving in to the hunger and frustration. "Finders keepers. You don't just leave food lying around like this--" she took a bite-- "kmowin’ phomeom’ elfhe wiw take it. Conthider thifh a weshon."

That's hilarious levels of "I am going to be a big mean villain now, golly gosh".

GENIUS! Quite a good plan, actually.

I do hope this story is continued. It shows great potential.

Love how Cozy is so smart, because she IS.
Great first chapter!

Although it was short, I freakin LOVED it.. Grogar and Cozy make up an interesting duo

She tried to think of anything else to say, anything that wouldn't show how, but when the tears started rolling down her cheeks she knew it was too late. The jig was up. "I-I'm so scared." A shaky laugh escaped her lungs between sniffles as she slumped onto the ground. Absolutely pathetic.

This broke my a heart a little :applecry:
I really hope you return someday and continue it!

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