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Writing’s pretty fun.


I feel this is the best place to put a good reading order for the different stories, so that is what it will be. Now that I have moved past huge multiverse stuff, this will instead be a general chronology.

1: The Rise of a Raven
2: The Raven’s Sky (W.I.P) (This is where King Blueblood is from, therefore it is the earliest)
3: United We Stand (Has King Blueblood, and the rise of Keeser)
4: Keeping Unity (W.I.P)
5: D.N.A: Damned New Administrator (Yes, the sequel. Technically, the events of the sequel come before the first story, and this is where Ordirus is from) (W.I.P)
6: D.N.A: Damn Not Again (Again, technically comes both before and after the sequel)
7: Return To Sender
8: The Best Poker Face
9: Happy Go Lucky Me (Khorn’s origin)
10: Karma
11: The Survivor
12: Avatar of History

And those are all the stories in the actual timeline. Yes, I know there are other stories. Those stories are either independent, or part of the old timeline.

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Thanks for the fave on "Zebra Cakes"!

Greetings, gotta say, loved your I am the villain story, very well made.

Is there going to be a return to sender 2?

Thanks, my friend!

Decided to give you a follow as well.

Felt it was time for a change

Why did you change your avatar?

Well check my blogs i got the rules there

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