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What just happened? That’s the question.


I am a proud writer on this glorious website, having joined in 2017. My mission is to create stories to entertain, and make people laugh. Now, not every story is a complete crackfic dedicated to laughs, and there is an underlying arc.

For those who wish to follow the stories in order;
1: Moonrise (its the original universe that they go to in United and Dawn)
2: A Divide Always Has 2 Sides (as seen when Ulysses is part of the jury, and helps the Courier)
3: Karma (because Kendrick was in United.)
4: The Survivor (as the first to be contacted by Last)
5: Poker Face.
6: D.N.A.
7: Bombs.
8: Avatar.
9: Insanity.
10: The Reaper.
11: Sun’s Glory.
12: Jack.
13: Rock.
14: Villian.
15: Dawn’s Break
16: United We Stand.
17: Happy Go Lucky
18: Raven’s Greatest Flight.
19: Hero.
20: Mao face,
21: Brass Sentinel.
22: Theater of the Damned and Magic Thread. (Will tie in later)
23: Winged Hussars (will tie in later)
24: Wrath (will tie in later)
25: Summon Unity (will tie in later)
26: The Spirit
27: D.N.A Damned New Administrator
28: Orc’s Breath (even though it takes place at the same time as the end of Insanity).
And that’s the complete list. From a multiversal standpoint, that is how they would go. Even though Brass happend at the same time as The Reaper, United had already happend in the multiverse.

Other things to know about me; I am a gamer to the core. New Vegas, Black Ops, Shadow of War, Mount and Blade, CSGO, Skyrim, and Hearts of Iron 4 are my lifeblood. I would generally consider myself a centralist (not that it leaks into my stories) and I’m a big fan of horror. Slenderman, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, The Rake, Look-See, and Florida Weather. Some of the most horrifying things to some. Quite enjoyable and interesting to me.



Deletion · 1:14am Last Wednesday

Yesterday I went on a cleaning spree, and deleted three stories. The Marked Dead, My Little Dalek, And Discord is a Substitute Teacher. For one, these stories had no real place in an overall universe. Two, I wasn’t going to finish any of them. Three, they weren’t that good.

These are the only stories I shall delete, unless I make a mistake in the future.

Oh, and for all of those who liked Discord is a Substitute Teacher, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered... later tonight.

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Your profile picture.... I remember that movie... The horrors of that war.... It still haunts me....

Also, your frof. pic reminds me of How To Basic.

Nope, I just reply.
And, that’s the point.

Did you reply because of the reference?
Also, it is your choice.

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