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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...


There are only six villains left in the entire world. Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, King Sombra, the dread Grogar, and the Spirit of Malice and Madness known as Cosmos. All others have been reformed, seeing the light and embracing Harmony. Twilight Sparkle, ruler of Equestria, and her friends have decided to send these villains to a school where they can be reformed.

I'm sure that nothing else is going on.


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Sombra invented ad executives?! He really IS evil!
So, why is Cinch here but not Sunset?

I think you have one of Cinch's lines backwards. She says "I'm not a human, I'm a unicorn", but don't you mean the other way around?

I've never seen Sombra portrayed as a foul-mouthed jackass with no sense of dignity before. That's certainly a different take on the character.

No Trixie?

Chrysalis yelped, taking to the air and reflexively charging her horn with magic. She whirled, seeing a small yellow pegasus behind her. Said pegasus squeaked in fright.
“S-Sorry!” she said. “I didn't mean to frighten you. I'm Fluttershy, I...”

I like this. I really do, I mean, Fluttershy isn't the bravest pony ever, but some people tend to blow her fears out of proportion. THIS however, is perfectly understandable. Most people would be scared about having the magical equivalent of a gun pointed at you.

Chrysalis glared at her. She wanted to tell the little pegasus off, to put the fear of death into her... but she sighed. “Whatever...” she muttered. She didn't have the energy, quite literally, to deal with her right now.

Sounds like me with trolls.

“Are you okay?” Fluttershy asked, frowning. To Chrysalis's surprise, she could sense the sincerity of her concern. She debated lying to get her away, but she had a feeling she'd be able to see through it.

Well, Fluttershy IS rather motherly and mothers are good at telling when you're lying.

Discord she recognized immediately. The mismatched form of the draconequus was unmistakable. What he was doing there was a mystery to her, though, since she had heard he had reformed already. Leaning back in one of the desk chairs was a light turquoise pegasus with a golden mane, idly blowing a feather up and down that had landed on her face. Sitting near a corner were two male unicorns, both of them with red and white striped manes, wearing blue and white striped vests. One of the two twins had a mustache. Fidgeting with some sewing supplies near the front of the class was an orchird-colored earth pony mare with a sky blue scarf and three buttons for her cutie mark. Sitting near Discord was a nervous-looking unicorn mare with a spiral energy cutie mark, her coat almost the same color as the earth pony mare's. Also sitting near them was a stern, older-looking unicorn with a grayish coat and a mane that was varying shades of purple. Her cutie mark was a strange, blood-red crystal.

OK, we have Lightning Dust, Flim and Flam, Suri, Discord, Starlight, and a pony whom I don't recognize.

The one that REALLY got her attention, though, was the cloaked figure sitting near Discord and the others. She could taste the barely repressed anger coming off of him. Plus, she knew those blood red hands. A few months ago, one of them, albeit much muscular than they were now, was wrapped around her throat as her magic was forcefully ripped away from her. She came up behind him, staring into the wizened, withered face beneath that cloak, at the glowing red eyes... and recognized who this figure was.

Well well, Tirek. One thing though, Tirek's eyes are yellow.

Tirek sneered at him. “Cerberus relieved himself near my cage into the lava pits. Have you ever smelled flash fried demon dog turds?”

No, nor do I want to.

“Afraid?” the older mare said. “Of course I'm afraid. I'm stuck here in an alternate reality for a month in a form not my own because a magical pony princess somehow talked my superiors into believing I needed 'reforming.' It wasn't my fault that my world's Twilight Sparkle got turned into a demoness. She should have done more testing before playing around with magic she didn't understand!”

Well well, if it isn't the walking TKAM reference. To Kill a Mockingbird I mean. For those who don't get it, her name, Abacus Cinch, is a direct reference to the main character of Mockingbird Atticus Finch.

Discord snorted. “From what I saw, you're the one who goaded her into using the magic just so your school could keep it's perfect record,” he said.


The unicorn just glared at him. “What in blazes are you, anyway?”

A nigh unstoppable reality warping chimera that happens to be Chaos in physical form. He also has a penchant for mind games.

Chrysalis snorted. “In other words, you're playing your usual annoying games,” she said.
Discord, to the surprise of Tirek and Chrysalis, looked worried. “Actually... I think someone's playing games with me...”

OK, when Discord's worried, you know something's bad. Also, wouldn't it be somepony?

Before either could comment on that, Twilight Sparkle, flanked on either side by Rainbow Dash and Applejack, came into the room. Trailing behind her was Spike, wearing a fancy, curved brim hat and holding himself like a nobleman, carrying a scroll.
Discord snickered at the sight. “Oh now that's just adorable,” he said. “Look at him. Look at how cute he is in his little hat.”

Dang it Discord, how am I supposed to be funny if you do it for me?

“Actually,” said the Earth pony seamstress, fiddling through her sewing kit. She pulled out a large, fluffy feather, walked over to Spike, and stuck it in the band of the hat. “There! NOW he looks adorable!”


“Daring Do couldn't convince Dr. Caballeron and Ahuizotl to participate,” Rainbow Dash said.

Eh, technically, Caballeron just works for Ahuizotl, just a mercenary. Ahuizotl however, eh, probably got some reason.

“Daring Do... as in the fictional character Daring Do?” Suri asked.
Discord answered for Twilight. “You'd be VERY surprised to learn which stories are fiction and which stories are true,” he said. “Very surprised indeed.”

Even the lies?

Especially the lies.

“LET GO OF ME YOU DOUCHETWAT BASTARDS! I'LL FORCE FEED YOU THE ENTRAILS OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN! I'LL PUT DICKS ON YOUR WIVES AND MAKE THEM RAPE YOU IN THE ASS!! IN THE ASS, I TELL YOU!” screamed a voice. Six guards were dragging in a viciously struggling unicorn with a blood red curved horn, dark-gray fur, and a midnight black mane, the dark unicorn wrapped in mystical chains. Green energy radiated from his eyes as the guards forced the bound unicorn into a seat. “I'LL EVISCERATE A PUPPY AND MAKE YOU JUMP ROPE WITH ITS GUTS! LET ME GO!”

This is easily the most hilarious Sombra I have ever witnessed. You win the entirety of the goddamn Internet.

“I'm the sexiest stud in the universe, babe,” the dark unicorn said, grinning wickedly at her. “Free me and I'll show you how to praise the ancients in a thousand different languages.”
Discord cackled madly. Chrysalis sneered, finally recognizing him. “King Sombra. This... this is honestly pathetic, and I was alive when Celestia and Luna beat you the first time.”

That's actually clever. Kudos.

“It seems your second resurrection has left you with little to use other than vulgarities,” Tirek teased, smirking.
“At least I don't need enhancement to get my dick enlarged to a size the ladies will actually notice!” Sombra countered, sneering.

“He's Flim!” said the mustached brother, pointing to his twin.
“He's Flam!” said the clean-faced brother, pointing to his twin.
“And we're the Flim Flam Brothers!” they chorused. They started to sing, but Twilight stopped them.
“No musical numbers this early in the program, please,” the lavender alicorn said, smiling.

But, but, they're catchy!

“You two do have talent,” Twilight Sparkle said. “It's my hope that we can turn it to better ends. The same for a ll of you,” Twilight said, motioning for the elder unicorn to speak next.

Nitpick, all. You accidentally spaced between a and the double L.

“Who says I am sleeping?” Starlight Glimmer said, grinning weakly. “My reasoning for my actions was... incredibly petty, I realize that now. After Twilight and her friends defeated me and freed my cult from my control, I... went a little insane and tried to use time travel to make sure Twilight never got to meet her friends. Apparently, my attempts to do this disrupted the timeline and created several dystopian futures, including one where every living thing on the planet died...”

A little insane, that, actually explains it. Why she acted so over the top compared to her more subdued attitude before.

Discord stood up, bowing pleasantly. “Some of you already know me,” he said. “I got around the first time I was let out of my stone prison. But for the sake of introductions, I am Discord! Master of Chaos and reformed spirit of Disharmony. I'm here for two reasons. One, because a few years ago I made reality my plaything and traumatized the planet. Two, to annoy the living daylights out of Twilight.”
“Of course you are,” Twilight said, passing a small bag of bits to Spike, who smirked.

It IS his shtick.

Before Twilight could response, reminding Chrysalis of her promise to help the changelings, Tirek spoke up. “I am Tirek. I am a conquerer, a magic-devouring demon. Although my ability to do so has been severely restricted. I am here because I tried to devour all the magic in Equestria and nearly succeeded. I'm also here because it's a better option than sitting in Tartarus for eternity.”

Most are.

Smiling brightly and talking in a disturbingly cheerful voice. “Hiiii!” he chirped. “I'm King Sombra! I'm the rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire! Or I was, until a candy-pink whore came along and stole my throne and all my delicious slave labor from me! I invented pedophilia! And necrophilia! And surprise-sex-that-you-didn't-know-you-wanted! And advertising executives!”

Ad executives? Sombra you monster!

Sombra nodded, smiling pleasantly. “Yes. I thought up the lyrics just now,” he said.

This is going to be utterly horrific or hilarious, there's no in between wit hiim.

Twilight grimaced, the others looking amused at this sudden change of events. The alicorn started to say something, but before she could, Sombra brought the guitar down on Twilight's head, shattering it. The former king cackled madly as the guards, along with Rainbow Dash and Applejack, tackled him to the floor and started beating the crap out of him again. Discord, Tirek, and Chrysalis all laughed. Twilight dizzily staggered to the front of the room, Spike holding her up as best he could.


(Man this was a good laugh. On a side note, I tend to avoid horror like the plague as a whole, however, I've decided for one, screw it. You're worth it. Looking forward to next time, this is ShadowLDrago, signing out.)

this is amazing my only small problem is there is no trixie or sunset or alternate twilight or luna or blueblood or gilda or the dazzlings or babs seed in short there could so many more villains and alternate villains

6979302 Both Sunset and Trixie have already been reformed.

Also, do I sense some Bioshock in here?


6979876 So are Discord and Starlight, but they're there.


6979623 Trixie has apologized for all of her actions, Sunset Shimmer has had 2 whole movies to show that she's a good guy now, Alternate Twilight caved under pressure, was not really at fault, and was deeply regretful, Blueblood had not had a major antagonistic role is just a dick, Babs Seed had her redemption at the end of her introductory episode, and Luna has been reformed for pretty much the entire show. Gilda and the Dazzlings would have been good students here, though.


Sombra invented ad executives?! He really IS evil!

Yeah, no kidding.

LMAO, I nearly spit out all my soda at the monitor, dammit! Sombra is HI-FREAKIN' LARIOUS!!! Ugh! Now this is one more story I haveta stalk, lol! :flutterrage:

Sunset, yeah, but I am not so sure regarding Trixie... she showed up hours later to apologize, and still tried to self-aggrandize while she was doing it. I don't think she's a villain anymore, exactly, but then, I don't think Suri Polomare is a villain either. She's a plagiarist, but I'm sure that Equestria is full of ponies who steal ideas from others and mistreat their employees, but because they don't run afoul of the Elements of Harmony, they're not considered villains. Trixie, on the other hand, enslaved and abused an entire town. And if Starlight Glimmer and Discord are both here, why not Trixie?

Sunset I agree with; she's proven herself adequately by fighting on the heroes' side twice and defeating bad guys herself. She could be a teacher, though. Gilda was never a villain in the first place, and has made up with Dash and Pinkie, so there's no reason for her to be here. Likewise, Diamond Tiara and Blueblood were never villains, just jerks; Nightmare Moon is gone and Luna has demonstrated her bona fides for years now; and Alternate Twilight is no more a villain than our Twilight was for bespelling an entire town to be obsessed with a toy. She had a breakdown, she went a bit crazy, she got over it shortly. Admittedly Alt Twilight's actions were more dangerous than making an entire town obsessed with a toy, but on the other hand, she had exactly zero training on how to deal with magic. So I agree that none of those characters should be present. (Though Luna, like Sunset, could also be a teacher.)

But Trixie... well, I have my suspicions regarding Trixie. The fact that she was the kind of mare in the first place who would be so obsessed over defeating someone who "humiliated" her by SAVING HER LIFE tells me she is probably in the Discord category of someone whose personality will lead them to continue to do bad things unless they get much more specialized attention and education in maintaining their reformation... training Discord is getting, from Fluttershy, but Trixie is not.

6979883 Starlight was brought in I assume as an example of a 'properly reformed' villain. Discord's there for sh*ts and giggles.

6979891 ok i'll agree with blueblood not going but discord and starlight are already "reformed" but are still going to this school thing


6979964 Discord is there to see how things play out and also annoy Twilight, and Starlight just begun her redemption.

6979919 To be fair, Trixie was under the influence of a mind-altering artifact when she enslaved Ponyville. When she didn't have the Amulet on, she didn't really do anything dangerous. Keep in mind that it was Snips and Snails, not Trixie, who woke the Ursa Minor. Trixie by herself just has an ego, not much else.

6979623 Everyone who is attending this school was picked for a reason.

So is this going to be like St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses?

Don't you have enough stories to finish already?

6980275 I know, I know. But sometimes an idea just occurs to me and I have to write it down or I go nuts.


What they do such great work there?

One Princess went from wanting to murder someone because they made friends with her friend, to being a prime and proper princess... too bad her best friend then had to undo all the school's hard work. :-)

6980305 you still have great stories that needs updates you know:unsuresweetie:
walking nightmare

6980348 This story's a little different.

6980352 I'm well aware of that, thank you. *grumpy*

Oh my god.
I'm dying.



6979332 Whoops! Thanks for noticing that mistake in Cinch's dialogue.

Interestingly enough I'm surprised that Sunset, Human Twilight, the Dazzlings and Trixie aren't here. Sunset and Trixie could be examples of fully reformed villains and teachers and Trixie could also be an example of the good you can do if you try even if life screwed you over repeatedly. Seeing how she helped out the police at one point with a jewel heist, showing life is getting better for her.

Human Twilight, an example of what NOT TO DO when it comes to magic and power as well as learning to control it better. She might not be a villain but she could learn to control her awaken magic especially if she can go Midnight Sparkle at will now without losing control of herself.

The Dazzlings, well they could be dying now. This reformation school could help save them from starvation if they feed on positive emotions. Not to mention better themselves and restore their singing abilities for the right reasons.

What does Chrysalis mean by "former" queen of the changelings? Is there a new one now?

6983009 In this story, the hive turned on her and deposed her after things went badly in Canterlot.

6983221 Huh, very admirable that she's still trying to help them even after that.

Hilarious first chapter, Sombra is so delightfully psychotic. And of course Chryssie is awesome as always.

Looking forward to the next chapter, this is fucking hilarious XD

This is cool, I like the way this might go.

Also sombra...:pinkiecrazy:

This is halarious. I would love to see more.

Also sombra...:pinkiecrazy:

I love how all these villians are described as n'er do wells. It's like saying Josef Stalin was kinda mean.

Also funniest Sombra I've seen in a while.

Ah...Sombra, what a riot he is, bit surprised he didn't notice Spike. Great job, can't wait to read more.

Everyone wants more!


Considering what happened in season 9, I would say that if the show was for older audiences than this sombra will be spot on.


“You be silent, Tirek,” the third of the group said. She was vaguely pony-like, with a more insectoid appearance, her body a dark green, with a light green ring around her belly, her mane, tattered wings, and tail a light green as well. Her horn was twisted, and her hooves had rot holes in them. She wore those holes a point of pride. The only thing she had left. “We don’t know what the situation is, and-”

I see you three haven't changed a bit.

She wasn’t a fool, and was only partially insane.

Only partially?

“I have,” Twilight said, smiling. “Since Celestia and Luna retired, I have seen evolved in power.”

Uh, I think you mean since evolved in power.

“Not a pony,” Tirek and Chrysalis said, smirking.

You're pedantic is what you are.

Cozy Glow looked doubtful. “...They’re bluffing,” she said. “I’ve read about some of the baddies out there. No way that Friendship could get to all of them.”


The first to emerge from the wide pool of water that had been surrounding their former statue prison, hovering in an aura of magic, was a light blue, vaguely dragon-like creature with a darker fish tail and hooves, a great, cresting fin behind her. On her plated chest was a glowing blue crystal, a smile on her face as she sang.

Sonata Dusk.

Next to emerge was a similar creature, save her scales were in shades of purple, as was her chest crystal. A smile, more sardonic than the blue seabeast’s, was on her face as she sang the next verse.

Aria Blaze (who's name has never been spoken on-screen.)

As the first two danced through the sky in a swirling motion, a third rose up to join them, a great, golden seabeast with a golden crystal in her chest, her eyes closed and her expression joyous as she joined her sisters in song.

And Adagio motherfucking Dazzle.

“...We weren’t going anywhere in our quest for power. Every time we tried, someone rose up against us. Star Swirl and his band, the Rainbooms in the other world...” She shook her head. “It just wasn’t worth it.”

Surprisingly pragmatic.

“...Are we really the only villains left in the world?” Cozy asked. “The only cruel people?”

So it would seem.

“And who’s joining us in this fresh Hell?” Tirek muttered.

Wouldn't it be Tartarus?

Why write Sombra so out of character?


Because when I wrote the original version of the first chapter, Sombra didn't HAVE any character yet beyond CRYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSTAAAAAAAAAALS. When he appears again, he'll be more in line with his season 9 persona.

The funny will be going to Cosmos. Ignore the chapter marked Convocation, it has nothing to do with the current version of the story.

An interesting start. It will be nice to see where this will be going. Nice to see those three finally getting the chance and help they deserve.

“I have,” Twilight said, smiling. “Since Celestia and Luna retired, I have since evolved in power.”

I dont think there needs to be a since before the evolved part.

“We’ve successfully reformed every villain and meanie on the planet. Only you three and three others are left.”

That is quite impressive.

“They bribed me with TACOS!” Sonata declared.

Not sure why they didn't try similar methods with the other villains.

Huh after 4 years also when is the next

... This doesn't have frighteningly strong Stepford vibes, not at all.

Stay sharp, Chryssie, and bide your time.

'aged appeared' - appearance

'weekend changeling' - weakened

"down at grabbing' - and

Is Svengallop going to be in this? Because if there ever was one pony who could match Sombra in evil, then it would be him.

Comment posted by Unknown666 deleted Aug 4th, 2020

Invested now to see where this goes 👀
I always love seeing how the (ex) Legion of Doom interact with each other and the mere idea of redemption offered to them. I sense fun chaotic shenanigans will ensue.

I was thinking "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", but same general idea.

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